Yes, it’s summer and there are technically no Bear teams, but

Coach Duquette proudly reports that Bears dominate the Maryland Junior Amateur with

  • #1Mike Blasey                         141

  • T#3 Walter Egloff                  145

  • T #9 Evan Katz                        148


 Those are Bears!



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Commencement Edition of BearSportsNews

As noted by Messrs. Armstrong and Joyce, while a Commencement comes at the end of an academic year, it actually means a beginning. This edition will sum up some of the end of year Bear news, but also point to the future.

All IAC, All Met and All American


Alex Norwinski ’15

Brent Bubes ’14
Morgan Egloff ’15
Evan Katz ’17
Jeff Samit ’17

Sam Lynch ’14
Jack Bolen ’14
Sean K. O’Brien ’14
Colton Rupp ’15

Gabriel Goldberg ’15
Alexander Reinke ’14

Track & Field
Oliver Hightower ’14
Romare Marshall ’14
Tumi Onaghise ’14

All Met and All American lacrosse

Sean K. O’Brien ’14

All American – Academic lacrosse

Jack Bolen ’14

Bear Sailing


bear sail



The Landon sailing team earned four honors at this year’s DC Sail High School Sailing Team Awards. Max Beyer ’17 won the Most Valuable Sailor Award for the Green Fleet division, which is comprised of first-year racers. Also in the Green Fleet class, Jack Pingle ’16 received the Most Improved Award and Andrew Javens ’17 scored the Coaches Award. Team Captain Aaron Beguelin ’14 rounded out the honors with a junior varsity Coaches Award.

These accolades capped off a season that saw Bear JV sailors (who compete two men to a boat) beat out 13 other teams (28 boats total) to win the first regatta of the season and place second out of 37 boats in the next regatta. Meanwhile, the boat skippered by Pingle in the final Green Fleet regatta of the season took top prize.

That is an impressive showing for a team that didn’t exist until two years ago, when then-sophomore Beguelin — who grew up sailing the waters off Connecticut and Rhode Island — decided he wanted to bring sailing to Landon. So Beguelin approached DC Sail, an umbrella program that provides coaching and regatta competitions for high-school sailing teams made up of 75 kids from school across the metro area, about starting a Landon team. While the DC Sail coaches were enthusiastically on board with the idea, the one thing Beguelin lacked was teammates — so that first year he sailed alone.

“The next year I wanted to make sure I had a team that was ready to go, but I didn’t want to get up at school and make an announcement,” Beguelin said. “So I did it grass-roots, and just approached people I thought would be a good fit.”

By the time the following season rolled around, Luke Glen ’16 and Beguelin’s hockey teammate Ben Gilbert ’16 had joined the team. Glen sailed junior varsity, while Gilbert, a newbie to the sport, caught on quickly and sailed varsity with Beguelin. This past season, five more Landon students signed up: Walker Hague ’15, Jack Pingle and his younger brother Hayden Pingle ’17, Andrew Javens and Max Beyer. Hague and Gilbert will captain the team next year.

Despite the growing numbers, Beguelin was the only Landon sailor to qualify for the DC Sail varsity squad this season (tryouts are held each year). So, rather than go it alone, the senior decided to stick with his teammates and sail JV instead.

“This is my last year at Landon, so I’m focused on legacy and what I want to leave behind, and my top priority was to make sure this team will be able to continue for years to come,” Beguelin explained. “I figured the best way to do that was to be a hands-on leader and to sail JV so I could be with my other Landon guys and show them what they needed to do if the coaches were busy with other teams. I felt that was important as far as showing the leadership that should be there in the type of program I wanted to create and hope continues at the school.”

Beguelin’s selflessness did not go unnoticed. The soon-to-be-graduate, who will attend Hamilton University in the fall, made a lasting impression on the DC Sail coaches.

“The coaches felt strongly that [Aaron’s] dedication to his team even at the expense of his own personal ambitions warranted the highest esteem,” DC Sail Assistant Coach Prag Katta said of the decision to honor Beguelin with the Coaches Award. “This selflessness, this subsuming of his own ego led directly to the quick development of the Landon team. … He aided the coaches in understanding quickly the developmental status of each member of his team and he laid the groundwork for the future development of his team.”




Varsity Athletes who excelled in other school endeavors

This involved multiple cross-referencing award lists and Landon’s 19 sports; so it is VERY likely that I missed one or more Bears who should be on this list. Search of the Landon website did not result in finding the names of boys who were involved in class and upper school leadership.

The point of this lengthy table is to celebrate the degree to which all Bears explore academic excellence, community service, performing arts, studio arts, ethics and other areas BEFORE they walk on fields, courts, rinks, pools, tracks, bodies of water. Twenty boys received some recognition for the work in endeavors other than sports. Given the time commitment of all of these spheres, these are remarkable performances. This table is not intended to diminish the hard work of the Bears who are not on this list; just to show in one place the unusual breadth of accomplishment of these multiple pursuit boys.

student   Teams Awards
Ozair Ahmad   golf Baccalaureate speaker, Cum Laude
Raman Ananthanpillai   Winter track, tennis National School Orchestra Award for Strings, Cum Laude
Steve Bauer   Lacrosse Mary Lou Ourisman Award for Drama,

