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Pulling up to the funky old house off Bradley Boulevard, I tried to balance my nerves, expectations and, most of all, my excitement. It was May 2009, and I was starting my Landon senior project as an intern with Holster Records, an independent record label run by Justin Fishkin (’97) and Evan Bliss (’96). The space where I would be completing this opportunity was a home-made studio in the basement of Evan’s parents’ house.

I had my first interaction with Evan through an alumni interview I conducted for the Landon News earlier that year, where I found out, among other things, that his favorite Landon lunch was Chili Con Carne. I still, to this day, cannot tell if he was joking. CCC ranked up there with Landon subs, nuggets and general tsao’s chicken as the most polarizing lunches served regularly in the Lindner Dining Hall.

I was extremely excited to work with Evan after listening to his first band, The Low Life, on repeat for most of my senior year. Any proud alum of the brown and white will tell you how much we looked up to older students, whether they were a year ahead or 10. Meeting Evan,, and working with him on my senior project, was like meeting a hero.

Keep in mind- this guy was practically a model for the type of well-rounded young man Landon pushes its students to be. He was intelligent and inquisitive in academics. He was personable and involved in the community. He pursued his passion and natural talent for music and made a career of it. On top of that, Evan contributed greatly to one of Landon’s proudest sporting traditions as a lacrosse player and set multiple records at Kenyon College in his time there.

Evan was embarking on a solo career and thriving as an artist while I worked with him for those few weeks in 2009. His passion, love and energy while playing, recording or just discussing music was so infectious that he truly helped me discover what I wanted to do with my life.

I still think about those times every day. Evan passed away suddenly 4 years ago this August- and it still burns. It gets easier each year but then August 17th comes and it sinks in again. I miss his dry humor. I miss his Washington Post columns on the Redskins. I miss hearing the relaxing, melodic tones of his voice. He was taken from us too early. But he left a legacy and an impact on this world that everyone, Landon Bears and beyond, will feel long after he’s gone.

 -Josh Hettermann (’09)













Published on Oct 10, 2013

Tell Her Goodbye, from Evan Bliss’ first solo album released in 2006, Pour-Soi En Soi
Purchase here:…
Free music and downloads here:


A Local Life: Evan Bliss, athlete and musician with a promising future, dies at 35

By Matt Schudel October 6, 2012
On Aug. 4, Evan Bliss flew from Washington Dulles International Airport to Amsterdam, where he caught a plane for Nairobi. He spent the week flying and driving throughout Kenya while working on an international HIV research program.

But that was only his day job.

More people in the Washington area knew Mr. Bliss for what he did at night. He was a singer-songwriter who had previously been the front man of the Low Life, a band that had toured nationally and regularly sold out the 9:30 Club. He played guitar, but it was his voice that made people stop and pay attention — a bright, soaring tenor that could caress a song and keep ringing in your ear.

Mr. Bliss returned home on Aug. 11 and spent most of the following week working at the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, a Bethesda-based nonprofit group that that promotes worldwide military medical research. On Wednesday, Aug. 15, he held a rehearsal to prepare for a performance three days later in Philadelphia.

The show never took place.

Evan Bliss poses for a lacrosse team portrait. Bliss played for the Kenyon College lacrosse team and still holds all-time scoring records. (Family Photo)
On Aug. 17, Evan Bliss collapsed at his home in Bethesda and died at the age of 35.

“There was absolutely no sign to me whatever that anything could be wrong,” said Jason Mattis, who played bass with Mr. Bliss for six years and had practiced with him that Wednesday.

An autopsy found that Mr. Bliss died from a pulmonary embolism, which has been linked to long-distance air travel. On Aug. 10 and Aug. 11, he spent 16 hours in the air, flying from Kisumu, Kenya, to Nairobi, to Amsterdam, to Dulles.

A blood clot had apparently migrated from his lower body and lodged in an artery in one of his lungs.

“The doctor said Evan was in perfect physical shape,” his father, Donald T. Bliss, said. “Nothing else was wrong with him.”

More than 700 people attended his funeral. Weeks after his death, those who knew him were still in shock that someone so young, talented and full of life could be taken from them so soon.

“I still don’t believe it in some ways,” said Alex Minard, a lawyer at the Federal Communications Commission who was Mr. Bliss’s lacrosse teammate at Kenyon College in Ohio. “Sometimes I just think I haven’t had an e-mail from him in a while.”

‘Parachutes and Ladders’

If there is such a thing as a young man of golden promise who could excel in everything, who was smart, athletic and well-liked — and who seemed cool to parents and peers alike — it was Evan Hale Bliss. He was born June 23, 1977, in Washington and grew up in Bethesda, where he attended the Landon School, a private school for boys.

“Evan was the pulse of his times,” his former mathematics teacher, Steve Sorkin recalled. “He was an absolutely terrific student. He was bright as a whip. You knew that he would have a future that would bear his imprint.”

Before graduating from Landon in 1996, Mr. Bliss acted in Shakespearean plays, sang in choral groups and played on the school’s soccer and lacrosse teams.

“He was a guy who would put down his guitar and pick up the lacrosse stick,” said Justin Fishkin, a fellow Landon student who later started a music label for which Mr. Bliss recorded. “It was just natural to him.”

At Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, Mr. Bliss majored in English and was a starting player all four years on the lacrosse team. As a senior, he was the team co-captain and led Kenyon to its first appearance in the Division III NCAA tournament.

He still holds school records for most goals in a season (59 in just 15 games) and a career (140). Minard, his former teammate, has nominated him for the college’s athletic hall of fame.

