• Wrestling loses a close one to GP and then wins a triangle meet it hosted

o   Brendon Gallagher reaches victory #100

  • Hockey and Hoops hit ice patches
  • Randy Bednar gets strong baseball review
  • Coach Bordley is featured speaker at US Lacrosse’s Convention
  • Sam Anas scores thrilling game tying goal with 0:05 remaining











 Winter Sports

·        Basketball  (6-10) lost to Bullis 49-58 with Julian Larosiliere 11 points against Prep (37-50) Antonio Cockrell’s 14 pts led the Bears. Against Sidwell Friends (54-66) Donnell Frayer hit three 2’s, three 3’s and 2 FTs.

It was an exciting atmosphere in the Perkins gym tonight.  Thank you for those who came to watch.


Eli Harrison ’20 had a superb and moving trumpet performance of the national anthem to set an inspiring tone for this meet












The Bears wrestled well and the young team made a statement that we are here to stay.  Unfortunately, the team loss came down to a coin flip.  In an exciting match back and forth match, we lost 40-36.  Here is the play by play.

o   We lost the coin toss and had to present at 145 lbs.  We bumped Shoun Shi up to 145 to face Prep’s returning state champ.

o    At 152 & 160, Captains Brendon Gallagher and Mitchell Pan both pinned their opponents quickly to put the Bears ahead 12-6.

o   At 170, Jelani Machen faced their second best wrestler and lost a tough battle 4-0, making the score 12-9.

o   We now entered the toughest part of their line-up.  We got pinned at 182, 220, and 285, but Carter Johnson got a pin at 195 to help keep us in the match.  After the big boys were done, the score was 27-18… Prep.

o   At 106, Patrick Kielb did his job with a pin to bring us back closer 27-24 Prep.

o    At 113, Thomas Johnson saved us a team point by not getting pinned… making the score 32-24.  Here is where the coin flip got us again…

o   We had to present at 120 so we put Freshman sensation Lorenzo Lopez on the mat.  Prep was supposed to forfeit at 132, but they decided to forfeit to Lorenzo and bump their two wrestlers up to fill the forfeit.  This essentially won them the match.  Lorenzo earned his 6 to make the match 32-30 Prep.

o   Matt Amitay fought a tough battle and almost spoiled Prep’s plan, but lost 7-4.

o    At 132, Luc Schermer saved us another team point by not getting pinned, but it was too little too late.  The victory sealed the win for Prep.  The score was 40-30 going into the last match.

o    Freshman Marc Schermer ended the match on a positive note with a pin and the final score was 40-36.

We still have a chance to split the title if we can bounce back and beat the rest of the IAC teams and win the IAC tournament in two weeks at Landon.  The good news for the future is that Prep graduates 7 of their top wrestlers.


Another good day for the Bears!  Of the 42 varsity matches for the day, Landon lost only 4 varsity matches.  In our first match, we shut out IAC rival St. Stephens St. Agnes 71-0.  I think this is the first shut out of an IAC team since I have been a coach at Landon (22 years).  While they did have 5 forfeits, Lorenzo Lopez beat a returning IAC champ 9-1, and Mitchell Pan beat a solid Senior 8-2.  The match started at 285 where Terrance Bridgers won a major decision 13-2.  Others wins included decision by Matt Amitay (9-3) and Shoun Shi (6-4), and pins by Luc Schermer, Brendon Gallagher, Jerrold Johnson, and Jelani Machen.

In our second match, we beat St. James 57-18.  We had pins by Patrick Kielb, Lorenzo Lopez, Matt Amitay, Luc Schermer, Brendon Gallagher, and Mitchell PanTerrance Bridgers won a close one by the score of 5-3.  We also earned three forfeits: Thomas Johnson, T Halm and Carter Johnson. 

In our last match, Washington Latin only had 4 weights covered.  Matt Amitay, Luc Schermer, Marc Shermer, and Brendon Gallagher all earned pins for a total time on the mat of 2 minutes and 58 seconds.  The final score was 84-0.

Other notes: Jake Kowitz won two exhibition matches. The biggest news of the afternoon was Brendon Gallagher earned his 100th career victory.  The record, held by Mike Kelly ’08, is 117.  Brendon has the potential to break that record by the end of his Junior year!  Please check out the picture of this amazing moment.

 Brendon Gallagher won his 💯th High School win!












