Early season reports on Landon’s Basketball team by Nathan Bubes

Landon @ Sidwell


            Joe MacDonald saves the ball from the inbound line and gracefully puts up a three before the buzzer signifies the end of 2nd period. The image of MacDonald saving the Bears was recurring, Landon continued to make mistakes, but the senior, 1st team All-Met, point guard was there to provide leadership. Three of his 26 points came on the shot before the buzzer of the 1st half. And once again with the bears up two and seconds at a premium, a contested Sarter lay-up glanced across the glass, but MacDonald was there to put the go-ahead shot in. The Bears got down by 11 at one point as Sidwell’s Matt Hilman put on shooting exhibit, yet it was Landon’s bothering of the Sidwell Iso offence that led to their eventual 2 point half-time lead. The moment the Bears made Sidwell incorporate players not used to handling the ball, the Bears went on a 13-0 and took control of the game. In the 2nd half the Bears continued to struggle keeping Hilman under control, but they found enough offense to overcome his shooting and win the game. The Quakers continually had to rely on Hilman, because the Bears continued to keep highly touted Junior, Josh Hart out the game as he suffered his 4th foul on an offense a charge early in the 3rd. In a back and forth game and it came to Landon’s ability to get quality play from it bench, Kalief Bradford in particular was the difference as Sidwell struggled to find alternative options to Hart, Hilman, and Lewis. Addison Sarter clinched the game at the line, as the Bears snuck one out 64-61.


Landon @ Chestnut Hill


            Led by Mulvaney and Garner, Chestnut Hill had Landon running around in circles as they tried to heckle the disciplined Philadelphia Prep School. The heckling of Chestnut Hill did not work as the Bears did more to disturb themselves on this Saturday afternoon. When the lead reached 21 for Chestnut Hill in the 4th, it was clear that at this junction in the season, Landon was not ready to play against a disciplined team like Chestnut Hill. The effort was there on both sides yet, it was evidently clear that one team had an identity and knew who was suppose to shoot, while the other team is still searching for both and identity and other viable scores. Joe MacDonald tried everything to fight through the stringent defense that were keen on stopping him, but despite his 23 points, Chestnut Hill created many opportunities for themselves when he tried to force the ball. On this Saturday Afternoon, Chestnut Hill was five steps ahead, as the Bears were still deciding if they were going to step with their right or left foot.


McNamara @ Landon


            Each time Landon tried to take control of the game, McNamara pushed back. The Stags involved their bench, as five plays contributed with 8 or more points. The Bears got enough out of role-plays to win 58-55, like Isaiah Colclough, who was phenomenal outside of the painted area with 10 points. Joe MacDonald provided 18 and was steady distributing the ball despite having injured shooting hand tapped up. The game was lost at the free-throw line for the Stags as they shot 50% and struggle to find the rim to finish the game. If you were looking for good solid basketball, this was not the place, as the bears were about 3 points better than the Stags.


Landon Vs. Middleburg


            The Landon Bears are small. Mo Alie got the memo and the 6’6 VCU recruit led the very talented Middleburg Academy to an 8-point win. He had multiple dunks en route to his 21 point performance that helped stave of the Bears. The Landon Bears got out quickly to 10-3 as they pushed the pace and made Middleburg speed-up. However Middleburg responded and took a five-point lead into half. However Middle burg could never extend their lead into double digits and the Bears made it a two point with a minute remaining. Down 54-52 Joe MacDonald, who had 23 points, took one dribble and pulled up on the right on the edge of the right elbow. His shot hit the back end of the rim and the Bears chances also hit a screeching halt. Middleburg ended up winning the game 62-54, but the Bears stayed in it all the way until the end. Middleburg Academy will play the Landon Winter Invitation later this month.


Landon vs. St. Johns


            The Bears got out quickly on the Cadets and led 11-3 early in the game. That was the highlight for the Bears as the Cadets preceded to go on an 18-4 run as the Bears scored 2 points in the 2nd Period. The Cadets lead at one point was extended to 20 plus points and finished as a 53-37 win for St. John’s. St. Johns beat their second IAC team in as many games, are a very talented team. The Bears shot 13-42 and the Cadets length was continually bothering the Bears, as they could never find a rhythm. The Landon Bears shooting was exposed and Cadets at some points were scoring at will.


The Bears are now 2-3 and will head to Puerto Rico on December 21st to play three games.

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