Partial Post Season Bear Lacrosse team honors and statistics for 2015 season


Coach Bordley and his staff selected these players for special recognition:

  • the Khari Baten Award for courage, dedication & enthusiasm:
  • the Jack Crawford Award for unselfishness, hard work & commitment:
  • the George Boiardi Award for tenacity, humility & citizenship
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Offensive Player of the Year
  • Most Valuable Player Award

Sometime soon All IAC, All Gazette, All Met and All American teams will be named.


During the season, individual statistics are not published for obvious reasons. Here are the 2015 records over the 22 games:


Player                          Goals               Assists             Total Points


Colton Rupp              49                    16                    65


Nate Buller                  39                    19                    58


Joey Epstein                30                    28                    58


Griffin Brown             23                    9                      32


Rob Adkins                 16                    12                    28


Drennan Greene          18                    2                      20


Ryan Pride                  8                      10                    18


Kennedy Dunn           15                    2                      17


Colin O’Brien             8                      5                      13


KoKo Avedisian         4                      7                      11


Luke Kurtz                  5                      5                      10


Thomas Halm              3                      2                      5


Will Powell                 3                      1                      4


Justin Shockey            1                      1                      2


Will Lincoln                2                      –                       2


Vinny Steis                 1                      1                      2


Chase Christensen       1                      1                      2


Brian Menendez          1                      –                       1


Joey Tabb                    1                      –                       1


Eriksen Johansen         1                      –                       1


Will Oliver                  1                      –                       1


Jarett Witzal                 1                      –                       1


John Geppert               –                       1                      1


Will Poston                 –                       1                      1


Sam Krauland             –                       1                      1





Team Statistics


Goals for: 234                                     Goals per game average: 10.63


Goals against: 123                               Goals against average: 5.59




Goalie Statistics


Sells = Save % = 63.67%                    Sells = Clearing % = 77.06%




Faceoff Statistics (not yet tabulated)


The best lesson learned from these numbers is that the 2016 team should have a lot of offense even with the graduation of the Class of 2015. Without statistics, it is hard to make a quantitative observation, but from a qualitative basis, the D will RELOAD.





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Bear Lax Trax Fax by John Nichols

BLTF 051715




Johns Hopkins (Sam Lynch ‘14) 16

Syracuse 15

The Johns Hopkins Blue Jay has transformed into a Phoenix in the post-season.  After losing to Ohio State on April 5, the Jays’ record stood at 4-6.  Since then, Hopkins has reeled off 8 straight wins and they are heading to lacrosse’s final four on Memorial Day weekend.  In their quarterfinal game against Syracuse they were down by one at halftime, but the Blue Jays outscored the Orange 5-1 in the third and had a seemingly comfortable 4 goal lead with a minute remaining in regulation.  Syracuse was able to score three goals in the span of 31 seconds to pull within one but we’re unable to regain possession until just 6 seconds remained.  Hopkins has posted two straight revenge wins over ACC teams and will now face Big Ten and in-state rival Maryland, a team they beat 15-12 in the regular season.  Maryland coasted by North Carolina 14-7.


In the other semi-final game, #1 seed Notre Dame will face #4 seed Denver.

final 4
















Ohio Wesleyan (Tommy Minkler ’11) 5

Gettysburg 9

The battle of the unbeatens in the D-III tournament saw the Gettysburg Bullets win and move on while the Battling Bishops of OWU saw their 2015 season come to an end with their first loss.  Gettysburg scored 5 straight goals in the first half and held on to win as the teams traded goals over the balance of the contest.

Gettysburg suffered the same fate in the D-III semis, falling to Lynchburg.  Lynchburg and Tufts will play for the D-III title this coming Sunday.