⇒   Editorial Comment

The Prep match and Brendon’s reaching of the century mark as a junior were reminders of the amount of effort and skill that these athletes and their coaches devote to this sport. The intensity of the matches is exceptional; no other sport has the degree of individual fierce competition against an opponent. The mental concentration, physical exertion and battle of strength is compelling. Position, balance, speed and an instinctive sensing of the opponent’s (and your) weakness make it dramatic sport. These Bears and their coaches merit the attendance of their brothers and alumni. It is exciting and fascinating to watch. Coach Katz and his fellow teachers/ coaches/ mentors are building a program of excellence










Randy Bednar (Landon School, Bethesda, Md.) stood out for his excellent bat speed and loose wrists at last summer’s East Coast Pro Showcase, but he had difficulty using his tools. Bednar threw well from the outfield and ran the 60-yard dash in 6.9 seconds.

At the time, Bednar’s swing featured a deep leg kick and an explosive stride out toward the pitcher, and he’d lose balance on his back side early. Bednar also started with a high-and-deep hand set, and he had trouble repeating his bat path as he lost balance and swung aggressively. Bednar went 0-for-9 at East Coast Pro, striking out six times (five times swinging). Of the four balls he put in play, three were on the ground.

Several weeks later, at the South Atlantic Border Battle in late September, Bednar’s tools were again on display. He showed pull power potential in batting practice and a tick above-average outfield arm. In his first game of the event, he still went 0-for-2, striking out once swinging and once looking.

A month after that, Bednar was playing for Team Citius in the WWBA Championships in Jupiter, Fla. Bednar performed well there, going 4-for-9 in the tournament. He held his own against Evoshield Canes pitcher Hagen Danner, hitting a sharp flyout and then tripling.

On Monday, Bednar showed off a new-look swing. He’s toned down the leg kick in his swing and tucked his hands a bit closer to his chest. In batting practice, his head stayed on plane as he maintained better balance, and he was able to avoid pulling off with his front side. Bednar again showed solid-average arm speed when throwing and ran well, this time running a 6.8 60.

Bednar, a Maryland commit, has an offense-dependent profile, as he’s likely to end up playing a corner outfield position at the next level. His natural bat speed and surprising power potential will likely always be his best assets. His adjustments are encouraging.





This could easily be included in Bear Trax since it involves Coach Bordley ‘66. He was invited to speak at #LaxCom, the US Lacrosse’s annual Convention devoted to education, development and promotion of the sport. It is the single largest event devoted to these subjects. After 35 years of growing Landon’s team and stimulating the high standards of HS lax play in the DMV.














He spoke during the afternoon session assisted by Ian Healy ‘00, Will McGettigan, Conor Cassidy’06 and JR Bordley ’00 of the current staff.















Sam Anas (L11), Iowa Wild (18-19-4-1), AHL, played in 36 games, 7G 6A. In a recent game with seconds from a defeat, Sam scored with his parents in the stands.














Patrick Giles (L18), US Men’s National Development team (13-17-0-1) 35 games 5G. 20A



Christian Meike (L 14), Michigan Wolverines, (8-10-1), D, in three games.

Connor Meike (L12) , Williams College Ephmen, (8-5-3), 1 GP

Jack Barton (L14), Skidmore Thoroughbreds (7-10-2) played in 17 games, 3 goals, 2 assists

Chris Javens (L13), Skidmore Thoroughbreds (7-10-2), played in 16 games, 0 Goals, 1 Assist 8 SOG, 1 BLK,



Alex Norwinski (L15), College Station Spirit (4-20-1-1) NA3HL, Defenseman played in all 26 games, 1 Goal, 5 assist,

Trevor Wolf (L15), College Station Spirit (4-20-1-1), Defenseman, 13 games played 2G 2A,


College Club

Orlando Arevalo (L13), MIT Engineers Club

Mike Anderson, (L12) Princeton Club

Jacob Ruttenberg (L’15), Tufts Club

Aditya Krishnan (L’16), University of Maryland club




Aaron Byrd (L15) Augusta Jaguars (15-3) averaging 18.2 minutes which is the 6th highest on the team, only the starters have more minutes.


Christian Webster (L09) Va Tech Hokies (14-4),


Assistant Coach Joe McDonald (L12) GWU Colonials, (10-9) Director of Player Development.



Darion Atkins (L11) Hapoel Unet Holon (12-7); 19 GP 29.8 minutes,#1 in game efficiency, 15.1 pts [#9 in League], 9.5 reb [#1 in league], 0.6 stl, 0.8 assists


Danny Rubin (L10), Bnei Herzliya (5-3) 28 GP, 15.6 min.  4.8 pts, 1.9 reb., 0.9 assist, 0.8 steals


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Landon Hockey 2 Gonzaga 5

The Bear hockey team leadership changed their brothers’ approach to this game. Little things like changing the warm up music and the actual drills which they use to get ready for the game. Over the past few games early goals were relinquished, but on Inaugural Day, Landon was not flat in the 1st period. The #2 Purple Eagles (17-4) were held scoreless for 13:21 of the 1st period. The home team faced a Gonzaga PP and in particular, Chris Morris (as well as much of the game) and his EMD teammates blanked them for the two minutes. Ty Morton was a stonewall then and throughout the game (Saves by periods- 12/9/6=27).