After Mr. Bliss graduated from Kenyon in 2000, he was offered a job as assistant lacrosse coach, but he turned it down to come back to Bethesda. He had led bands and written songs since high school, but after college he joined several former Landon schoolmates in a band called the Low Life. He was the band’s lead singer and principal songwriter.

The band had a lilting, hard-edged reggae kind of sound and between 2000 and 2005 released two albums, often appeared at the 9:30 Club and was the opening act for such internationally known acts as Wyclef Jean and O.A.R.

“They were about to become huge,” said Fishkin, who runs Holster Records, an independent music label. “Just as they had this massive swell, they broke up. There were people who thought they were going to be the next Red Hot Chili Peppers.”
The Low Life disbanded, at least in part, because Mr. Bliss was a reluctant rock star. He wanted to find his own direction in music and life, whether it made him famous or not.

“He wasn’t concerned with fame and recognition,” said Benj Gershman, bass player for O.A.R. “He really wanted to be doing something he loved for people who loved it.”

Or, as Mr. Bliss put it in his song “Parachutes and Ladders”:

I’d rather be asleep on the sidewalk

tucked out and cold in the pouring rain

than in a bed of fortune’s promises

I’m fortunate enough for me

‘Tell Her Goodbye’

Mr. Bliss He began a solo career and sometimes performed with a new group that he called Evan Bliss and the Welchers. Mattis, the bass player for the past six years, recalled when he first heard Mr. Bliss’s bittersweet breakup song “Tell Her Goodbye.”

“I thought, ‘Man, who is that singer?’ ” he said. “I loved the voice, I loved the lyrics, I loved the whole thing.”

They joined musical forces and became close friends. Mr. Bliss developed a distinctive, eclectic sound sound that blended pop, indie rock, world music and coffeehouse soul. He released three new albums and won a songwriting competition sponsored by Billboard magazine.

He worked at local clubs such as IOTA in Arlington, volunteered to teach music to homeless women at a D.C. shelter and, five years ago, began working as a data manager for the Jackson Foundation.

In March 2010, at an album-release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington for Mr. Bliss’s recording “ShhhPOW!,” he met Mary Graham, a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Agency for International Development. She was a pianist and music lover, and the two became inseparable.

Three months after they met, with friends and family gathered for what turned out to be a surprise engagement party, Mr. Bliss sang the Grateful Dead song “Jack-A-Roe” to Mary. The song ends with these words, “This couple they got married, so why not you and me?”

On March 19, 2011, exactly one year after they met, they were married.
‘Sweet Dog’

In September 2010, the couple moved to Nicaragua, where Mary had a posting with USAID. Mr. Bliss learned Spanish, put his music career on hold and worked remotely for the Jackson Foundation. He also found a new outlet as a blogger about the Washington Redskins in 2010 and 2011 for The Washington Post. Hundreds of would-be Redskins analysts applied for the job, but only two — Mr. Bliss and Stephen L. Carter, a best-selling novelist and professor at Yale Law School — were selected.

In Nicaragua, Mr. Bliss and his wife adopted a malnourished dog, which they named Tila. Mr. Bliss wrote a song, “Sweet Dog,” to draw attention to the problem of abandoned dogs around the world.

After the Blisses returned to Bethesda in May — with Tila — Evan Bliss resumed his music career, performing as far away as Nashville and New York City. Fans would drive from Montreal and Buffalo to catch his gigs in Washington, and he had 8,000 followers on Facebook.

“There’s a very intelligent listening community out there,” he said this summer in an interview with a Minnesota radio host, Cher Dial, “and you always have to treat them with respect.”

After Mr. Bliss’s death, a female fan wrote to Mary Bliss, saying she had spoken to him after one of his shows. When she mentioned that he hadn’t performed her favorite song — “Tell Her Goodbye” — Mr. Bliss did something that is the opposite of rock-and-roll self-importance. He stopped packing his equipment, picked up his guitar and, from the back of his car, sang the song just for her.

It’s that quality of one-to-one human kindness — more than his multifaceted talents, more than his ethereal singing voice — that people remember most when they talk about Evan Bliss.

“The first few times I met him, he was so nice and open and relaxed, I couldn’t believe he was genuine,” said Tom McBride, a Washington musician. “The more I hung out with him, the more I realized he was such a nice guy. It was almost unsettling because you don’t often see that in musicians.”

“Evan was the best friend I ever had,” said Justin Fishkin, who was in the seventh grade when they met. “He cared. He always had time for anyone who needed it.”
“He was the kindest and nicest kid that I’ve worked with here,” said Mr. Bliss’s choral teacher at Landon, Tad Cavuoti, “and this my 36th year.”

‘I’m Fine With It’

Evan and Mary Bliss were planning to move to Haiti this month for her new posting with USAID. That assignment has been canceled, and she is unsure what her future will be.

Evan Bliss’s parents, Donald T. Bliss and Nancy A. Bliss, live in Bethesda, as does his younger brother, Bion Bliss, a Foreign Service officer.

“You’re always kind of in awe of your older brother,” Bion Bliss said. “He was completely unparalleled in how true he was to himself. Evan, as my father says, was the least phony person you would ever know.”

It’s hard for many of those who knew Mr. Bliss to contemplate a world without him.

“We made a pact to play music together for the rest of our lives, whatever that meant,” his bass player, Jason Mattis, said. “We never thought the rest of our lives would be till we were 34, 35.”

