Landon wins the Founders Cup and the last BLTF of 2011 spring

Program Recognized for Excellence

Landon has been awarded the I. A. C. Founder’s Cup, which is given annually in recognition of overall athletic achievement. I.A.C. schools earn points based on where they finish in the regular season and conference playoffs. This is the 10th time Landon has won the Cup, which has been awarded since 1975. The Cup comes back to Landon after spending nine years at Georgetown Prep.

“This accomplishment is a total school award, not constrained to one sport,” says Michael Derwinski, acting athletic director. “I think the entire school community is proud to achieve a Founder’s Cup victory that shows that our athletes and coaches worked hard through all seasons and sports.”


Further proof of the Bears’ excellence across the athletic board, I think that only the hockey and baseball teams won their IAC crowns



BEAR LAX TRAX FAX by John Nichols


The fates were  not kind to Bear alumni this weekend.  In the D-I tournament, the two Bear laden teams, Denver (Harrison
) and Duke (Josh Offit and Joe Tkac) dropped their semi-final games on Saturday.  In the Duke-Maryland game, a game with more stalling than a 70’s era Vega, Josh Offit recorded one goal on 2 shots and got a ground ball.  Josh’s play was also instrumental in one of Duke’s early


The slaughter of the Bears continued on Sunday as Tufts (Nick Rhoads and Mark Findaro) sought to repeat as the D-III champion in its
rematch of last year’s championship game against Salisbury.  Suffice it to say that it was not close this year.  Nick Rhoads of  Tufts
recorded an assist, 5 ground balls and was 13 for 27 in face-offs in the D-III final.




Congratulations to Joe Tkac of Duke and Max Feely of Cornell who wrapped up their NCAA lacrosse careers this year. 


John compiled a table of all of statistics for all of the Bears who played college lax this last year, but technology is frustrating its publication.


Similar technical limits are blocking the publication of a table of the 27 members of the Class of 2011 who are expected to continue their athletic careers. The table also documents their off of field/rink/court/track/pool performances– most impressive. We shall overcome technology and publish both, soon.

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