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One of Landon’s best traditions is the battle between the 3rd and 4th grades.

On Friday the football visionaries of 2020 took a quick lead in the SHRIMP BOWL. They kicked off, but the third graders could not find a handle on the ball. The 4th graders took possession. Their coach, the Varsity offensive coordinator, Coach Flaherty, called a double reverse; the end result was a quick touchdown!!! The trickeration SO discombobulated the boys of 2021 that they could not recover. Coach Mulligan, who led the 3rd graders, was “quoted” after the game as saying “I know the people in admissions and I can guarantee that 2022 will be stocked with ringers!!!”


The Landon Cup, though a more recently established competition, also was played on a pitch in which the 4th graders showed the benefits of a year of coaching. They took an early lead and were able to assert a stifling defense.



The Bears face a challenging season having lost Darion Atkins (UVa) and Chris Hudnut (Lawrenceville, Colby) to graduation; so Coach Luther had a chance to see what his 2011-2012 team would look like by scrimmaging Theodore Roosevelt (reigning DCIAA champions25-6), TC Williams (25-6; lost in VA state HS basketball championships; 7 players graduated) and Woodbridge. The one clear lesson learned is that the Bears should NOT schedule any games before 10:30am!

Landon played the Titans of TC Williams at 9 am and did not appear to be awake. The shooting was off and the aggressive defense created as many offensive opportunities for the opponents (a wag in the stands was heard to exhort the home team D by saying “Remember the Titans”). The 2nd and 3rd periods saw better O and D by the Bears. Particularly promising (in all 3 scrimmages) was the play by big men Cole Randolph ,Tumi Onaghise and Sebastian Welles, all moved well, rebounded and played good D.  The final score had the Bears down by 6.

The Rough Raiders, who had just crushed their first game opponent, were roughly greeted by the Bears. In particular, Addison Sarter exhibited a lot of energy on the defensive end of the court. Shooting inside and outside of the arc improved; Joe McDonald, Isaiah Colclough and Deion Wellington showed their old stokes. Landon got a 6 point lead at the end of the 1st period, increased their advantage by another 5 points during the second eight-minute-running period and added to the final margin by 3 points in the last section.

The last match was against Woodbridge (jerseys labeled “The Bridge”) and was only two eight minute periods. The youngster members of the Bears (who played throughout) showed some skills in this competition. Harry Laird played good D, hit a few 3s and avoided the Lutheran aversion to mistakes. Khaleef Bradford showed that he could add to the Bears’ size and maintain team speed, attributes which his coach admires. The Bears “won” this competition, too.

They were only scrimmages; so you never know whether the coaches are trying plays and player combinations that might not be seen during the regular season. Hank Brown, Max Kra and Cyrus House were both on the bench. None of the participating schools (with a partial exception of the Titans) had filed complete rosters with their ’11-’12 rosters; so it is not clear whether the two teams with good prior records have returning talent or not. Whatever was really going on in these competitions, it was clear that the Bears are playing with a lot energy and have a very deep roster.


Michael Anderson, 2012, was an integral part of last year’s undefeated, IAC/MAPHL Landon hockey team. The defenseman was one of the keys to the Bears’ tough defense. Based on the stereotypes associated with this game played on ice in which the combatants blast the puck or their opponents with high tech sticks, the last place that the prejudged view of these skaters would expect to see a defenseman is the Landow Family Gallery. On Saturday, Chairman of the Landon Art Department, Walter Bartman (who coincidentally is Coach of Landon’s 2011 Eastern Interscholastics B Division Water Polo team), introduced his star painter, who is exhibiting 40 of his creations with sticks called paint brushes.

The range of the Defenseman’s artistic vision is exceptional—from delicate little lines that suggest much more than the demarcation on the canvas to broad swathes of paint that convey depth and surfaces. Equally impressive is what Michael’s artistry simulates—one of his works is a picture (a favorite) of a number of jets lined up awaiting departures (see below). The engines of each aircraft generate invisible turbulence created by the turbines’ heat and flow. Though the air is unseen, the artist’s strokes make this phenomenon apparent to the beholder.   

A visit to the Landow Gallery is strongly recommended. That’s a Bear!

Bear Trax in X Country

Max Marinelli, Landon 2008, is a member of the Colorado College Tigers’ Cross Country team. Max contributed to the team’s Western Region championship. Actually, the CC team entered the race ranked #5 in the region and the final point tally showed them tied with the favored Occidental College team. The tie was broken by comparing the teams’ total times; thus Max’s contribution was critical to the Tigers’ success.

 As a reward the team traveled to Oshkosh,WI to run for the NCAA Division III crown. CC ran well and Max finished with the Tigers’ fifth best time. That’s a Bear!!!


Wynston Bouknight 23 RB YALE Lost to Harvard 7-45 *
Terrence Fullum 51 DL Richmond Lost to W&M 23-25 1 assist
Antoine Hudson 1 DB Bryant Lost to Central CT 21-42 dnp
Patrick Hunt 32 LB Davidson Beat Valparaiso 30-22 1 solo, 1 assist, 1.5 TFL for 12 yds, 1 sack for 11 yds
Jeff Izon 33 RB Brown Lost to Columbia 28-35 2OTs played
Jeff Johnson 88 FB Colgate Beat Bucknell 21-6 dnp
Marek Laco 15 SS Dickinson   Season finished
Max Lehrman 90 DE Amherst   Season finished
John Lynn *   Maryland Lost to WF 10-31 dnp
Ray Lynn 51 LB Maryland Lost to WF 10-31 dnp
Dillon Rupp 29 FB Bucknell Lost to Colgate 6-21 dnp
Will Snyderwine 96 K Duke Lost to GT 31-38 4/4 PATs, 1/1 FGs 35yds
Ben Spiritos 52 OL (down to 295#) Dartmouth Beat my Tigers  24-27  dnp
Jon Umanzor 13 LB Dickinson   Season finished
          dnp= did not play per school participation records

*no participation info provided

Football Banquet

Coach Padalino began his review of the 2011 by listing the folks who contribute so much to the football program, but do neither wear pads nor work at the school- the Captains’ Moms– Kelly Garrett, Alva Sharp, Doreen Spiegel and Dawn Wellington. Their dedication and organization does so much for the Bears and their efforts are so dearly appreciated. Tonight’s banquet is a perfect example of how much these Mothers’ dedication makes the season so special.