Some people have pored over the lyrics of the more than 100 songs that Mr. Bliss wrote, searching for solace. These words from his song “I’m Fine With It” were read at his funeral:

I want to dive in a river, splash around and pretend to drown

I want to climb up a mountain and stare at all the specks on the ground

I want to run through the forest and lay in the shade till the sun goes down

And if that’s all there is, and there’s nothing else, I’m fine with it

And I don’t need to know what’s next because I’m here now and I’m fine with it.


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This Bear, a bit of a contrarian, hibernates in the summer and needs some help getting his bearings (sorry, but it had to be said).

For all three seasons, BSN trax alumni Bears and publishes a Fax report. For Fall, here are inventory of those who have left the white rocks. PLEASE help if any names are missed (College Club sports are included):

Football  players










Terrence Fullum— Gold Coast Kings, National Gridiron League, Australia










































Small collection of Bears in College Mascot outfits; personal favorite: BEAR DUCK

If any has the creativity to make similar mashup mascots, please send


Obai Kamara (’13), Davidson Wildcats.

Matt Underhill (’13) Washington & Lee

Justin Cort (’14), Sewanee Tigers

Jules Desroches (’14) , Kenyon Lords

Anthony Fullum (’14) William & Mary Tribe

Jamal Francois (*15) Howard

Paul Padalino (’15) Richmond Spiders

Dominique Seagears (’15) the Trinity College Bantams

Kolby Williams (’15) Richmond Spiders

Mark Ebo (’16), College of the Holy Cross Crusaders Joseph Gagnon, (’16) Washington and Lee University Keith Simms, (’16) University of Oregon Jacob Wright, (’16) Ohio Wesleyan University



Nick Diaz, Scott Powell (both L’13) and Taylor Diaz (’15) Allegheny College Gators

Charles Branche III, (’16) Ohio Wesleyan University
A.J. Miele, (’16) Dickinson College



Water Polo

Aiden Kelso (‘13) Connecticut Camels

Isher Gill, (’16) George Washington University
Rahul Gill, (’16)  Connecticut College




(college BB is a winter sport but the two professionals start soon)

Christian Webster at VaTech

Hapoel Holon (Winner League) inked 24-year old American forward Darion Atkins (203-105kg-92, college: Virginia). He played most recently at Westchester Knicks (D-League) in the U.S. In 52 games he averaged 8.5ppg, 7.2rpg, 1.7apg and 1.3bpg last season. Atkins helped them to end the regular season as a second best team in Atlantic Division. He was called during the season by the New York Knicks. Atkins also played that season for another team Knicks in U.S. semi-pro league D-League where in 52 games he had 8.5ppg, 7.2rpg, 1.7apg and 1.3bpg. He contributed to his team ending the regular season as at the second position in D-League Atlantic Division. Atkins won NBA Pro Summer League in Las Vegas championship title in 2015. He graduated from University of Virginia in 2015 and it will be his second season in pro basketball

Danny Rubin Bnei Herzliya in top division of Israel.



(their seasons start before college)

Alex Norwinski( ’15) College Station Spirit1College+Station+Spirit

Trevor Wolfe (’15) Nashua Islanders

trivia: name three athletes who lived in Sugarland, TX, the winter of ’15-‘16









  1. Simone Ashley Manuel, resident1simone
  2. Alex Norwinski  hockey player
  3. Trevor Wolfe     hockey player1imperials

    If anyone has been missed, PLEASE email me ( Want to get all Bears in this den.

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BearSportsNews—Summer Edition 08/07/2016

It’s only four weeks until school starts and some of the fall teams will begin preseason soon. Practices are scheduled to start in about a week. Hopefully all Bears have had some good relaxation time. For sure,

bearbeach tracksblog_06chris04bearbeach













all of the fascinating summer readings have been finished and the Class of 2018 has gotten lots of sleep in preparation of the long nights occasioned by Humanities.













Here are a few bits of summer Bear news:

Late Spring news

  • Rugby

2016 MAVRC/All-Met Rugby Teams


Division 2

hooker Luke Peterson Landon jr.

prop Maanik Lal Landon jr.

lock Andrew Engel Landon so.

flanker Ben Goodfriend Landon sr.

flanker Thomas Baldwin Landon so.

scrumhalf Nicholas Blasey Landon sr.

flyhalf Wesley Pan Landon sr.

wing Nicolas Kenary Landon so.

fullback Jonathan Hsieh Landon jr.


2nd team

#8 Jacob Wright Landon sr.

center Mitchell Pan Landon jr.

Scouts say that several of the senior Bears could continue as ruggers in college

Trivia: who is the most famous Bear rugby player ever?



Plus WaPo actually mentioned Bear Rugby








During batting practice, Randy Bednar (Landon School, Bethesda, Md.) showed some of the best pure bat speed of the day. Bednar’s swing has a lot … (hopefully Baseball America will allow us to see more)


  • Christian Webster is hired as assistant coach stealing him from Central Florida. The Bear CWeb graduated from Harvard with several Crimson records and was hired there as an assistant there.” I’m extremely excited to welcome Christian to our basketball family,” Coach Buzz Williams said in a statement released by Tech’s athletic department. “He fits exactly what we were looking to add to our program, building upon his experience of having been an outstanding player at Harvard, along with his coaching career thus far.”