As the period ended, a turnover by Landon resulted in a breakaway and a goal at 1:39. Another one-on-none opportunity was converted by a Purple Eagle at 16:25 of the 2nd period.

Landon scored @13:09 on a powerplay with a sweet assist from Nico Kenary to Spencer Davis who buried it.

The next two tallies were by the team from 1st Street, one of which was a PP goal.

Landon scored to make it 2-4 @8:50 when Drew Wellington fed a opening pass to the Argentinian Assassin Nico who swooped in on a breakaway reminiscent of one of his sophomore goals

As the game clock was coming to the end of the game, a Purple Eagle scored at 0:21.2

Landon put 29 SoGs

The Bears played very solid hockey for much of the 51 minutes. Gonzaga played with the intensity of a 1-8 loss the last time that they played Landon plus with the recollection that four out of the last six years, their opponents have won the MAPHL crown. Clearly the Purple Eagles were a better day on Friday, but this young Bear team learned more about themselves. Coaches Farnstrom and Weiss have months to help build on this lesson.


Beat St. John’s Wednesday January 25 at 4:20 @ Bear’s Den

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Landon. Hockey 2 Gonzaga 5

A late Purple Eagle goal belied how well the Bears skated. The visitors were fired up , having lost the MAPHL crown four of the last six years to Landon.

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Landon Hockey 2 Gonzaga 5

The Bears played hard all 3 periods. Landon fans werevoviferous The Purple Eagles

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Landon Hockey 5 SSSA 7

Down 0-3, the Bears brought it back to 3-4 score. Then, after all that effort, the home team gave up 2 quick goals (3-6) but fought back to a 5-6 margin. SSSA scored an EN goal for the final tally.

The Saints have the best opposing goalie Landon has faced in two years and the Alexandria team has added some offensive power.

Gonzaga on Friday @ home at 4:30.

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Brown Bear Walking in Snow ca. 2001














  • Big quadruple win for the Bear matmen (including thriller over the Purple Eagles)
  • Hoops had two tough losses
  • Hockey had a 10 goal win and then a loss to GP L
  • Darion Atkins leads Israeli Winter League in Rebounds and is #10 in scoring
  • Sam Anas gets a GWG for Iowa Wild
  • Aaron Byrd works his way up to Augusta’s 6th man




















 Winter Sports

·        Basketball  (6-7) lost to EHS 43-79 with Antonio Cockrell’s 11 pts and Donnell Frayer’s 10.   Against Takoma Academy the Bears lost 49-71 and Donnell put up 18, Antonio 14 and Julian Larosiliere a season personal best of 11. Bullis (H) and Prep (A) up this short week

  • Ice Hockey (6-5-1)The Bears beat Good Counsel (10-0) and then lost to Prep (2-4)[scores are linked to full stories.]
  • Indoor Track and Field:Maroon & Black Relays Episcopal High School- a small Bear contingent ran in a large meet at Alexandria; finishers

o   High Jump 3rd Michael Branche 5-00:00

o   55m dash   5th Jacob Solomon 6.90

o   200x200x400x800m relay 6th Landon (?) 4:27.33a


  • Swimming and Diving –No results but if you’re interested you can watch Georgetown Prep’s home swim meet, a double dual-meet vs. Landon and DeMatha on Jan. 14, 2017, will be broadcast live at DMVSTREAM.COM and the DMVSTREAM.COM Facebook Page
  • Wrestling from Coach Katz –


o   Landon 61  St. Vincent Pallotti 18

o   Landon 37  Gonzaga 34

o   Landon 55 Woodberry Forrest 19


The Landon wrestling team had a good night last night in the Perkins gymnasium. We hosted a quad with Pallotti, Woodberry, and Gonzaga.

In the first round, the match started at 195.  The Bears jumped ahead by winning the first 8 matches. Carter Johnson, Thomas Johnson, & Patrick Townsend all received forfeits, while Thomas Halm, Terrance Bridgers, Patrick Kielb, and Luc Schermer all pinned their opponents.  Lorenzo Lopez wrestled a tough Senior, but managed to handle him by a score of 7-4.  The Bears sealed the victory with pins by Brendon Gallagher and Mitchell Pan, and a major decision by Jelani Machen.

