SSSA PREVIEW and Bear Trax Fax

Saint Stephens Saint Agnes Preview

The Saints are an IAC opponent and if anyone thinks that the competitiveness among these teams does not matter, ask the StA team what they thought about playing Episcopal before and then after their game against the Maroon. IIAC games matter!

Not being a disciple of the transitory principle as applied to sports, SSSA (1-5) has a victory over the same Potomac School which gave the Bears problems in the preseason. The Saints’ opponents have a combined 28-12 record. That said the other Alexandria school has allowed its opponents to score an average of 30 points, while the red jerseyed SSSA team has posted an average of 13 points.


SSSA’s roster includes 7 players of 200#s or more, topping off at 6’3” 255# Tackle Matt Alexis (jersey number 75). Search of the various internet scouting sources, not a highly reliable reference, results in no information about any senior being recruited. Darrius Manora, a junior Captain RB/LB (5’11” 200#), jersey number 20, leads the team in running with 105 carries for 536 yards and 4TDs (Source WaPo).  Myles Nelson, the junior QB (6’1”, 205#), jersey number 8, has passed 60 times, completing 26 for 237 yards (Source WaPo).  Sam Gallahan leads the team with 8 receptions for 169 yards, 1TD and 1 two point PAT (SO, 5’10”,   180#, jersey number 12) (Source WaPo). 

If Saturday’s home team needs any motivation, it may be that the Bears stole their AD?

Bear Trax–Football and Fall Ball Lax

Jeff Izon running agianst my Tigers







Marek Laco playing for Dickinson







Fall Ball

Sam McDonough was one of Bucknell’s 1st team SSDMS in a scrimmage against the Tar Heels. UNC included as one of their close D, Bear Boom Leighton. No word as to whether the two had a chance to collide on the field or not.


BEAR MOMS AND DADS NEED MORE PICTURES OF BEARS PLAYING ALL SPORTS AT THE NEXT LEVEL. Facebook gives me some pictures, but we can use more, please!

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