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BearSportsNews Sunday Edition 05/17/2015

Victory Bell 4

Current Bears ring the victory bell




  • Current Bears
    • Varsity baseball wins the IAC regular season, but loses in championship
    • Varsity Golf- already claimed IAC and there is a about a great article about senior and his work with the Coach. Metros on Monday
    • Varsity Lacrosse beats Bullis and then GP to secure sole IAC championship, their 30th title
    • Varsity Tennis claimed regular season IAC title
  • Alumni Bears
    • BLTF will be published soon
    • Alumni playing baseball, golf and tennis all have completed season.
    • Alumni track athletes have tournaments pending.


Varsity News


Varsity Baseball

Bears (8-2; 14-8) beat StA in an exciting 5-4 semifinal and then lost to GP in the finals. Won regular season.

Varsity Golf

The Landon Golf – there is a great story about senior and Loyola-bound Morgan Egloff and the coaching/mentoring by Coach Duquette.

Varsity Lacrosse

The Bears finished the season 20-2 and took home their 30th IAC title. They had to beat a Bullis team that was determined to win, but didn’t have enough to beat the Bears. Then, in a classic battle against Georgetown Prep, Landon won 14-9.









It is important to put this season in context. Coach Bordley’s team faced a VERY demanding national schedule. Of the teams that they played, six were league champions:

  • St. Mary’s (MIAA- A),
  • Gonzaga (WCAC),
  • Calverton (MILL),
  • John Carroll (MIAA-B),
  • Robinson (VA5),
  • Winston Churchill (MoCo 4A/3A South)
  • McCallie (TSLA and #1 in their region per

Plus Robinson and Churchill could win their state championships.

Finally Landon played against five teams which are listed in IL’s Top 25 (05/13/2015).


Alumni News

Bear Tennis Trax

Alex Reinke (2014), Southern Methodist University, the Mustangs are next up in the NCAA’s starting 5/8.No results posted.

Bear Track Trax Oliver Hightower (2014), Kenyon Lords.  Season completed.

Mac Hightower, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps’ Stags. C-M-S has the NCAA Div. III yet to come.

Deion Wellington, Coastal Carolina, has the NCAA’s later. 

Jordan Marshall (2014), Davidson Wildcats, has the NCAA’s later



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A fitting finish to the 2015 season was Saturday’s IAC championship game. From the beginning to the end, the Bears led and added a 20th win to this year’s record (the 3rd XX win record. Clearly, the Coaching Staff had scouted the Little Hoyas and the home team executed the plan with great precision, speed, passing and as always stout defense. The Class of 2015 and their teammates will hoist Landon’s 30th IAC lacrosse trophy.





The first three Landon goals were from the midfield and all three shots hit the same spot on the GP goals. Griffin Brown got it started with a right/left dodge, a shot and a goal @ 10:39. Justin Shockey won the face off clean, moved towards the goal and fired the Bears’ second goal @ 10:33. The third strike came on a fast break started and finished by Kennedy Dunn @ 9:00.

The Hoyas responded with an EMO goal which hit a corner of the goal at 3:30.


Kennedy responded with a goal in which he changed direction to hit the corner of the GP goal @ 6:00.


The Hoyas’ sharpshooter nailed a goal with an underhand shot at 3:31.


Louis Oliver, back from an injury, showed his shooting skill with a goal @ 1:38 assisted by a great pass from Colin O’Brien.

With 0:45 remaining in the quarter, the Hoya shooter had a brilliant goal.


Throughout the game and particularly in this period, the Landon Defenders (Messrs. Sells, Fowler (6 CTs, 8 GBs), Powell, Conner, Firstenberg, McKenzie, Padalino, and Evans PLUS all of the two way middies) dominated maintained their defensive structure, slid smartly, were energetic on ground balls, showed great stick work (intercepting passes, checking to knock down/ intercept passes and cause turnovers) and cleared efficiently.




The midfield continued its offensive strikes when@ 8:39 Rob Adkins beat his GP defender on a speed dodge to score the home team’s 6th goal.

The GP goalie tried to get his team going with an interception of a pass, but ended up out of the crease. Joey Epstein got the ball to Griffin @ 2:45 to add to the Bears’ margin.