Webster recorded the most wins (90) in Harvard’s history. He helped lead Harvard to three straight Ivy League titles and back-to-back NCAA tournament appearances. In the ’13 NCAA tournament, Harvard was a No. 14 seed, and registered a 68-62 upset win in the round of 64 against No. 3 seed New Mexico, with Webster contributing 11 points as a starter.Webster started 83 of the 117 games (second-most in program history) in which he played at Harvard, averaging a career-high 13 points in his 2010-11 sophomore season. He ranks fifth in Harvard history with 176 career 3-pointers.Less than 3 1/2 months removed from the end of his college-playing career, Webster was hired by Amaker to be an assistant coach at Harvard.During Webster’s two years as a Crimson assistant coach, Harvard went 49-13 and made two straight NCAA tournament appearances. In the ’14 NCAA tournament, No. 12 seed Harvard upset No. 5 seed Cincinnati 61-57 in the round-of-64, and nearly beat No. 4 seed Michigan State in the round of 32.

Webster established a school record at The Landon School in Bethesda, Md., by scoring more than 1,800 career points, and earned 2009 Gatorade player of the year honors in the state of Maryland. He graduated from Harvard in 2013 with a degree in psychology.







  • Darion Atkins (L’11, UVa ’15) who signed a guaranteed contract with Israeli club Hapoel Holon for 2016-2017 season. He is a client of another Bear, Scott Hetterman’s SMH Sports. One of his opponents will be Danny Rubin (L’09, BC’14) of Bnei-Hertzeliyya
  • 1DA

Hapoel Holon (Winner League) inked 24-year old American forward Darion Atkins (203-105kg-92, college: Virginia). He played most recently at Westchester Knicks (D-League) in the U.S. In 52 games he averaged 8.5ppg, 7.2rpg, 1.7apg and 1.3bpg last season. Atkins helped them to end the regular season as a second best team in Atlantic Division. He was called during the season by the New York Knicks. Atkins also played that season for another team Knicks in U.S. semi-pro league D-League where in 52 games he had 8.5ppg, 7.2rpg, 1.7apg and 1.3bpg. He contributed to his team ending the regular season as at the second position in D-League Atlantic Division. Atkins won NBA Pro Summer League in Las Vegas championship title in 2015. He graduated from University of Virginia in 2015 and it will be his second season in pro basketball.




Scouts indicate that the Bears did well both at a 7on7 tournament at UMd and another camp at a secret location😉













  • In the North/South Amateur, John Kalavritinos had a 75,71,76. 1JKjpg
  • The 71 was on the brutal Pinehurst #2 and was the third best score of the day.
  • He came in Top 20 (T19). Great tournament with much history, tough field, tough courses.
  • 1EK




Evan Katz rallied on the last day of the American Junior Golf Association Junior Golf at Cattail Creek in Glenwood. The Duke commit shot a 2 under 69 0n the last round (5 birdies and a bogey free front 9) to beat a competitor from California. His total was 209 and post the final round the Bear was interviewed





















Hockey—good news/bad news

Landon’s Patrick Giles forgoes junior year to join USA Hockey National Team Development Program











  • The Landon “summer” team went undefeated in the Under Amour Shootout including an always delightful win over the Purple Eagles (“never saw a purple eagle, never want  to be one”?) 6-4. The rising seniors stepped up, a couple of “gerbils” showed up and the first Oregonian Bear, Cam James (welcome), played up to expectations.
  • 1UA









  • From FB, 4 Bears in Vail (only lost 1 game)
  • 3Bears







(there have been other forebears @ Vail)



  • Alumnus Drennan Greene performed well at a different camp basic training today. They push new cadets FAR beyond what they think their limitations are. Landon prepared him well. Up at 3:45a to ruck (80 lbs. on back) 5-6 miles — then they start their day with about 4 minutes to eat each meal.  He has been in the field overnight, mastered an M16 at the range and is now ready for classes and Lacrosse practice in two weeks.If he could have shot this way at Bordley Stadium, he would have beaten Patrick Keena‘s (L’11 USNA ’16) points record.
  • 1DG







(PS Sells and Corcoran object to DG’s caliber of stick)

  • 2016 All-ACC Academic Men’s Lacrosse Team, rising junior faceoff specialist Jason Murphy (Landon School, Vienna, Va.) ranked No. 2 in the ACC and No. 9 nationally with a 63.4 percent faceoff win mark. He also added one goal and one assist to go with his 38 ground balls.


Likely there are MANY omissions, please, please send me (

For those who are any where contemporary of BSN, see you in September“.

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Much Abbreviated, but important information to be shared.

  • Alumnus honored by Middlebury
  • Current Bears recognized at Baccalaureate and Commencement


bear track

Middlebury College recently recognized eight seniors with the department’s annual Athletic Awards.


John P. Stabile Memorial Trophy
Awarded annually to the male athlete who best exemplifies the Middlebury Spirit —Max Greenwald (center) (Landon School) – Men’s Hockey1MG

bear logo

School Honors

(Apologies for the less than complete list; some of those handing out the awards spoke faster than the ability to record them; SORRY)



  • English-
    • Foster essay Henry Smith,
    • Justin Connor
    • Most Improved Writer -Matthew Keegan
  • History- Am Government- Kyle Grafmeyer,
  • History Outstanding Achievement- Nic Blasey
  • Math– Josh Engel
  • Performing Arts-
    • Singing Ericksen Johansen;
    • Ourisman award Ericksen Johansen;
    • Handbell Grant Hani,
    • Music Josh Engel
    • Strings Josh Hunter;
    • Band-Henry Smith,
  • Science
    •  Overall– Josh Engel
    • Physics- Zach Weiner,
  • Studio Arts- Brian Merkel,
  • World languages-
    • Spanish Grant Hani,
    • Latin Tommy Mottur,
    • Chinese Isher Gill,
  • Academic national and state
    • Presidential-
      • Josh Engel
      • Grant Hani
      • Brian Jordan
      • Zach Wiener
    • Aiken Award –
      • Josh Hunter
      • John Walker-Turner
    • Maguire Ethics-Jack Concannon



