LANDON 7 RP2, another IAC Hockey title

A week ago, the Bears and the little Hoyas played an epic game and the boys from Rockville Pike won. The home team goalie stopped 43 shots and allowed only 2 goals. Tonight, RP came to the Bears’ Den as the home team with the advantages that inure to being the higher rated team. The Brown sweatered visiting TEAM took the ice with greater intensity, focus and drive. The results of Landon’s added incentive were that they put 57 shots on goal and netted 7 of them against the TWO RP goalies (the star of the 2/10 game was pulled when the Bears scored their 5th goal). Max Greenwald recorded a hat trick for his team and the Landon score card included 9 other teammates. LANDON 7 RP 2

Coach Gammill made some subtle adjustments to his forward troikas and his defensive pairs. The added firepower resulted in hockey’s honored harbinger—the 1st goal when Matt Potollicchio passed to Chris Javens, who found Max Greenwald, who in turn beat the RP goalie at 4:27 remaining in the first period, L 1 RP 0. The solution to the RP goalie was repeated with only 0:48.7 remaining as David Lackner assisted on a goal scored by his teammate Graham Shue


You have to give the little Hoyas credit for the returned to the ice with more energy and tested the Bears Goalie Sam Kroll with 6 shots but no goals before the visitors put a shot on goal at the other end. A quick succession of Landon then RP then Landon penalties resulted in the white sweatered team having a power play and they capitalized to make the score L2 RP with less than seven minutes remaining. “Momentum shift?” was the nervous twitter in the crowd, but the Bears answered when they got their own powerplay with 2:31 remaining. A pass between Jack Barton and Nick Malone resulted in a massive slap shot from the point. The puck’s trajectory was altered by Max Greenwald AND the sphere changed its course proximate to the goal hitting the all important nets as the clock showed 0:16.8, power play goal for the Bears.


Early goals help define the relative roles of teams; so it was most encouraging when at 11:59 Satchel Clendenin set up Max Greenwald for his hat trick goal. L4 RP1. After another bunching of RP-L-L penalties resulted in a home team powerplay to no avail. Six seconds after the last Bear was released from the penalty box, David Lackner flew down the ice, cranked a slap shot, drove the puck into the goal (#2 point for #13) and drove the RP goalie out of the nets back to the bench (PJ McNamara’s night = 5 goals allowed on 45 shots ). The RP players notched a 2nd goal at 4:17 and as with the first tally it was scored on a power play L5 RP2.

Jack Barton registered his second point of the game, a goal, off assists from Matt Potolicchio and Nick Malone (his 2nd assist). L6 RP2 @ 4:08. The poor substitute goalie suffered his second goal on 12 shots when Mike Anderson scored on a sweet pass from Joel Rosenzweig @ 3:40 remaining. L7 RP2.

The last two minutes were a microcosm of the Bear’s defensive play. As exhibited during this time frame and for blocks of time throughout the 45 minutes, Connor Meike, Chris Javens, Christian Meike, Sellers Garrett, Nick Malone and Mike Anderson controlled their defensive end, tied up any aggressor who dared to invade the vicinity of Sam Kroll’s crease and moved the puck from the D zone to the Bear O zone with confidence. All of the Bears’ forwards, those mentioned above plus John Wellington, Will Buckingham, Johnny Cobb and Isaac Porter, contributed to the dearth of RP SoGs.

THAT’S A BEAR AWARDLawyers tend to be verbose (my writing tends to be wordy), but occasionally they turn an apt, pithy phrase. Tonight’s winner falls under the Latin phrase res ipsa loquitur, (translated, “the thing speaks for itself”) or maybe we can steal from the introductory sentence of the Declaration of Independence, “we hold these truths to be self evident”, for incredibly obvious reasons the TABA goes to Hat Tricker MAX GREENWALD!





PLAYER                      GOAL(S)                    ASSIST(S)

GREENWALD               3     

LACKNER                       1                                1                      

BARTON                         1                                1

POTOLICCHIO                                                 2

MALONE                                                           2

SHUE                              1

ANDERSON                  1

JAVENS                                                             1

CLENDINEN                                                      1

ROSENZWEIG                                                  1  


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