Landon Lax 14 Oakton 5

The Northern Virginia Cougars came to Bordley Stadium Field at Triplett Stadium with a fair amount of trepidation; they were coming off of a 9-8 2011 season, probably remembered last year’s 3-14 loss and well of the Bear’s preseason press (high ranking and roster of Div. I recruits aware). Their expectations were quickly fulfilled as the Bears scored early and expanded their lead through the 4 periods.

Charlie Schnider put up the first tally for the 2012 season, converting a nifty pass from Co-Captain and linemate, Hank Brown at 10:20. Soon thereafter junior Garrett Fellows posted the second goal, at 8:44, and this assist was credited to Penn bound Peter Laco. Mr. Brown (another future Philly denizen as a Drexel Dragon) asserted himself and scored back-to-back goals, both unassisted.

The Cougars scored with 1:26 remaining by someone whose number was not included in the Oakton roster.

End of 1st quarter LANDON 4 OAKTON 0

The Bears continued their control in the next period with the Brown-to-Schnider combination repeated for the 5th goal at 11:23. Another pattern developed between two attackmen–Peter Laco fed Matt Potolicchio on successive goals–#6 at 9:47 and #7 at 8:35.The Cougars responded with their second goal at 7:36. Soph Sam Lynch converted   a nice pass from Soph Zach Boller for goal #8 at 7:36. The Bears committed a personal foul and the visitors scored Stephen Lambrades to Sean Schweiker at 3:25.  Mr. Laco assisted on Taylor Valencia’s 1st Bear goal at 1:01.

End of 2nd quarter       LANDON 9 OAKTON 2

Coach Bordley and Offensive Coordinator Bobby Horsey began to substitute liberally after half time. Equally, The defensive gurus, John Shooshan and Penn Leachman removed their first line defense—Mike Rhoads, Taylor Trumbower, Andrew Mitchell, Garrett Sellers (close D) Alex Joyce (G) and Alex Povich, Leo Falcone, Brandon Johnson (LSM,SSDM). They brought some untested talent to run around and cause mayhem for the Cougars. These Bears included Sam Lynch, Jason Murphy, (both of whom excelled at the X with Jack Faulk) ,Luke Vassos,Kevin Keena, Trey Lundelius, Aidan Kelos, Allen Kleiner, PJ Fitzgerald and Jack Prutting (G).

Taylor Valencia started the scoring for the home team in the 3rd Q on an unassisted goal at 10:13. Charlie’s hat trick (this one unassisted) was complete at 8:18. Jack Faulk registered a goal at the end of this period on an assist from Hank Brown (his 5th point of the game). The Cougars worked the ball well to score with 0:00.5 seconds in this frame on a Jeremy Marshall from Pat Goulding goal.

End of 3rd  quarter       LANDON 12  OAKTON 4

Landon added two points to the scoreboard in the last 15 minutes. The first an unassisted goal by Woody Axelson at 8:29 and the last goal was by Robby Dunigan on a very clever pass from Freshman Luke Vassos. The Oakton team scored on an EMO play by Stephen Lambrades at 7:15.



There are individual stat summaries below








Last year to honor a   fallen Bear, we inaugurated the Khari   Baten “THAT’S A BEAR AWARD”. It recognized an individual Bear, whose   team play (not necessarily individual statistics) reflect the level of effort   which Khari exhibited in his careers at Landon, at Williams and as a coach at   several schools in Philadelphia, PA. It has been decided to continue this   award for the 2012 season. Eighteen different 2011 players received this   award last year.

For more about why   Khari is being honored, read this brief posthumous description of the   quintessential Bear:


Khari is a member   of the Landon class of 1990 , during his Bear career he was a major   contributor to the football and lacrosse teams. He went to Williams College, studied history and was a four year   member of the Ephmen Football team. Upon   graduation, Khari joined the Landon faculty where he was a respected member   of the football and lacrosse coach staffs from 1994 to 1996. 

Khari   was   cursed by a horrible set of medical catastrophes—Germ Cell Cancer, Guillian-Barre   Syndrome—he endured multiple therapy efforts in response to four   reoccurrences and tragically he passed away on May 5, 2011. This award   commemorates his exuberance, spirit and loyalty.




Player             goal(s)                        assist(s)         point(s)

Brown                   2                                  3                      5

Laco                     2                                  2                      4

Schnider              3                                  0                      3

Valencia               2                                  0                      2

Potolicchio           0                                  2                      2         

Fellows                1                                  0                      1

Faulk                    1                                  0                      1

Dunigan               1                                  0                      1

Lynch, S               1                                   0                     1

Axelson                1                                 0                      1

Vassos                 0                                  1                      1


TEAM                                                             40

PLAYER                    BROWN                     6

                                    LACO                         5


TEAM                                                 32


Player             saves              GA

Joyce                   4                                  2

Prutting               4                                  3


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