Disciplined Landon beat Massive McNamara 29-14 at Navy Marine Corps Stadium

Walking into the Naval Academy’s big time stadium and facing a Mustang team with 9 players weighing 250#s or better (sooo BIG that they
looked like the RP team), the Bears could have easily lost their cool. In the early stages, the McNamara team had some early big plays from their talented
players (6 players with Div I).

Under such conditions, one could have easily expected the Bears to panic. Instead, they stuck to Coach Padalino’s well designed game plan, saw their Defense stick to their assignments and maintained the discipline needed to convincingly beat their WCAC opponents 29-14. The Mustangs incurred 12 costly penalties and made all of the miscues
that you can find in the Coaches “What not to do” Handbook.

The Bears took the opening kickoff and showed that Myles Allen could run (two runs for 15 yards). Under some pressure, Charlie Schnider had an uncharacteristic mistake that resulted in a McNamara interception.

On offense, the Mustangs had a couple of star plays, but in their first possession, they saw two referee flags thrown. The drive was stopped because the much smaller Bears front seven (the largest players are Taylor Greene @ 258 and Richie Wenzel @230#; Andrew Mitchell, Jackson Howard, Will Buckingham, Mark Strabo, Sellers Garrett,   but with most boys less than 200) stayed true to their assignments, used their quickness effectively and as a result of those actions.  Strabo sacked the Syracuse bound QB for a loss. The Mustangs punted and pinned the Bears to their own 5 yard line.

The Bears continued to try to establish their running game with carries by Myles, Charlie and Peter Laco, but not enough for a first down. Alexander Mockett got a pretty kick off and the result was emblematic of the Mustangs’ game. A swift McNamara returned the ball for a touchdown, but there was another rules violation for the visitors
negating their score. That setback did not stop the Mustangs and after eight plays, they scored. The PAT missed; at 3:00 minutes remaining in the 1st Quarter,

Mustangs 6 Bears 0.

Landon got the ball at its own 25 from the kickoff and started an eight play (2 passes, 6 runs) drive that moved the clock into the 2nd Quarter and reversed the ball possession. Another Mockett punt put the Mustangs back totheir own 25 yard line. They tested the Bears’ secondary (Johnny Sharp, Peter Laco, Johnny Cobb and Deion Wellington) were up to the task and the front four registered another sack. The Mustangs lined up for a punt, the center rolled the ball back to the punter and he took held the ball as his knee touched the ground—establishing Bears’ possession at its own 30 yard line.

Schnider arched a pass for Joe McDonald, who showed serious ups and even more impressively strong hands as he ripped the ball from the Mustang DB, who was in front of him. The immediate result was Bears 1st and goal at the 6; the ultimate result, after two Allen carries, was a Landon TD by Myles. The PAT hit the smaller collegiate uprights and bounced back. At 8:00 remaining of the 2nd Quarter,


Mockett kicked the ball into the end zone, forcing the Mustangs to start  on their own 20. Three penalties negated some good offense by McNamara and a sack by Taylor Greene forced the visitors to punt to the Bears.McDonald had a long return, but the Mustangs regained possession with some momentum with 3 minutes until half. Deion Wellington knocked down a pass and then Will Buckingham sacked the QB, forcing a punt.

The Bears tested their two minute (actually 2:29) drill with a Schnider to Peter Laco pass, then a nice QB run and finally another Allen run. With seconds on the
clock, Mockett hit a 35 yard field goal.

BEARS 9 MUSTANGS 6 at half

To start the 2nd half, Alexander kicked the ball to the Mustangs’ 15 and their return man was stopped at the 26. The visitors had a 9 play drive, all but two of them runs, bringing the ball to the Landon 37. The Bear D stiffened. A pass was knocked down by Johnny Sharp and then Sellers Garrett sacked the Mustang QB for a loss, forcing a punt at 7:37 of the 3rd period.

