Bullis Preview, some great Bear Trax Pix and personal statement

(Please see a short notice at the end of this post.)


Bullis Preview 

The Bullis team mascot is a name clearly previously claimed by the StA team. While not its mascot name,  the RP symbol is a Bulldog, too. In times in which diversity and individuality are esteemed, it would seem to necessitate that Bullis seek a new symbol appropriate for the school.

DC SportsFan.com has established them as the #8 team in the DMV. Their only loss is to Bishop Ireton, 27-35. The Cardinals added some luster to BS’ record for up until last week this Northern Virginia team was undefeated; BI lost to theretofore winless Paul VI last week. The Bullis team has accumulated a lot of points in its eight games, scoring an average of 41 points while allowing an average of 15. The BS defense has shut out two of its opponents—IAC rival SSSA and Avalon.

The signature player for Bullis has been its senior running back, #2 Kevin Jones, 5’8”, 160 pounds. He has gained 1,782 yards in only 171 carries and scores on average every six times he touches the ball.


 According to WaPo, Mr. Jones has been offered a scholarship to play with the 2011 Bear Antoine Hudson at Bryant University and may be joined by 2012 Bear DB/WR Deion Wellington who holds an offer to the RI university [Note the school’s mascot is appropriately enough a Bulldog]. Kevin’s YouTube highlights are impressive (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shJ2i3uOGCc) as is his 3.2 GPA listed on that site. MDHigh.com described #2 as follows:


Kevin Jones attacked like a man seeking vengeance, a reckless vigor pumping through his bloodstream. Carry after carry, punishing run after punishing run, the junior running back from Bullis High racked up yards at a dizzying pace. And he never once looked back. He ran right over the cynics, the nonbelievers — the coaches who said he wasn’t tall enough, fast enough or skilled enough to be a starting running back.”

It would be fatal to focus solely on the Bullis RB, because the Potomac Bulldogs have a very talented QB, who would be a FB recruit if he was not already committed to play attack for Brown. Kylor Bellistri is a 6’1”, 190# running (277yds), passing (43-86-2, 9TDs, 787 yards) and kicking (23 PATs and 1FG) multi-faceted athlete. #8 needs to be incorporated in the Bears game plan.

Nick Fields (#20, a 6’4”, 200 pound WR; a JHU LSM commit) and Devonte Williams (a 5’9”, 140 pound WR) lead the Potomac Bulldogs receiving corps with 18 and 12 catches respectively.

Shutting out two opponents and a points-against-average of 15 points suggests that they have some talent on the other side of the ball. They do have size with 22 players of 200 or more pounds. Their biggest lineman, according to Max Preps (not listed on the WaPo roster) is #78, senior Timothy Watts, 6’0” and 320 pounds







Pos Yr Ht Wt  


Aaron Williams DB Jr. 5-10 165


Kevin Jones RB Sr. 5-8 160


Valshawn Williams TE Sr. 6-4 210


JD Dyer RB Jr. 5-7 176


Joe Stucky WR So. 5-5 150


Dondre Echols DB Sr. 5-11 170


Kevin Gentzel WR Sr. 6-4 171


Kyven Jones DB So. 5-5 130


Raymont Parker TE Jr. 6-1 215


Yusef Muhammad Fr.


Kylor Bellistri QB Sr. 6-1 190


Tavon Young DB Sr. 5-10 170


Antonio Washington QB Jr. 5-10 165


Reginald Fuller WR Jr. 6-0 175


Danny Copeland QB Jr. 6-1 183


Cameron Gulley DB Jr. 5-10 160


Noah Spriggs LB So. 5-10 168


Maurice Fisher DB Jr. 5-8 155


Cody Brachaw DB So. 5-10 147


Aaron Briggs WR So. 5-8 147


Davante Barrett DB Jr. 5-10 175


Lamonte Armstrong LB So. 6-1 200


Antoine Warrick LB Sr. 5-8 175


Nick Fisher WR Sr. 6-0 205


Nick Fields LB Jr. 6-4 200


Darby Beasley LB Sr. 5-11 175


Steve Attah DL So. 5-8 191


Devonte Williams Fr.


