Landon v. StA, Senior Profile, Bear Trax, Bears Title in Water Polo, MS Team wins IAC Cross Country and Opponents’ Records

Fifteen Bear seniors wore their Brown & White football uniforms proudly for the last time on Saturday at Saterlee-Henderson Field; though many Bear Moms and Dads, as well as fans, were proud of their sons’ efforts this year, this day ended with an unfortunate loss to the Bulldogs, 21-13. From a long term Landon team perspective,  this team and the athletic program benefitted from a number of players, who heretofore had not competed on the football field, but who exhibited the school unity by not just coming out for the team, but by being key contributors to  this effort.

While all Bear fans had aspirations for a better win/loss record, the 20 members of the class of 2013, the six sophomores, the JV team and other band of Bears (like the 2011-2012 Varsity Basketball) will benefit from the precedent and pride that these multi-sport athletes established by deciding to value their participation in this team, albeit not their primary sport, above individual consideration!

Such prioritizing team performance over “star” behavior is the essence of the phrase “That’s a Bear”; Landon boys recognize that being part of a team enhances the experience of all of their Bear buddies and is selfless action versus placing preference on an individual’s value is selfish. The boys, who showed the leadership to attract their classmates to play, and the true Bears, who took the risk of injury and put “we” ahead of “I”, are to be commended. Their choices are to be emulated by all Bears.

The struggle highlighted above was the emblem of the day on Saturday. The Bulldogs took an early 7-0 lead (at 8:39 of the 1st Q) and the Bears tied up the score about 3 minutes later (6:33) on a Charlie Schnider one yard run with an Alexander Moffett PAT.


Landon 7 StA 7 at the end of the 1st Q

Myles Allen put the Bears ahead with a 3 yard run (Bears 13- Bulldogs 7 @ 4:22 of 2nd Q). Unfortunately two Landon turnovers contributed to two home team scores to make it


The remaining 24 minutes, according to the correspondents, was a defensive battle with neither team able to score.




Landon Rushing: 

          Myles Allen:  24 carries for 109 yards, 1 TD

            Joe McDonald:  5 carries for 50 yards

            Sellers Garrett:  2 carries for 20 yards

            Charlie Schnider:  2 carries for -1 yards, 1 TD

            Peter Laco:  1 carry for -5 yards


Landon Passing:

          Charlie Schnider:  18 attempts, 7 completions, 100 yards, 3 interceptions

            Phil Pena:  2 attempts, 0 completions, 0 yards


Landon Receiving:

          Joe McDonald:  6 catches for 85 yards

            Peter Laco:  1 catch for 15 yards




REILLY CARLTON #64 SENIOR, OL/DL                      

1.  When did you start playing football?

3rd grade 

2.  What is your time in the 40 yd. dash and what’s your best bench weight?

Don’t know. didn’t do the tests because joined the football team late.

3.  What is your favorite college football team and college football player?

Notre Dame

Don’t have a favorite player

4.  What is your favorite moment during any Landon sports event in which you played?

I got a tackle

5. What is your favorite course at Landon?


6.  What is  your favorite non-sports related activity (community work, art/music, paper, debate, poem, extracurricular activity, etc.)?

Music (band) (trombone)

7. What is your nickname and how did you get it?


8.  Describe yourself in 3 words?  How would your parents describe you in 3 words?

kind, honest, caring

the same

9. What’s on your iPod?

Rock, Country

10.  Tell us one thing (interesting) that your teammates do not know about you.

I am a good cook





Wynston Bouknight 23 RB YALE ƛale beat my beloved Princeton *
Terrence Fullum 51 DL Richmond Lost to Delaware 10-24 played
Antione Hudson 1 DB Bryant Beat St. Francis  45-34 *
Patrick Hunt 32 LB Davidson Beat Morehead State 28-24 5 solos, 2 assists , 4.5 TFLS, 1 forced fumble , 1 sack – top D performer
Jeff Izon 33 RB Brown Lost to Dartmouth 14-21 played
Jeff Johnson 88 FB Colgate Lost 24-37 (ot) dnp
Marek Laco 15 SS Dickinson Lost to Ursinus 16-34 3 solos, 2 assists
Max Lehrman 90 DE Amherst Beat Williams 31-18 *
John Lynn *   Maryland Lost to ND 21-45 dnp
Ray Lynn 51 LB Maryland Lost to ND 21-45 dnp
Dillon Rupp 29 FB Bucknell Beat Fordham 21-0 dnp
Will Snyderwine 96 K Duke Lost to UVa 21-31 PATs 3/3, 0/2 FGs
Ben Spiritos 52 OL (down to 295#) Dartmouth Beat Brown 21-14 dnp
Jon Umanzor 13 LB Dickinson Lost to Ursinus 16-34 2 assists
          dnp= did not play per school participation records*no participation info provided


