Landon 13 Episcopal 0

The 3-1 Bears met their 1st IAC opponent, the Maroon of EHS (1-2) in a very odd game. Landon shut out the visitors and the home team scored 13 points.The brown jerseys held the ball 9 times for 7 plays per possession for an average of 38 yards and almost 4 minutes for each offensive drive. EHS numbers were 10 possessions with an average of 5 plays, 13 yards and 2.1 minutes. Those statistics suggest a much wider disparity in scoring.

The Bears were depleted in the O line; Richie Wenzel did not suit up and Garrett Pan was injured early in the game. Allan Spiegel had to move to center and the gaps were ably filled by Taylor Greene and Isaiah Edwards. Further the defense was missing starters Jack Falk and Johnny Cobb, Andrew Mitchell and Robby Dunigan played well in their steads today.

Landon lost two fumbles, did not convert on 4th down twice and punted 3 times. That is potentially a lot of points left on the field. With a new set of O linemen, the necessary timing to convert the 4th and short was missing sometimes.

The visitors relied heavily on their lightning quick QB, Austin DeButts, and the tailback who bedeviled the Bears in the preseason scrimmage, Adam Lynne (#32). The Maroon had limited ability to move the ball through the air; so the Bears could station their defenders more proximately to the EHS line of scrimmage.

On the positive end, the Bears were able to mount two successful drives. The first in the second quarter was a 6 play, 73 yard possession. The initial momentum came from the Bears own #32, Myles Allen, who gained yards in chunks on the ground, then accelerated on passes from Charlie Schnider to Deion Wellington and Joe McDonald and then  culminated  in a Schnider to Johnny Sharp 39 yard TD pass. Alexander Mockett converted for a 7-0 lead with 2:57 remaining until half.

The second big O attack occurred in the 4th quarter and was initiated by an EHS fumble (caused by Mark Strabo and recovered by two-way Taylor Greene). Landon took over 30 yards from its own goal. Runs by Philip Pena (1) and Myles (4) moved the ball into the end zone. Our #32’s last run was from six yards out. A missed PAT resulted in a 13-0 dvantage with a little more than a minute remaining in the game.

Not central to either of these Bear drives were several runs/flushes from the pocket by Philip Pena. It is hard to describe #7’s bursts of speed, sudden stops, reversals of field and what can only be described as video games moves (is it the B button?)

The Bear D stifled the Maroon throughout. Johnny, Deion, Robby Dunigan and Peter Laco** made the EHS air game irrelevant by their coverage. The front seven (actually more than 7–Andrew Mitchell*, Jordan Marshall Addison Sarter*, PJ Fitzgerald, Will Buckingham, Mark Strabo*, Sellers Garrett**, Cyrus House, Taylor Greene)[each * means that this player made a Tackle for Loss].

Ultimately, more home players contributed to the Bears’ win, while EHS had to rely on a few talented athletes.



RUNNER               Rushes                Yards                   TDs

Allen                    31                         151                       1

Pena                    7                           52

Laco                    2                           3




PASSER               Passes                 Receptions                   Yards         TDs

Pena                    7                           3                           24

Schnider              8                           5                           72               1(39yds)

RECEIVER            Receptions                   Yards                   TDs

McDonald            5                           40

Sharp                   2                           49                         1 (39yds)

Wellington           1                           7



Early next week—Bear Trax and opponents records (writer will be in CT over
weekend watching 3 grandkids playing hockey)

Mid week—WFS preview and maybe some senior profiles.



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