The highlight of the night was a victory over Gonzaga in the second round. We have not beaten Gonzaga for several years.  The drama was high, but the Bears again came out on top.  It was a team effort that brought us the win.  It started at 220 lbs.  We bumped our 195 lb wrestler, Carter Johnson, up a weight, and he got the job done with a pin in the third period.  The match continued to go back and forth.  Gonzaga bounced back with a major decision at 285, Patrick Kielb (106) received a forfeit, Gonzaga (113) earned a pin, and Lorenzo Lopez (120) earned a major decision (15-2).  Freshman Matt Amitay had a significant pin at 126 to start opening up the lead (Team Score 22-10).

Then Gonzaga found a way to come back, the earned two pins in a row, even one when Shoun Shi was beating his guy 7-1 when he got caught on his back ( the beauty of high school wrestling).  The team score was now tied 22-22.  The match now depended on Captain Brendon GallagherGonzaga bumped their best wrestler (national place winner and Beast of the East place winner) to try and steal the victory from the Bears.  Brendon would not have it.  In a hard fought battle that went back forth, along with some questionable calls by the ref, Brendon won the match 12-8.

Next Mitchell Pan, stepped onto the mat and wrestled a tough opponent.  Near the end of the match, he had to take a time out because he was not feeling well.  In the end, he was able to hold on for the victory by decision putting Landon up by 6 points.  Gonzaga bounced back with a quick pin, and tied the score back up at 28.  Gonzaga has a forfeit at 195, so the match came down to Sophomore Jelani Machen (170).  All he needed to do was win and the Bears would seal the match.  Of course, he pulled through with an 8-3 decision.  Gonzaga came back with another pin at 182. But Nick Haller (195) received the forfeit for the team win.


In the last round, we wrestled a traditionally tough team in Woodberry.  The Bears were fired up and continued their streak.  We won 10 of the 14 weight classes.  We had pins by Patrick Kielb, Thomas Johnson, Brendon Gallagher, Mitchell Pan, and Jelani MachenLorenzo Lopez, Griffin Valentine and Nick Haller received forfeits.  Luc Schermer earned a major decision, and Matt Amitay earned a regular decision.

We have a busy week coming up with two home matches:

ð a dual on Thursday at 5 against Georgetown Prep, and a

ð quad on Saturday against St. Stephens St. Agnes, St. James, and Washington Latin.

Thank you to those faculty members that came out to help and watch the matches. The boys definitely appreciated the support and would love to see some new faces this week, especially the Prep match as the IAC title is on the line.















Sam Anas (L11), Iowa Wild (17-18-2-1), AHL, played in 30 games, 5G 6A, including a GWG against San Antonio




Patrick Giles (L18), US Men’s National Development team (13-17-0-1) 5G. 9A



Christian Meike, Michigan Wolverines, (8-10-1), D, in three games.

Connor Meike, Williams College Ephmen, (7-4-2), 1 GP

Jack Barton, Skidmore Thoroughbreds (7-7-2) played in 16 games, goal against Southern Maine (3-5)

Chris Javens, Skidmore Thoroughbreds (7-7-2), played in 10 games, 8 SOG, 1 BLK,



Alex Norwinski, College Station Spirit (4-19-1-1) NA3HL, Defenseman played in all 24 games, 1 Goal, 5 assist, next game 1/20/17

Trevor Wolf, College Station Spirit (4-19-1-1), Defenseman, 12 games played 2G 2A, next game 1/20/17


College Club

Orlando Arevalo, MIT Engineers Club

Mike Anderson, (L13) Princeton Club

Matt Coster, Cornell Hockey Club

Jacob Ruttenberg (’15), Tufts Club

Aditya Krishnan (’16), University of Maryland club




Aaron Byrd (L15) Augusta Jaguars (11-3) averaging 19.6 minutes which is the 6th highest on the team, only the starters have more minutes.


Christian Webster (L09) Va Tech Hokies (13-4),


Assistant Coach Joe McDonald (L12) GWU Colonials, (9-8) Director of Player Development.



Darion Atkins (L11) Hapoel Unet Holon (12-7); 19 GP 29.8 minutes, 15.0 pts [#10 in League], 9.5 reb [#1 in league], 0.6 stl, 0.8 assists


Danny Rubin (L10), Bnei Herzliya (5-3) 28 GP, 15.6 min.  4.8 pts, 1.9 reb., 0.9 assist, 0.8 steals


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GP 4 Landon Hockey 2

Last Friday Landon beat the DM Stags 3-2, but today it appeared that the Bears had

a case of paraskevidekatriaphobia, or maybe the Hockey Gods who smiled on the team

last Friday decided to reverse the team’s fortunes








or perhaps the confidant home team did not skate with the level of energy to beat a good GP team (5-6-1 with wins over Whitman and Wootton).