  • Valedictorian — Josh Engel
  • The William Harrison Triplett—Mark Ebo
  • The Carroll Mercer Marbury Award Logan Giles
  • The Upper School Headmaster’s Award—Josh Hunter


WaPo All Met Awards


All Met Lax
Griffin Brown      1st team M
Justin Shockey   HM F/O
Joey Epstein      HM A

All Met Golf
John Kalavritinos
Evan Katz

All Met Baseball
Randy Bednar    HM P

All Met Tennis
Sachin Das


Look for occasional random Bear Essentials during the Summer


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The Last BearLaxTraxFax for 2016, thanks John Nichols

Thanks John for all the hard work that you do putting together this tremendous addition to BearSportsNews1jn

BLTF 053116


Navy (Patrick Keena) 10

Brown 11

Navy’s upset win over Yale earned them the right to face the high-powered Brown Bears in the quarterfinals.  To make the task more daunting for the Middies, the game was played on Brown’s home field.  While Brown’s top attack, Dylan Molloy, was sidelined with a foot injury, Brown had the balance of their potent attack and top-rated FOGO and goalie.  Navy scored first, but three straight by Brown over the next 7 minutes gave the Bears a lead they would not surrender.  Patrick’s lone goal pulled Navy within one at 10-9.  Navy’s next to last goal of the day proved to be the final goal of Patrick’s collegiate lacrosse career.  John Connor’s, Navy’s outstanding goalie, put on a show, making 21 saves on the day, stealing the spotlight from the All-American at the other end of the field.  The Middies’ heroic efforts came up short in the end, but the game was one of the most thrilling of the tournament (maybe with the exception of the Finals).  Navy’s loss marks the end of 2016 D-I lacrosse season for all Landon Alums.

Congratulations to Patrick on his graduation and commissioning.






Tufts (Luke Kurtz) has made it to the quarter finals of the D-III tournament.  The Jumbos picked up two wins to move on to the D-III quarterfinals, downing Emmanuel 25-6 and Cortland State 19-6.  Ithaca was next up for the Jumbos.  The Bombers came into the game with what appeared to be a high-powered offense that was the equal of the Jumbos, but Tufts prevailed in 20 of 29 faceoffs, denying Ithaca offense the opportunity to score.  Tufts moved on with a 19-7 win.

Tufts then face St. Lawrence in the semi-finals and Jumbo’s offense roared again, posting a 23-12 win to move on to the championship game.

Tufts came to the D-III championship game as the two-time defending champion and faced another traditional D-III power-The Salisbury Seagulls.  Salisbury put together a run of 8 unanswered goals covering all of the second period and into the third period to seemingly blow the game open.  Tufts answered with their own fusillade, scoring the next 7 straight to pull within one with early in the fourth.




Occasionally during the summer, BearEssentials will be published. ANYONE WITH SUGGESTIONS FOR BEARS OF THE PAST, PLEASE EMAIL @


There likely will be a graduation edition.



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BearSportsNews—Sunday Edition 05/29/16


Current Bears


  • Middle School Track earns its 7th consecutive IAC crown

Bear Trax

  • Luke Kurtz and the Tufts Jumbos lost to Salisbury (Brian Menendez ’16) for the NCAA Div. III lax Championship

Two recent contacts about Alumni who no longer play college sports, but merit remembrances precipitated a new, occasional feature—BEAR ESSENTIALS

Bear Essentials

  • As UNC lacrosse team prepares for its 1st NCAA Championship Game since 1991, it’s appropriate to review the Bear Essentials of the play of Stephen Muir (’88) that game
  • On the 40th Anniversary of his doubles win at Roland Garros, it’s appropriate to review the Bear Essentials of Fred McNair (‘69), also a Tar Heel, 1st Grand Slam win.

Current Bears

bear logo

Middle School Track

Coach Hunt’s MS Track team earns its 7th consecutive IAC crown









bear trackWith the Luke’s loss today (he gets an award for the latest Bear playing), the next news will be in the fall.

If anyone hears of some achievement over the summer, golf or anything else, please let me know .






STEPHEN MUIR, ’88, was a three sport athlete at Landon (football, basketball and lacrosse) and went to Chapel Hill to play lacrosse.


At UNC he was on the undefeated 16-0 team which beat Loyola (11-9),  Syracuse (19-13) and finally Towson [State, an appendage since dropped] (18-13) in the Carrier Dome. Leif Elsmo, then a CBS lax analyst, described the victors as “the most talented team yet assembled” with three All Americans and 1 HoF player.  A video of the 1991 game is linked here.

1991(somewhere in there is Steve)

Stephen passed recently, but his spirit has been detected during UNC’s current run to the NCAA Championship games. The good news is that there is already a young Bear named Muir.


FREDERICK V. McNAIR IV ’69 was honored at the French Open for his 1976 doubles championship at Roland-Garros.


Fred was the 1969 USTA Scholastics Singles Champion while a Bear and played for 6 (that’s right, he played as a 1st Former) years on IAC Championship teams.

Prior to turning professional, McNair played tennis for the University of North Carolina, where he was a four-time All-American and an NCAA doubles finalist in 1973.


As a professional he won the German Open and the Masters. McNair was also a mixed doubles runner-up at the French Open in 1981, partnering Betty Stöve. In 1978, he was a member of the US team that won the Davis Cup. In nine years on the professional tour, McNair won 16 doubles titles. His career-high singles ranking was World No. 67.