Quick Bear scoring continued in the 3rd quarter as Colton Rupp showed the lower body power which he uses to such advantage in football (All IAC), hockey (All IAC) and lacrosse. He just beat his opponent enough to free his hands and scored @10:54.


Another EMO for the visitors and another goal at 10:36; again the shot was perfect.


Koko Avedisian, playing as a middie, showed his Attackman skills with two successive feeds. He found Griffin as he made a sharp cut to lose his GP D 7:46. Against a Hoya zone defense, quick, sharp ball movement opens up space. Here Koko passed the 8” sphere to Griffin who scored @ 4:37.

Prep’s young middie showed his ability with a goal at 4:27.


Kennedy once again smoked the GP middies with a run from outside the restraining line. He shot and scored @4:07.




The GP team sensed that they needed to pick up their game and during the last quarter they fired 10 shots at the Bear goal. They got on the scoreboard first with a goal at 7:30.


Little things are crucial in all sports and add up to victories. At this point in the game, the Hoyas were getting some momentum. The GP offense gained possession after their most recent goal. They took a shot which missed the goal. Drew Firstenberg was the closest to that errant GP shot when it passed the end line and thus the Bears were awarded possession to break a possible visitor score.


At the other end of the field, senior Colton made sure that his team maintained its goal margin. He took a jump shot @ 4:48.

Landon thwarted two GP EMO opportunities with a Hunter Sells save and a CT. The Hoyas scored at 3:32 and then at 0:35. When Landon won another face-off, the players went to a running with the ball to deny GP possession. Without a goalie in the crease and without anyone between him and the goal, Joey E netted the ball @0:04.8 . On the ensuing battle at X, Jarrett Witzal sprinted from his GP opponent, saw that there was an empty net and scored @0:01.9




Both teams played with effort, enthusiasm and lax smarts. The Bears were just a little better today.


This team from game one to their 20th victory has been an example of how Landon plays lacrosse well. Coach Bordley and his capable assistants have instilled the values of teamwork, effort, toughness, high lax IQ and sportsmanship. The juniors, sophomores and freshmen (a higher percentage of the roster than recent years if my memory (far too fallible these days) will return with these lessons learned. That’s a great advantage for the 2016 season.




The emphasis of this award is team work; so it’s only appropriate that one of the “That’s a Bear” Award go to the Class of 2015 members of this roster AND the Moms and Dads who have supported their Bears for all of the boys’ Landon Career—


2015 seniors and parents







In addition, individual efforts merit this award:


KENNEDY DUNN                 3Gs

GRIFFIN BROWN                 3Gs

ANDREW FOWLER             6CTs, 8 GBs


Kennedy after his first goal


Griffin on the loos


Andrew charging upfield after a CT!












CONGRATULATIONS TO St. MARYS (MIAA- A), GONZAGA (WCAC), Calverton (MILL), John Carroll (MIAA-B), Robinsin (VA5), Winston Churchill (MoCo 4A/3A South) McCallie (TSLA and #1 in their region per—all League Champions, too. Plus maybe Churchill and Robinson could win their state championships?

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Landon Lacrosse 8 Bullis 6

In 15 games this year, the Potomac Bulldogs have scored goals in at least double digits, except three games—a loss to Georgetown Prep and two losses to the Bears. One can attribute low scores to the superb Landon defense and goalie (holding the opponent to well below their average) , but it might also be attributable to the observation (ascribed to Matt Ward ’02 during an ESPN broadcast) “it’s hard to score when you do not have the ball”. Today the home team usually departed from the faceoff X with possession and were successful keeping it away from the Bulldogs. The offense was able to convert their opportunities to win the game, 8-6.


Landon was meticulous in its offensive possessions testing the Bullis zone D with sharp, quick passes intended to create space for shots. Such a pattern saw a hard feed from Joey Epstein to Koko Avedisian, who beat the Bullis goalie for a score @9:52.

Like other lacrosse games this season, much of the first dozen minutes were spent testing the opponents’ O and D systems. The Bullis clear had a lot of problems in this Q.



