another fascinating 3 SPORT VARSITY ATHLETE profile

DILLON RUPP     varsity football, wrestling and lacrosse

1.      Senior Project:

 For my Senior Project I am working at the Garrison Elementary School in D.C. where I am teaching kindergarten and 1st grade students for the first part of the day and then helping to coach sports for the second half of the day.

2.  Best Academic Experience:

 My best academic experience would be either Mr. Bordley’s U.S. History class or Economics

3.   Best Landon non-sports, non-academic experience:

 Volunteering at Ivy Mount School or my Senior Project at the Garrison School.

4.   Best moment in a Landon Jersey:

My best moment was beating Prep and Woodberry in football and pinning the Prep 215 pounder.

5.   College:

Next year I will be attending Bucknell.

6.   Sports there:

I hope to play football and Club Lax. 

7.  Most difficult sport-to-sport transition:

Wrestling to lacrosse was the most difficult. The first day of lacrosse I was talking all this trash about how I would probably be the fastest because wrestling workouts are known for their emphasis on conditioning and increasing endurance, however, wrestling does a different kind of conditioning than just running and I was not used to jogging and sprinting three laps and was one of the last people to finish

8. Opponents you want to beat the most:

I most wanted to beat the prep 189 in wrestling and St. Albans in football.

9.   Most Exhausting practice regime:

“Battle Wrestling” which consisted of me wrestling against Ben, for two minutes, then Coach Sirtotkin right after that for another 2 minutes, followed by two minutes against Pan.  It was just really hard to wrestle for 6 minutes straight against fresh opponents. 

  1.  Most demanding coach – learned the most:

My most demanding coach would probably be Mr. Bordley because he knew a lot about every position in football and lacrosse and could easily tell if you messed up and would be sure to let you know.  In the end this made me a better player in both football and lacrosse. 

  1.   Most demanding teacher:

My most demanding teachers were without a doubt Mr. Botti and Mr. Swinehart in my Humanities class junior year.

  1.  Hours spent on athletics and academics daily at Landon:

12 hours plus

  1.  Number of Varsity Letters:

5 varsity letters

14.  Funniest moment on a Landon Field:

Coach Shooshan taking someone’s long pole and accidentally swinging it backwards and hitting Milan in his jewels or listening to Pen trash talk.

  1.  Interesting outside activity:

Some of my greatest outside interests have been scuba diving and sailing and volunteering at Ivy Mount.

Editor’s Note: Dillon caught my eye with the amount of heart that he demonstrated in football preseason, further enhanced his status with his performance in the Prep game (RP Coach Paro later identified that little 78 as one of the guys who chopped down his big blue trees), surprised me with his wrestling matches (1st year at the sport) and solidified a favorite position when the Bear bench went nuts when it appeared that he had scored a goal in a lacrosse game!


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