This year Roland-Garros honored Frederick McNair on the 40th anniversary of his 1976 men’s doubles victory in Paris. On 11 June 1976, it was no mean feat when McNair and Steward shocked Brian Gottfried and Raul Ramirez, the favorites to win – with relative ease (7-6, 6-3, 6-1). More recently, Fred won USTA championship titles for the over-35s in 1989 and the over-40s in 1995.


He and his brothers have contributed a number of McNair Bears to Landon.

All suggestions for future Bear Essentials would be GREATLY appreciated. Landon has a lot of interesting sports figures.


Go Bears!!!


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End of Season Awards and Accomplishments for Landon Lacrosse

bearclanlaxcolorAwards and numbers really reflect the years of hard work of the recipients plus the support which they get from all their teammates, coaches, parents and Bear Brothers who cheer them on.

Go Bears!!!

2016 Landon Lacrosse Awards

1 The Steve Muir Most Valuable Player Award

Griffin Brown

2 Offensive Player of the Year

Drennan Greene

3 Defensive Player of the Year

Justin Conner

4 The George Boiardi Award

Tyler McTague

For Tenacity, Dedication, & Enthusiasm

5 The Jack Crawford Award

Andrew Whicker

For Unselfishness, Hard Work, & Commitment


All IAC Awards

  • Joey Epstein,
  • Andrew Fowler
  • Justin Shockey
  • Griffin Brown

2017  Team Captains

  • Andrew Fowler
  • Ryan Pride
  • Justin Shockey

(plus sometimes a 4th player is asked to assume a leadership position based on summer efforts)


Names                        goals         assists     points

Joey Epstein             43               24              67


Griffin Brown          41                23              64


Drennan Greene      44              15               59


Ryan Pride                 15                19              34


John Geppert            15                16               31


Zack Johnson           19                 9                28


Colin O’Brien            14                 11                25


Nate Buller                 9                   11               20


Justin Shockey         11                   5               16



Bordley 622-113

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BearSportsNews—Sunday Edition 05/22/16










Current Bears


  • Baseball wins IAC Championship game
  • Golf completes 10-0 season
  • Rugby wins Division Championship Game
  • Lacrosse lost to SSSA in IAC semifinal

Bear Trax

  • All but Bear lacrosse and track alumni have ended their seasons.


 bear logo


The 13-6 team (9-4 in IAC) beat GP 4-1 in 8 innings and beat Bullis in the IAC finals.

Landon rallies late, then holds off Bullis for IAC baseball title (WaPo coverage; it’s good)

and we win! 016-X2



Coach Duquette:

The Landon Golf Team won its second consecutive Washington Metropolitan Golf Championship led by John Kalavritinos’s 3 under par 69 on the rain soaked  P.B. Dye Golf Course. Jeff Samit’s even par 72, West Shaw’s 75, Evan Katz’s 78 and Cole Gibson’s 79,  score of 373 enabled Landon to edge Georgetown Prep 375 by 2 shots and Gonzaga’s 375 by 3 shots. It was a great team effort beating two outstanding teams.

Landon was down by 6 strokes after nine and came roaring back to win the title. It was fitting that a giant rainbow appeared in the sky as we were heading home from the match. I am so proud of the team, Great Season!

With his 69 today, John Kalavritinos tied the school record for lowest scoring average of a 72.8, tied with Morgan Egloff 2015

John Kalavritinos leads Landon to Metros golf title





The season with a loss to SSSA 8-12, but a 17-4 season record exhibits heavy doses of teamwork, talent and coaching PLUS along the way, the Bears beat these teams (rankings per

Maryland MPSSA                                             rating         record
Ranked by LP-4     Churchill                               96.90         16- 2
#1 in Montgomery North

#1 Calverton

Maryland MILL/MAC/WCAC/Indep
Ranked by LP-3     Calverton                                  94.04         13- 6


#1 John Carroll                                                               97.54           19-6

North Carolina
Ranked by LP-1     Cardinal Gibbons                     98.26         18- 3

New Jersey

Ranked by LP-24   Lawrenceville                            98.32         14- 9
Ranked by LP-25   St Augustine Prep                    98.32         10- 7

Ranked by LP-3      McCallie School                     92.67         10- 6


Ranked by LP-8      Robinson                                   96.58         15- 2





In the MVARC DII finals the Bears completed an undefeated season and won the Division Championship against Bell Multicultural High School 19–5.






bear track


Track Trax Deion Wellington, Coastal Carolina team— NCAA East Regionals May 26.  


In response to last week’s Sunday Edition, a reader commented that it was nice to have a report on other sports. The Goal of BSN is to cover as many of Landon’s teams. Time and a technical incompetence limit more stories about all of the Bear efforts.

The Fall season includes a number of teams, which logistics limits the BSN staff from covering. Anyone who is willing to send scores, short reports or full Sports Illustrated-worthy 1,000 word essays would be welcomes and posted– with or without attribution.


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Saints 12 Bears 8

Landon had a miserable 2nd quarter. Bad passes, unforced turnovers and ill-timed switches led to the visitors earning a 5 goal lead. A spirited 3rd period brought the margin down to -2 and a quick Bear goal to start the last segment made it 7-8. The Saints replied with goals towards the end to make the final score 8-12.

The distraught looks on the faces of the 10 seniors showed how much this loss, after so much work, hurt.

A good group of young men left Bordley Stadium this year and for some forever.