Adam Coles RB Sr. 5-9 165


Carl Leacock DB So. 5-11 161


Ronald Darby DB Sr. 5-11 180


D’vonn Smith RB Sr. 6-0 225


Tyamonee Johnson WR So. 5-11 145


Chris Aust LB So. 5-10 198


Marcus Pickens RB Jr. 6-0 220


Jay Cammon Jr. Fr.


Joshua Thorne FB Sr. 6-1 215


Raekwon Reese Fr.


Devon Howard DL Sr. 6-0 200


Cody Branchaw So.


Sam Thomas OL Sr. 5-10 238


Donee Franklin DL Sr. 6-0 245


Phil Bryant OL Jr. 5-5


Carl Fogg OL Jr. 6-0 225


Rashaad Wise DL So. 5-11 192


Deangelo Smith LB Jr. 6-2 235


Alante Warrick DL Jr. 6-1 250


Ben Catt So.


Dalane Scales DL Sr. 6-4 230


Daquon Grant DL Sr. 6-1 270


Willie Brown OL Sr. 6-1 285


Jack Metry OL So. 6-4 173


Ian Giles OL So. 6-0 220


Michael Brennan OL Sr. 5-11 230


Daniel Zolet OL Sr. 5-11 230


Leigh Ulica DL Sr. 6-1 251


Jonathan Lee DL Sr. 6-5 290


Justin Herron DL So. 6-4 240


Timothy Watts DL Sr. 6-0 320


Ivan Aggrey DL Sr. 5-11 224


Nate Lewis Fr.


Winton Lyle Jr.


Kevin Holly TE Sr. 6-2 185

SOURCE MAXPREPS.COM accessed 10/25/11

Bear Trax

Football Trax

A sequence showing Patrick Hunt (Davidson #32 [red]) executing a perfect tackle in his top defensive performance for the Wildcats:

[thanks Lori Camalier for the great pictures]

Big Ben Spiritos (#52) playing for the Dartmouth JV as a frosh here against the Middlebury Varsity ( 24-0) and later against the Williams JV 21-14.

Lax Trax

Luke Howard in the OSU scrimmage — with his old Landon #35, against #16 McBride (grad from Princeton) and Joe Sharkey (IL top freshman attackman)




(please excuse this deviation from the normal tenor of the posts found here, but it is incredibly important to correct a serious misrepresentation.)

–> DCSportsFan.com (not a site which inspires much credibility) has a blog entitled “Landon Will Beat Bullis next Saturday”. Included in a stream of the sort of diatribe that gives “blogging” a bad name is a comment authored by someone purporting to be “hssportszoom” [the copyrighted name of my SBNation.com website is HS²Zoom©] and introducing the author as a “graduate and grandfather with kids at Landon”, all of which is intended to “borrow” my identity. {Note my sons went to Landon; my grandsons live in Connecticut and are in middle school there. I wish that they were Bears, but they are not.}

–> The imitator then gives an opinion that Bullis “doesn’t have much of a chance” against Landon. THIS IS A COMMENT THAT WOULD NEVER BE FOUND IN BSN OR HS²ZOOM!!!


–>Anyone familiar with the editorial policy of BearSportsNews and HS²Zoom would recognize, I hope, that there are no such predictions made in either of these sites. It is just neither my style nor a comment ever made in three years of posts on these two sites.

–>Having consulted with an expert in such matters, it appears that someone associated with Bullis is trying to create controversy using the identities created by BSN and HS²Zoom. I consider this most offensive.

–>The expert, who is familiar with the two sites for which I write, believes that the individual, who created the hssportszoom label and who attempted to recreate my profile, had to have been a reader of my posts to try to create the “factual” premises of his comments.

–> The expert also opined that the imitator was likely someone whose current allegiance with the school in Potomac.

–> If true, I am extremely disappointed with such behavior. Not because it hurt me, but the degree to which disingenuity was used to create controversy when the purposes of BSN and HS²Zoom have been to be nothing but positive.

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