Next he thanked Dr. Fine whose medial expertise is so critical to the boys.

 The constant presence and expert knowledge of sports medicine make them an essential part of the team– Matt Virtue and Stephen Herman.Their care for the players is really appreciated by them and their parents. Mac Jacoby and Ray Miller received plaudits as two of the most important athletic department contributors to Coach Padalino’s work– their statistics, their arrangement of the travel requirements  and Ray’s management of the equipment make the team go.

Hunter Davis and Nathan Bubes were recognized for the hours and efforts that they gave to the Bears this year.

Coach Padaline then recognized that the head coach of a football team, more than any other sport, must rely heavily of his Offensive and Defensive Coordinators as well as the assistant coaches. he then thanked profusely Messrs. Bordley, Farnstrom. Klingelhofer, Mulholland, Hodge, Flaherty, Ricca, Pinegar, Holm and Cassidy. In special acknowledgement of his bosses, he thanked AD David Holm and Mr. Armstrong.

He then acknowledged that his bride, absent from the banquet, would likely read this post; so he reserved his highest level of thanks to his wife and the wives of all his coaches. Coach Padalino confessed that between August and up until the present, his presence at home was limited; perhaps most tellingly, he admitted that after losses, it was probably best that he not return home after the game.

The coach then ssummarized the 2011 season as a year of transition in which a new offense and a new set of coaches were brought in to create a new approach. It was also a time of change due to the loss of the 22 members of the Class of 2011 who graduated, 8 of whom are on the rosters of Division I and III teams (see above). This summer he called this year’s seniors in to explain the new direction and the need for some added talent to be attracted to make the new O work. These leaders acted as ambassadors and brought in many of their peers who contributed to the season.

Coach Padalino gave a quick overview of the season, starting with playing at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in a special “kick off” of the season (which he hopes will continue next year). The next few games established some success, but then the Bears ran into two exceptional teams– McDonogh and Woodberry Forest. the results of competing against such talent and size was the loss of a number of Bears to injury. 

This event established a theme for Coach Padalino’s review of the season– though there may be some disappointment in the win/loss record, there is no doubt in his mind that such adversity demonstrated character and deep commitment by teammates to the game and this group of Bears. There may have been fewer W’s than desired, but the rehabilitation effort showed the elements that the boys will exhibit as they grow to men.

A variation of his theme was developed from the Bullis game, a disappointing loss, but Landon played it best game in all three aspects– defense, offense and special teams.

Coach Padalino expressed optimism for the future of Landon football, particularly by the 5 sophomores and 23 Fifth Formers on the Varsity plus talent coming from the JV team.

He then made very personal statements of appreciation for each of the — seniors (in alphabetical order)– Kessy Bruggen, Reilly Carlton, Taylor Greene, Cyrus House, Matt Hunt, Vincent Kindfuller, Joe McDonald, Garrett Pan, Addison Sarter, Charlie Schnider and Mark Strabo. Unfortunately, common to many of his comments were how commendable they were in their efforts  to recover from their injuries. He then gave special attention to his four senior Captains– Sellers Garrett, who demanded so much of himself and thus led by example, Johnny Sharp, whose leadership, passion and enthusiasm made a difference, Allan Spiegel, who sacrificed personal goals by playing anywhere he was needed as long as he was needed,  and Deion Wellington, whose defense was so well recognized by opposing coaches that Coach could not remember anyone throwing his way after the 1st game. Coach P said that he expected to be following the Bear Trax of at least 4 of these seniors next year. 




Allan Spiegel                     Offensive line

Joe McDonald                  Wide receiver

Myles Allen                       Running back


Deion Wellington            Defensive back

Peter Laco                           Defensive back

Sellers Garrett                  Linebacker

Team Awards

Allan Spiegel                Lunch Pail Award

Peter Laco                     Coach Hanker Award

Mark Strabo                  Special Teams MVP

Myles Allen                    Offensive MVP 

Deion Wellington        Defensive MVP

Sellers Garrett              Team MVP        

CAPTAINS for 2012 Season

Myles Allen

Robbie Dunnigan

Jackson Howard

Peter Laco

The 2011 season captains then got some level of revenge by giving presents and speeches to each of the 12 coaches and 2 trainers. Allan demonstrated that linemen can be eloquent and funny. Johnny was clearly the most relaxed of the four boys. Sellers was the most willing to reveal the foibles of the the coaches whom he addressed (if he is taking history from Coach Bordley, his grade is in serious jeopardy). Deion must be the most secure of the seniors, in that he was selected to give Coach Padalino his words of praise and present, a daunting task.

The fact that two juniors were recognized by the opposing coaches as among the best players in their position this year bodes well for the 2012 football season. Next year’s captains will bear the heavy standard of leadership established by this year’s crew. GO BEARS!!!


BSN will be on a brief hiatus with the primary post writer relegated to the Washington Hospital Center (11/29- 12/2) and then restrained by PT rehab until ??/??/??. During this sojourn, any and all reports on all sports and the Bears’ related activities will be welcomed.


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