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BearSportsNews—Sunday{Tuesday} Edition 05/17/16 Plus BearLaxTraxFax

Current Bears

  • Baseball wins IAC quarters
  • Report on JV Baseball season
  • Golf completes 10-0 season
  • Lacrosse to play SSSA in IAC semifinal
    • Game to be live streamed by
  • Rugby makes it to Division Championship Game for 3rd year in a row
  • Tennis bows out to StA in semi-finals

Bear Trax

  • Vermont Coach Curtis moves to Westminster School college
  • BLTF by John Nichols included
  • Max Kra’s career as a Bison reliever
  • Deion Wellington places #2 in Big South 400m.


 bear logo



The 9-6 team (7-4 in IAC) beat Episcopal 5-3 in IAC quarterfinals.

JV Baseball

JV baseball wrapped up their regular season at 5-6-1, good for third place in the IAC.  They’ll next play Wednesday in the IAC JV playoffs, in the semi-final game, against St. Albans.

Highlights of the year include a sweep of St. Stephens/St. Agnes, a rout of the Heights and comeback wins over Bullis and Sidwell.

In the Heights game, sophomore pitcher Xander DeNovio shut the Heights down with 4 innings of 1-hit ball which included 11 strikeouts.  The Bears won 15-0.  He also got the win in the second St. Stephens game with another 4-inning masterpiece – no hits and 7 strikeouts – leading the Bears to a 4-0 victory.

In the Bullis game, the Bears prevailed 6-3 in an extended, 9-inning game.  Freshman pitcher Jake Davidson shut down the bulldogs over 6 innings of one-hit relief, featuring 7 strikeouts.  Freshman Jed Rosenberg singled to start the winning rally and scored what proved to be the winning run.

Against Sidwell, freshman Will Barufka had a walk-off single in the bottom of the 7th to cap a rally which at one point saw the Bears down by 4 runs. The Bears prevailed, 7-6.  Davidson was the winning pitcher in that game with 4 innings of relief. 

Barufka leads the team in RBIs and hits, freshman shortstop/third baseman Will O’Shea has the highest batting average.

Sophomore Ryan Fruehwirth picked up the win the second St. Stephens game, pitching 4 innings and yielding no earned runs.  O’Shea paced the Bears’ attack with 3 hits as the Bears won, 8-3.

The Bears have also been led by the catching and hitting of Kitt Dziak (’19), the pitching of Rosenberg, the speed and defense of outfielders Alan Kupka (’18), Max Peraza (’18) and Mikey Amsellem (’18), stalwart defense from first baseman Zach Werhan (’18) and timely contributions from Daraun Gray (’19), Beckett Norris (’18), Jelani Cross (’19), Cullen Stout (’17) and Zach Kokinos (’19).

The Bears were a bit depleted this week, losing DeNovio and Fruehwirth as call ups to the varsity and Davidson to the Australia exchange program, but the team has great confidence heading into the IAC playoffs, led by head coach Drescher and assistant coaches Miller, Wray and Johnson.



Had matches against St. Anselm’s, GP and Gonzaga; no results posted yet.




Coach Duquette:

Monday May 9, 2016

Columbia C.C. Par 35

Weather, Cloudy 59


Landon                    192

St. Mary’s Ryken 228


Congratulation on finishing the season 10-0, Undefeated, Well Done Landon Golfers



Samit                    35        Wow

Katz                       37        Great

Shaw                     37        Great

Gibson                 41

Poirier                  42

Team Total         192


St. Mary’s Ryken

Ashton                 40

O’Neil                   42

Schwartz              43

Joseph                  50

Thomas                53

Team Total         228


King                       36    Well Done Peter

Jarret                    41

Dye                        44





The 17-3 Bears beat previously undefeated Churchill 13-7 and EHS 11-2 earning a bye in the IAC tournament.  Wednesday’s home 4:30pm game against SSSA will be streamed live by Nick Rhoads’ CruitCast.

CruitCast will be providing our live-streaming video and live-updating statistics service to Landon through the rest of the IAC Tournament. The purpose of the company is to simplify recruiting for college coaches. Through our feed distant recruiting coaches can watch live from an elevated camera tower, get live statistics from the game and instant access to pertinent player recruiting information and start the recruiting process. We also allow parents, friends, family, and of course alumni to also access our feed for a small $5.00 fee which gives them all the same access as the college coaches plus a week long access to the video to watch after the fact.

Here is what our viewers will have access to…


To register and support simply visit and register as a “Viewer” and make the $5.00 payment to our Paypal.




In the MVARC DII finals (for the 3rd consecutive year), Landon Rugby lost to Bell Multicultural 13-20. “This was Landon’s third year in a row in the MAVRC DII championship game. At a school where lacrosse is the big draw, Landon manages to field a good team of tough athletes who play a disciplined and aggressive style of rugby especially in the backline.  Despite high turnover each graduation, Landon manages to field a competitive team every season.”


Lost 3-4 in the semi-finals to eventual champions StA


No recent results have been posted.




bear track

Ryan Curtis ’96 completes most successful season and opts for Prep School coaching







Two days after leading the University of Vermont men’s lacrosse team to its first America East title game in program history, coach Ryan Curtis is stepping down for family reasons, the school announced at a news conference Monday afternoon.

Curtis, who led the Catamounts for 10 seasons, has accepted a teaching and coaching position at Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut.

“I was given an opportunity to spend more time with my family, which was important to me,” said Curtis, who is married with two children. “As hard of a decision as it was, it was the right decision. My 10 years here have been great.”