Finally, there is a term in aviation called “blue ice”; while the parallel in hockey is not precise, the blue ice around the Landon crease smelled

similarly to its airplane homonym.

The Little Hoyas started the game with tremendous energy and physicality. The effort converted into a 2-0 advantage at the end of the 1st period.

Both goals were on rebound and one benefitted from a GP power play. Ty Morton made 11 saves and Landon had 5 SoGs.

Landon started the second 15 minute segment with a lot more aggressive play, better passing and improved D. The result was a Cole Gibson

to Nico Kenary score @ 12:03. A scrum in the Landon crease allowed GP to put the puck past the Bears’ goalie, who was buried under at least

one opponent. Ty (17 saves over 23:00) was helped off the ice by Mike McCormick as a result of that contact. Max Weinstein came in and made

5 saves in the remainder of the period.  Landon had 11 SoGs for the middle stanza.

After the ice received a Zamboni resurfacing, the two teams came out to play. In the first 1/3 of the 3rd period, Landon narrowed the margin to one goal.

Owen Concannon fed Joey Graham for a Bear goal @ 10:21. Soon thereafter the Little Hoyas challenged the Freshman Goalie who flashed his glove

to deny the visitors’ high shot. Penalties were called frequently for much of the remainder of the game; the Hoyas, at every opportunity, threw the puck down

the length of the ice. Sometimes the tactic was called icing and a fresh set of GP skaters were brought on. Others were skillfully sent down the rink requiring

the Bears to work their way back up the 200’ to the GP goal.

Late in the game, Coach Farnstrom traded his goalie for a 6th skater. Unfortunately, Prep scored an EN at 0:58.

Max had 7 saves and his Bear O teammates put 10 SoGs.

This is a young Landon hockey team and it is said that losses create teaching opportunities.

Next week SSSA  (4-1-0) on Wednesday and #2 Gonzaga (12-5-0) on Inaugural Day (1/20) both games home

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GP 4 Landon Hockey 2

Bears got off to a bad start, got within 1 goal and gave up an EN goal.

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Landon Hockey 10 Good Counsel 0

It’s been a long, tough season for the Falcons (0-6-0), but the visitors played hard. Landon Freshman Goalie Max Weinstein pitched a shutout and his twin brother, Ethan, scored a goal. Sophomore Nicholas Khramtsov scored his first Landon goal. Defenders Jack Jarrett and Brendan McLenaghan played significant minutes in the blanking of the GC team.

In the 1st period, Landon put 22 Shots on Goal, but only one beat the Falcon’s netminder. That barrage and the pressing home team wore down the visitors. For that 17 minutes, the Bears had 18 SoGs and six of them were scores. One notable play bears mentioning—a GC player was sent to the penalty box. Owen Concannon won the face-off and directed the puck to Nico Kenary whose slap shot with 0:02 expired of the penalty.

There was a moment of levity with about 6 minutes remaining. A Bear slap shot did not make it past a GC defender. He fell to the ice in agony, moaning loudly. Mike McCormick, our very able trainer, moved from the bench to the site of the fallen Falcon. The boy became aware of the medical attention and explained to the crowd where he was hit. Suffice it to say that the appropriate music to accompany this situation would have been Tchaikovsky’s ballet, the Nutcracker’s Suite. The GC skater recovered and was able to play.

Coach Farnstrom gave some of his rested player more ice time in the 3rd period, but the ZERO remained on the visitors’ side of the scoreboard.


Goal by                   Assist(s)                                                 P/ time   even/PP

Owen Concannon D. Wellington, Nico Kenary 1/7:45             E

Hayes Cusick        Spencer Davis                             2/13:37           E

Nico Kenary           Owen                                            2/12:00           PP

Nico                        Ryan Giles, Cole Gibson           2/11:47           E

Drew Wellington         ————                              2/7:52            PP

Owen                      Chris Morris                                2/5:31            E

Ethan Weinstein   Spencer                           2/2:45                  E

Cole Gibson                Ryan                                         3/15:07                PP

Nicholas Khramtsov  Jake Davidson, Owen      3/12:04               E

Jake Davidson            Peter Gilbert                        3/2:34                  P


Bears total SOGs 53

Bears saves 14




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Landon Hockey 10 Good Counsel 0

From the Bears’ Den

Will fill in the details via blog written at home.

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