James Johnston, Bear Football Alumni, now Elon Rugby player, is a DJ also . To this radio personality, listen Mondays 3-4pm at




Bear Swimming and Diving


Awesome photograph of Jordon Gear, in perfect form as a USC Trojan:



Darion Atkins, Paul Jesperson are redshirt candidates for the Virginia men’s
basketball team

By  <>
Steve Yanda

As the Virginia men’s basketball team prepares to open the season Sunday
against South Carolina State, Coach Tony Bennett still is trying to
determine whether to redshirt guard
<> Paul
Jesperson or forward
<> Darion
Atkins. Bennett said Thursday he would discuss the matter with the players
and his staff over the next few days. The Cavaliers redshirted forward
<> James
Johnson last season.

In recent weeks, Virginia participated in closed-door scrimmages at
Vanderbilt and at home against Baylor. The Cavaliers also held an intrasquad
scrimmage Wednesday night. Bennett said the inexperience of Jesperson and
Atkins (Landon) showed during those particular workouts.

“I think they both have a nice future; I really do,” Bennett said. “As I’ve
watched them now, they’ll develop. But you also see some of the lack of
experience from playing high school basketball and stepping into these
settings. In these scrimmages you see it when you’re going against some of
the players that we get to play against. I like their future. It’s just a
matter of if the opportunity is there and where is our health and our depth
and all that.”




After three years as a club sport and in its second season as a varsity sport, Landon’s Water Polo team took first place in Division B at the 2011 Eastern Interscholastic Water Polo Championship. The tournament, now in its 27th year, took place in Newark, N.J. on Nov. 5-6.

It was the first time that Landon won the division title. The deciding game was a victory over Mount Saint Joseph High School of Baltimore by a margin of 10-8. Four Landon players, Alex Garner ’12, Aidan Kelso ’13, Carter Lipnick ’12 and Brendon Walsh ’12, were among ten tournament participants recognized by the league for outstanding play. Kelso was selected tournament MVP for his contributions on defense. Other team members include John Bair ’13, Campbell Blue ’14, Conor Collins ’13, Leo Falcone ’14, John Freeman ’13, Luke Kennedy ’14, Trey Lundelius ’14 and Ed Wolins ’14.

Head Coach Walt Bartman introduced Water Polo at Landon as a club sport five years ago. Boys are now able to practice in the Dixon Pool on campus, thanks to supporters who helped to get a pool heater installed last year. Bartman said, “Our first time in the tournament, we lost all three games by 20 points or so. Last year, we took third. This is our first title ever, and we are really happy


The Landon Middle School cross country team just completed one of the finest seasons in school history after winning its first I.A.C. championship in eight years over archrival St. Albans by a score of 30-37. (Points are tabulated based on a team’s top five finishers, with the lower scores being better.) Bullis finished third and St. Stephens and St. Agnes finished fourth. This championship culminated an outstanding 15-1 season for the Bears’ squad.



McNamara (3-6)                    season completed

Mercersburg (2-6)                 season completed

Riverdale Baptist (3-5)          season completed

McDonogh (6-3)                    lost to Gilman 21-31

EHS (3-6)                               lost to 12-21Woodberry Forest

Woodberry Forest (7-2)        beat EHS 21-12

SSSA (1-8)                              season completed

Bullis (8-1)                              season completed

RP (4-6)                                  season completed

StA (6-3)                                 beat Landon

There will be BearSportsNews previews of hoops and hockey plus a review of the football banquet. BSN’s writer will be on injured reserve (repair of knee) from 11/29 until ??? Anyone interested in providing stories for any Landon Sport event PLEASE send in any content. THANKS!!!!




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