UVM is fresh off its best season under Curtis. The Catamounts (9-8 overall, 4-2 in league play) won their first America East tournament game, beating Stony Brook in the semifinals on Thursday, before losing 17-16 to Hartford in the championship game on Saturday morning in Albany, New York.

“I think the time is right. I think we are leaving the program in a very good place, the foundation is very strong. The future is very bright,” Curtis said.

The offer from Westminster materialized recently, Curtis said.

“I wasn’t looking to leave, I wasn’t out looking for jobs,” Curtis said. “An opportunity kind of came up out of the blue. A better opportunity for my family.”

Athletic director Bob Corran, who is retiring at the end of this school year, said Curtis will be a hard to replace.

“I have a great deal of respect that he has come to this decision for the reasons that he did,” Corran said. “But still disappointed for us because we are losing a good person, losing a great coach.

“It’s really been very gratifying for me to see the progress that he has made, particularly over the last two, three years. This is a tough farewell.”

Hired in September 2006, Curtis compiled a 48-101 overall record, which included 16-36 against league foes. But Curtis’ Catamounts went 4-2 in league in each of the past two seasons, making the conference tournament both times, a program first.

“I feel like I have done my job. I think I was hired to try and build this program back up and I think we are in a great spot,” said Curtis, the 2015 league coach of the year. “I think we are going to be better next year.”

Ian MacKay (league offensive player of the year), Cam Milligan (all-league second team), Jack Knight (all-rookie) and Dawes Milchling (all-rookie) are among the players returning next year.

“I told the guys, when I met with them, I will be happier than anyone else when they win the conference next year,” Curtis said. “I think they can do it and I think all the pieces are there and, more important, the culture is there.”

Curtis, who signed an extension in June 2014, leaves with two years left on his contract. His salary for the 2015-16 school year was $83,315, according to UVM records.

UVM said it plans to begin a nationwide search immediately for Curtis’ replacement.

This story was originally published on May 9, 2016. Contact Alex Abrami at 660-1848 or Follow him on Twitter at



BLTF 051516

NCAA Tournament

Round 1—the 4 teams with the lowest RPIs faced off with the winners moving on to meet the #1 (Maryland) and #2 (Denver) seeds

Hobart (Koko Avedisian, Riley McTague) 5

Towson 18

Hobart earned a spot in the tournament by upsetting the #1 and #2 seeds in the Northeast Conference.  Their luck ran out against Towson, though.  The Tigers, winners of the Colonial Athletic Association regular season and tournament, were reportedly miffed at having to play into the quarter finals and took it out on the Statesmen and appear to have taken it out on Hobart.

Towson proved its metal by upsetting defending champion Denver

Johns Hopkins (Sam Lynch) 8

Brown 17

Hopkins has had questions on defense this year and the power of Brown’s offense was unquestionable.  Brown shut out Hopkins in the first quarter and led 6-2 at half time.  The Bears blew the game open in the third quarter, outscoring the Blue Jays 8-1 to take a commanding 14-3 lead.  If Hopkins had managed to win this game, it would have set up a Bears vs. Bear game in the quarterfinals next weekend because…

Navy (Patrick Keena) 13

Yale 10

40.1The Captain breaks a Yale defenseman’s ankles with his patented move.






Navy was, by many accounts, a surprise at large selection, but they proved themselves worthy, downing the Yale Bulldogs, champions of the Ivy League tournament and a team which had been ranked #1 in country this year.  Patrick captained the offense dishing out 4 assists and scoring 2 goals.  Yale jumped out to a 3-1 lead, but the Middies rallied back with Patrick’s first goal tying the score at 4.  He then recorded an assist on the goal that tied the game at 6 and his next two assists helped Navy build a two goal lead in the third quarter—the lead that they would never surrender.  Patrick’s 6 points have him now tied for 24th for all time points at Navy.

The win extends the season for Patrick and the Middies with the high-scoring Brown Bears on the horizon.



Tufts (Luke Kurtz) has made it to the quarter finals of the D-III tournament.  The Jumbos picked up two wins to move on to the D-III quarterfinals, downing Emmanuel 25-6 and Cortland State 19-6.  Ithaca is next up for the Jumbos.



Diamond Trax Max Kra (2012), Bucknell Bisons, reliever, 18-34 (8-12 Patriot) lost 2 out of 3 in the Patriot League semi-finals against Navy. Max’s career included 101 innings pitched 58 appearances (4 starts) and a 7-7 record over his four years. During his freshman year , he was the Bisons’ most consistent relief pitcher … ranked second in Patriot League in games finished (15) … led team with two saves (vs. Harvard, at Lehigh) … led Bison with a 3.52 ERA. Max was recognized on the member of Patriot League Academic Honor Roll.

Sean P. O’Brien (2014), Macalester College pitcher. The Bear is 0-1 in 6 appearances.  Team record for season is 17-18.

Spencer Abraham (2015), Claremont McKenna College Stags, 11-26; in five plate appearances, Spencer is hitting .200 (1 hit 5AB’s).

Andrew Kvasnicka, (2015) , Swarthmore College,22-17 -1The rookie  has appeared in 15 games (started 1)  for the Garnet with a hit, 2 runs, 4 walks and an RBI plus he drew 3 walks. Andrew also pitched a complete inning

Garrett Zoukis, (2015), University of Cincinnati, the Bearcats are 23-27. Garrett was started one and played in two games.


Track Trax

Deion Wellington, Coastal Carolina team—team placed 2nd at the Big South Tournament. Deion Wellington (47.54)  finished 2nd in the men’s 400m dash.

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