Bears 40 Crusaders 6

Landon took the field without a number of injured players (most notably QB Charlie Schnider and Taylor Greene, the biggest D lineman heretofore; see below) and a couple of new additions (Kyle Hartman, Justin Cort, [both sophomores], Cyrus House [a senior] and Sebastian Welles [a junior] {these later two athletes add to the Bears’ basketball talent wearing football uniforms; 6’3” & 220# and 6’4” &256# respectively). These additions and subtractions seemed to have disturbed the home team’s offensive rhythm for the 1st Q, but the Bears got their offensive groove back to score a lot of points over the remaining 3 periods on a way to a 40-6 Bear Victory.

Philip Pena (#7) of the deceptive moves and superlative speed stepped in as QB, but for the first three offensive series, it seemed as though the line (Messrs. Speigel, Kindfuller, Pan, Wenzel, Murty, and Hunt), the backs (Allen and Laco) and ends (Sharp, McDonald and Howard) were not on the same page. The results were drives of 3 and out, drives of 3 and out 7 and out, and NO SCORE. Fortunately, the D was resolute in their mission and held the Crusaders at bay.


The last RBS drive of the opening stanza carried over to Q2, the seventh consecutive Crusader play was stopped by Jackson Howard for a loss. The visitors had to punt.

The Bears had had enough time together to execute effectively now. Myles Allen(#32) carried the ball for 6 plays of this possession (about 56 yards), but Coach Flannery  kept the RBS D off balance by inserting passes– #7 to Peter Laco (#9) and then to Sellers Garrett (#45). The final coup de grace was Myles up the middle for a 17 yard TD. The PAT was unsuccessful.

BEARS 6 CRUSADERS with 7:12 left in Q2

A successful squib kick did not allow the RBS speedsters to return it; so the Crusaders started at their own #). This was another confrontation between an opponent’s big O linemen (315,280, 270,265) against the quick, smaller Bear front seven (Messrs. Mitchell, Sarter, Howard, Buckingham, Strabo, #45, Edwards and others). Despite this differential Landon limited RBS to only 15 plays and about -1 net offense for this quarter.

On the other hand a Peter Laco recovery of an RBS fumble set the Bears up 23 yards from their goal. Allen ran for 4, a Pena pass to Sharp and then a Pena 16 yard TD pass to Jackson Howard plus an Alexander Mockett (#16) PAT made it

BEARS 10 CRUSADERS O with 4:37 left in the half

A very nasty onsides kick by #16 almost resulted in a Bear recovery, but the RBS boys got the ball at their 37. Six plays later, the Bears received the RBS punt.

Perhaps the visitors could get some momentum going into the half and for the first few seconds of the play, it looked like the Crusaders were going to get Philip Pena in the backfield on a pass play. He instead tucked the ball under his arm, “deked” our several of the Maize and Blue clad defenders, made the corner and then turned on the jets. Thirty one yards down the field #7 was forced out-of-bounds. Bears’ 1st and 10 on the RBS 15 with less than a minute left in the half. Myles ran and then Philip took it in for the final 7 yards over the goal line. Another #16 PAT made it

BEARS 20 CRUSADERS 0 with 0:39 left in the half

RBS tried two passes to no avail and a rushing attempt was equally futile. The visitors attempted to get out of the half by punting, but Robby Dunigan had a different idea. He blocked the punt. Bears 1st and 10 at its 12 with 0:11.8 remaining. The line gave its QB (#7) plenty of time to pass and he found Deion Wellington in the end zone for another TD (13 yards), another PAT by #16 made it

BEARS 27 CRUSADERS 0 with 0:06.5 remaining in the 1st half

The ensuing kickoff and a kneel down ended the half.


[Question; has another Landon team scored 27 points in one period? In any sport?]

The second half was not as eventful.

The Bears added to their lead in its first series with the ball. Two runs by #32 for a total of about 10 yards. Then a pretty Pena to Sharp pass for a 47 yard TD plus a PAT by#16 made it

BEARS 34 CRUSADERS 0 with 7:27 remaining in 3rd Q

RBS possessed the ball for 5 drives in this 24 minutes. The second series in the 3rd quarter resulted in a TD and it showed that the Crusaders had some speed with two long passes (35 yards and then 33 yards) to cross the Bears’ goal line.

BEARS 34 CRUSADERS 6 with 5:48 remaining in 3rd Q

The Bears’ next drive devastated any notion that RBS could climb back into this game. Kyle Hartman (#3) took over the QB position and engineered a 13 play and 77 yard drive. Six runs by #32, three runs by #9, and a nice pop through the line by Justin Cort  plus a completion by #3 (on his first attempt) to #33 resulted in the 40th point put on the scoreboard on the first play of the 4th quarter, a run by Peter Laco, thus

BEARS 40 CRUSADERS 6 AT 4 seconds expired in the 4th Q

New brown jerseys populated the Bear D and O (Messrs. Fullum, Colclough, #3, Johnson, Lynch, House, Allbrittain {who toppled an RBS RB}, Trumbower, Nixon, Johnston, Kamara, Bruggen, Carlton and others) and they played well against the RBS starters.







Passer            attempts     receptions   yards    TDs

Pena               10                 7         128       3

Hartman            2                  1         9


Receiver          receptions   yards        TDs

Wellington       2            35           1

Sharp            2            50           1

Garrett          1            17

Howard           2            25           1

Laco             1            10



Rusher       runs         yards        TDs

Allen        18           126          1

Pena         7            48           1

Cort         12           32

Laco         5            9            1










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  1. Not to quibble, but Cyrus is 6’4″, 225. ;0

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