Justin Shockey started the next segment of the game with a clean faceoff with (for the game, the sophomore was 13/15 at the X). The white eight inch sphere moved quickly around the Bear O; the last pass was from Joey E to Rob Adkins who scored @11:15.

The visitors’ first score was attributable to a Bears broken clear which resulted in a goal at 10:34. A dodge by Colton Rupp set his hands free and he put in Landon’s goal #3 @9:18.

The Bulldogs showed great resilience with consecutive goals at 7:39 and then at 6:05, which tied the game.



To start the second half, Justin beat his opponent at the X and the ball got to Colton in 11 seconds for a score @ 11:49.

The visitors responded with two consecutive goals—one that tied the game at 7:55 and another at 7:17, an EMO goal at 7:17, to take the lead.

Landon was awarded an extra man opportunity and converted it. The pass sequence ended with a pass from Griffin Brown to Joey E @ 3:54.



The home team asserted control for most of the last dozen minutes. Nate Buller was able to get past his defender with a straight speed dodge for a goal @11:49.

The next Bear tally started deep in their defensive zone. Griffin beat his man to a loose ball, scooped it up, sprinted by the retaining line at the other end of the field and got the ball to the Landon point man. In hockey he would have been credited with the second assist. His pass caused Colton to go to his knees, but he exhibited both the athleticism and game sense by flicking the ball to Joey E, who lasered the ball into the Bullis goal @6:57.

The Bears completed their troika with another skill play. This time Colton feathered a pass to Griffin, who was in the midst of a number of Bulldogs. #11 caught the ball, took a step to create space and with a good deal of composure and talent, switched his stick to get a better angle AND buried it @ 4:41.

Landon controlled the ball for much of the remainder of the time. Once the ball entered the offensive zone, Bullis would drop back in a zone. The Bears would remain outside and force the visitors to come out to play man-to-man.

Bullis scored at 1:44. Winning at X again, a number of the home team players exhibited their speed, frequently beating double teams with deceptive running. The clock ran to 0:00.





JUSTIN SHOCKEY—13/15 at the X, 5/5 in the 4th Q, 7 GBs, two fast breaks from faceoffs that resulted in goals and 1 shot


JOEY EPSTEIN —- 2 Gs and 2 As plus a number of GBs






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Landon lacrosse 8 Bullis 6

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Bear Lax Trax Fax 051015—NCAA Tourney Update by John Nichols


Johns Hopkins (Sam Lynch ‘14) 19

Virginia (Michael Rhoads ’13, Jason Murphy ’13, Brandon Johnson ’14, Jack Falk ‘14) 7

Johns Hopkins continued their late season surge. A team that just a few weeks ago looked like it could easily be on the outside looking in at tournament time has now become a contender to be taken seriously. Jason was 5-for-12 on faceoffs, finishing the year with a win percentage just over 50%. Both Jason and Jack had single shots on goal in the game.


The Blue Jays will now face #2 seed Syracuse in the quarterfinals




Cornell (Will Joyce ’10, Marshall Peters ’13, Jack Bolen ‘14) 10

Albany 19

Albany and Cornell had met earlier in the season—in a snow storm in Dallas—and the Big Red crushed the Great Danes 16-9. Albany’s prolific offense turned the tables on Cornell in this rematch which included a goal scored by Albany’s goalie, Blaze Riorden scored after a save and one-man clear.


Marshall had 4 ground balls and a caused turnover for Cornell in the loss.


Albany will next face #1 seed Notre Dame.


Colgate (Robby Dunnigan ‘13) 12

North Carolina 19

Colgate led 4-3 at the end of the first period, but then North Carolina blizted them for 8 second quarter goals to take an 11-6 lead at the half. The Red Raiders were able to draw within 3 early in the fourth quarter, but UNC scored the game’s last 4 goals to advance.