Philip Pena was the new Bear QB. On 1st down, he had a nice 5 yard run. The Bears’ offensive game plan played a trick on the opponents. The Landon Offensive Line ( Garrett Pan, Vincent Kindfuller, Allan Speigel,  Richie Wenzel, Will Murty ) had established the line of scrimmage as their’s and the Mustangs were focused on stopping the Bears’ #32.  On the next play, the Bear QB handed off to Myles Allen or so every Mustang (and most fans) thought. Sixty yards later and with three opposing DBs reading the #7 on the back of his jersey as Pena scored. Good PAT;


Mr. Mockett put another kickoff into the end zone. Mustangs 1st and 10 at the 20 yard line. Two penalties forced the McNamara team into anobvious passing down (1st and 20). Deion Wellington read the QB’s eyes and stepped in front of the receiver (UVa recruit) and caught the ball on the way to a 30 yard Pick Six. A bad exchange between the center and holder contributed to a blocked PAT at 4:28.


The ensuing kickoff went out of bounds. The Mustangs were unable to mount much of a rhythm as Jax Howard sacked the QB, and McNamara punted. The Bears had a seven play drive featuring an exceptional catch by Anthony Fullum, a couple of Allen runs and a Schnider – McDonald pass/catch. A Bear fumble returned the ball to their opponents to end the 3rd Quarter, but the Mustangs returned the favor when on 4th down, their center’s snapping of the ball over the punter’s head resulted in the Bears recovery.

Landon 1st and 10 on its own 20 yard line at 10:50 of the 4th Quarter. Myles Allen scored his second TD on a 1 yard run.PAT good and the Mustangs drew a penalty for running into the holder on the kick.


Alexander’s kickoff reached the end zone; Mustangs 1st and 10 from their 20 yard line. The Bears’ defense was populated by another wave of talent— Isaiah Colclough, Jack Falk, Anthony Fullum, Robby Dunnigan, Connor Lynch, Jack Albrittain and PJ Fitzgerald). These boys forced a 3 and out.

McNamara punted at 9:45. Landon ate up 3 minutes on a six play possession. Jordan Marshall joined the offense for these plays.

McNamara took over on downs at their own 26 and their star running back finally showed why Terp Coach Randy Edsall was in attendance with a 51 yard TD run. The Mustangs scored a 2 point conversion at 5:03.


Surprisingly, the visitors did not try an onside kick and the Bears took possession at their 40. Philip Pena allowed the Mustangs to see the front of his jersey for three runs. Mockett punted to the McNamara 26 and they drew their 10th penalty to move the ball back to the14 yard line with 3:18 left. Seven plays, a net gain of 12 yards and two more fouls resulted in the Bears gaining final possession 9 yards from another score, but the Bears took a knee to kill the clock.



Statistics (courtesy of Mac Jacoby)



Player        attempts             yards         TDs (yards)

Allen           16                        59               2 (3, 1)

Pena          6                           88               1 (65)


Player        attempts             completions      yards

Schnider    11                        7                           113

Pena          7                           0


Player        receptions         yards

McDonald  5                           88

Laco           1                           15

Fullum        1                           13


Bear Trax

Since most of the college games are on Saturday night, this column will be published later. Thanks to Tim McDonough, the exploits of Jeff Izon at Brown will be followed here. Also, John Blizzard at Davidson, after a very successful preseason, exhibited some concussion issues and has moved to the position of a student linebacker sideline



(a) the
content is mine, does not reflect the opinion of Landon, Coach Padalino or anyone directly related to Landon, (b) that any errors that may exist are mine,inadvertent and correctable (
please let me know and I will make ALL corrections) ;(c) that the author (me) is a huge disciple of the Landon team concept and that I will do everything that I can do to mention all the players; however, universal coverage is not really possible through this medium. If someone believes that a player or group (O or D line, backs, special teams, etc.) should receive greater attention, I am open to such suggestions. I will TRY not mention referees at any time and will limit references to the opposition.(d) that BSN is a volunteer publication and that
as the editor, publisher, statistician and writer [me], I am all too fallible and I apologize in advance for any error

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