UNC will face #6 seed Maryland in the quarterfinals next weekend

















Ohio Wesleyan (Tommy Minkler ’11) 14

Carthage 6

Tommy contributed one goal and two assists to help propel the Battling Bishops onward in the NCAA D-III tournament. Tommy also appeared to suffer and ankle injury late in the game which may have been the cause of him being sidelined for OWU’s next game.


Ohio Wesleyan (Tommy Minkler ’11) 12

Albion 11

OWU answered Albion’s 3-0 goal run at the start of the game with their own 7 goal run. Albion pulled back within 1 on three occasions and managed a tie at 11 with 3:44 left in the game. OWU got the game winner just inside 2 minutes remaining and were able to hold on to advance.


Ohio Wesleyan will next face Gettysburg on Wednesday, May 13. With both OWU (18-0) and Gettysburg (19-0) undefeated this season, one team will maintain its perfect record and proceed to the D-III Final Four while the other will suffer its first loss and have its season end.

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BearSportsNews Sunday Edition 05/10/2015

bear smile












Current and Past Bears head to tournament time

  • Current Bears
    • Varsity baseball splits with StA and enters IAC tournament in the #1 spot
    • Varsity Golf beat SSSA
    • Varsity Lacrosse beats EHS in double overtime and sits atop the IAC standings for the tournament
    • Varsity Hockey—a 2015 Bear will be playing in The North American 3 Hockey League (NA3HL) next year
  • Alumni Bears
    • Results in lacrosse, baseball, golf, tennis and track.


Varsity News


Varsity Baseball

Bears (8-2; 14-8) beat and then lost to the DC Bulldogs. Landon enters the IAC as the top team (WaPo)


Varsity Golf

The Landon Golf team beat SSSA 202-214 (, having already won the IAC.


Varsity Lacrosse

It took two days and two overtimes, but the Bears beat EHS 8-7 with this goal in the 2nd overtime. Here’s Justin Shockey assisting on Colton Rupp’s goal.





Varsity Hockey

Alex Norwinski (also a baseball player) will be playing junior hockey with the Sugarland Imperials in Sugarland, TX. Alex and Head Coach Jarrod Palmer signed the contract on Sunday. Alex leaves for TX in mid-August and has deferred college for a year or two.










Alumni News


From John Nichols– D-III Tournament UPDATE

Ohio Wesleyan advances with a relatively easy win (14-6 over Carthage). Tommy Minkler had a goal and two assists for the Battling Bishops. OWU (18-0) won the second round over Albion. The Bear is not listed as having played.

The big news, particularly for Tommy’s Mom, is that he was recognized as one of OWU’s top 50 student athletes by GPA.


 Bear Diamond Trax  

Jack Falvey (2011), Amherst, the Lord Jeffs are making a run in the NESCAC tournament with a 5-1 week.

Kyle Colgain (2011), Denison, season is complete. Kyle in 10 appearances posted a 1-1 record

Ian Kelso (2011) Washington University, The team went 3-0 since last Sunday. He pitched a scoreless inning. Number 28’s season is chronicled in the attached URL.









Jay Graham (2011) Dartmouth Big Green Infielder and reliever; the team is in the Ivy League Championship series, splitting with Columbia. The decisive 3rd game is being played at publication time

Max Kra (2012), Bucknell Bisons, reliever.  The Bison season is finished; Max had 9 appearances and a 1-2 record.

Sean P. O’Brien (2014), Macalester College pitcher. The team’s season is complete. Sean had 3 starts, 10 appearances and a 3-2 record

Bear Tennis Trax

Alex Reinke (2014), Southern Methodist University, the Mustangs are next up in the NCAA’s starting 5/8.No results posted.


Bear Golf Trax

Ralph Blasey (2014), Davidson golf season is complete.


Bear Track Trax 

Oliver Hightower (2014), Kenyon Lords.  The team has a meet next week.

Mac Hightower, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps’ Stags. C-M-S had a meet, but no results for Mac.

Deion Wellington, Coastal Carolina’s Chanticleer Classic cancelled, but more to come. 

Jordan Marshall (2014), Davidson Wildcats, the team off until 5/17.




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Landon Lacrosse 8 Episcopal HS 7 in Double Overtime

It took two days on the calendar, 44 minutes of playing time and a comeback from a five goal deficit for the Bears to beat the Maroon and secure the regular season IAC lacrosse title for 2015 with an 18-2 record. The ultimate differential was a series of big plays in which the Bears stepped up. It was a well-played game by both teams and one has to understand the disappointment of the EHS fans, who have lost 3 times in overtime. The Maroon is a better team than the record indicates.


The game started on Wednesday the 5th of May and Landon’s play for the first 21 minutes did not please Coach Bordley. The lightning that was to come from the clouds was foreshadowed by the EHS play and repeated three times later on the field; the last was a bolt from a Bear in OT 2.


Only 0:09 after the face-off, the home team scored on a fast break, point blank shot. As the only penalty of the game was being served by the Maroon, they notched a second goal, short-handed with 0:21 remaining in the period.




The bad news continued in the second period with goals at 8:31, 3:29 and 3:23. Down love-five, things looked bleak for the Bears. The last three minutes changed the momentum—Joey Epstein found Nate Buller, who blasted the Bears’ first goal @ 2:49. Soon thereafter, EHS possessed the ball in their own offensive zone, but it rolled into the Landon end of the field. Under the new “over-and-back” rules, Landon was awarded the ball. Joey grabbed the ball, sprinted down field and fed Nate for Landon’s 2nd goal. Momentum shift?




The second thunderbolt occurred after the third period face-off and this time the goal was tallied by EHS after 0:13 seconds of play.


It may have been the halftime coaching or the shock of the Maroon’s sixth goal, but the play of the Bears was electrified. A minute later Colton Rupp passed to Joey E for an awesome goal @10:37. Less than 30 seconds ran off the clock and another Bear goal was scored by Colton. Another minute and a half expired, then Nate fed Griffin Brown for another goal @ 8:30 remaining in this quarter.


As the teams realigned for a faceoff, the real lightning hit and then 10 minutes later another hit was noted. More hit and hit. None of the bolts were close to the field, but under strict IAC rules, the referees suspended the game about 6:30pm. A heavy rain and quickly diminishing light contributed to the decision to stop play with the score Maroon 6 Bears 5 with 8:30 remaining in the third period.


May 6th, 4:30pm – the game was initially delayed due to the uncertain weather conditions, but at about 5:15pm, picking up after the previous day’s Landon 5th goal.


The Maroon once again jumped off with a score, their 7th and final for the game at 6:00 of the third period.


Landon responded with two consecutive goals to tie the score for the first time in this game. First, Rob Adkins inverted and saw Nate open on the EHS’s goalie’s left. It is not clear whether the home goalie saw the ball as Nate’s shot hummed by him @ 5:19. To end this critical period @0:59 Nate showed his vision and threaded a pass to Colton who, to steal a trite, but apt hockey term, “put the biscuit in the basket”.




This last twelve minutes saw defensive play dominating, Notably Drew Firstenberg used his long pole to cause several timely turnovers, but others on the D end assured that no more Maroon goals were scored from six minutes of the 3rd through all of the last quarter.




The first overtime saw both teams possess the ball for almost equal shares of time, each call a time out to set up THE play and neither offense converted.




The field form of lightning struck immediately at the beginning of the period. Justin Shockey¸who had a great day at the X, won the faceoff, sprinted to the home goal and as the Maroon D responded to his threat, he saw a slide away from Colton. The second that the ball was in the senior attackman’s crosse, the sphere rocketed to the far upper corner for the winning goal @ 3:54 (i.e. 0:06 expired).




Onto the IACs semifinals next Wednesday at Landon.








Colton Rupp— 3 goals 1 assist

Justin Shockey— game winning assist and 8 of 13 at the X

Drew Firstenberg— 5 CTs, 6 GBs

And everyone on the team

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Landon lacrosse 8 Episcopal 7 in double overtime

Longer version later

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