Chamber Singers Award,

Jack Bolen   Cross country, lacrosse Cum Laude
Ryan Curto   Swim and Dive,

Trampoline, Spring Track

Fathers Club Citizenship Award, Cum Laude, Bearitones Award for A Capella Music, Booth Tech Award
Jules Desroches   Football, wrestling, rugby The Carroll Mercer Marbury Award
Thomas Dunnigan   Basketball Cum laude
Ethan Fieger   lacrosse Valedictorian, The Cary Maguire ’46 Ethics Scholar
Leo Falcone   Cross country, lacrosse Advanced Handbell Ringer Award
Jack Gilbert   Cross country, swim & dive, Spring Track Robert Long Award for Perseverance:
Robbie Hefferon   Water polo, swim & dive The Upper School Headmaster’s Award, Mary Lou Ourisman Award for Drama, Cum Laude
Garland Kennedy   Water polo, swim & dive David Foster Award for Excellence in Writing, History Award for Outstanding Achievement, Excellence in Latin Award, Cum Laude
Brandon Johnson   Football, lacrosse John Edward Marshall Prize for Improvement in Writing
Marcus Kindfuller   Water polo, swim & dive John Edward Marshall Prize for Improvement in Writing
Harry Laird   Soccer, basketball The Malcolm Coates Student Activities Award, The Patrick Tanner ’96 Community Service Award, Cum Laude
Kevin Soraci   Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, The Eleanor Ann Johnson Award, Overall Excellence in Science Award, Cum Laude
Walter Spak   Soccer golf Landon Mothers Association Studio Arts Award


Culver VanVleck   Hockey, tennis Louis Armstrong Award for Jazz Band
Aaron Zaimi   soccer Excellence in French Award:


NCAA Baseball

Max Kra’12 pitched two scoreless innings in relief for Bucknell against the #1 seed UVa; the Cavaliers prevailed, however.

Also a great picture of Ian Kelso ‘11playing baseball for the Bears of Washington University


Aidan Kelso



Princeton Lacrosse

Jack Strabo’10 received the Scott P. Klurfeld ’74 award, chosen by his teammates as one who embodies the qualities of perseverance, hard work, team spirit and dedication to Lacrosse and to Princeton. Brian Reilly’09 was awarded the John T. Schroeder Class of 1992 Men’s Lacrosse Award for his embodiment of character and selfless devotion to the team and having had the greatest impact on the success of Princeton Men’s Lacrosse. Brian received a very high honor from his classmates by being elected as a Member of the Princeton University Board.



These are a few, quick personal observations about the 2014 and 2015 Bear team. Unfortunately, my knowledge of some sports is so minimal that to share my thoughts would be at best supercilious; here are a couple of thoughts about the future:

  • Football—all of the Bear offensive linemen return and the starting running backs are back; the defense should be anchored by an impressive pair of DE’s; losses in the perimeter speed means Coach Padalino will have to find replacements. Bullis has already received a LOT of press about college scouts drooling over several of their studs. Prep will be Prep; EHS and SSSA had rosters with much potential.

  • Basketball—if one is to believe DCSportsFan (a BIG supposition, but hopefully true), “2017 combo guard Chyree Walker” is leaving PVI to go back to Landon. New Coach Coates is attracting some familiar talent.

  • Hockey—New (sort of) Coach Farnstrom lost the team’s top player. Its starting goalie and a set of contributing seniors, but last year’s club won on teamwork. The ’14-’15 squad will be bolstered by the Middle School and some returning talent. The MAPHL league play is changing in its format and what that limits/allows in terms of scheduling will be news. The most intriguing part of every IAC hockey season is reading the other school rosters.

  • Golf – Four seniors are no longer available for Coach Duquette, but he has a LOT of young talent returning witness the above-mentioned All IAC junior and two freshman.

  • Lacrosse—nine 2014 members are off to play college lacrosse, but Coach Bordley has lots of talent coming back. Rumors abound about multiple coaching changes in the DMV, including (true) former Bear Coach Horsey will take over at St. John’s College HS.

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Co- IAC Championship, four All IAC players, an average of 12 goals a game, an average of 5.9 goals against defense and an 18-4 record—for most schools that would be an historic season. Landon has set the bar high; so some may be disappointed with those numbers. Objectively, those are accomplishments about which the 2014 team, the coaches, parents and alumni should be proud. The seventeen seniors have worked so hard and have demonstrated to their fellow Bears the importance of hard work and teamwork.

2014 senior day 112-X2


Of the graduating class, ten will continue to play at the college level:

  • Stephen Bauer, lacrosse, Beloit College
  • Jack Bolen, lacrosse, Cornell University
  • Zac Buller, lacrosse, Jacksonville University
  • Jack Falk, lacrosse, University of Virginia
  • Trey Lundelius, lacrosse, McGill University
  • Sam Lynch, lacrosse, Johns Hopkins University
  • Riley McTague, lacrosse, Hobart College
  • Andrew Mitchell, lacrosse, United States Military Academy
  • Sean K. O’Brien, lacrosse, Bucknell University
  • Mike Rallo, lacrosse, Washington and Lee University


2014 team awards

Most Valuable Player Award           Jack Bolen

Offensive Player of the Year           Sean O’Brien

Defensive Player of the Year           Hunter Sells

The George Boiardi Award               Colton Rupp

 The Jack Crawford Award               Sam Lynch

The Khari Baten Award                   Jack Falk

All IAC Lacrosse awards

Sam Lynch ’14
Jack Bolen ’14
Sean K. O’Brien ’14
Colton Rupp ’15

Some thoughts on the 2014 season and the prospects for 2015:

Coaching: Coach Bordley reached 585 wins this year earned over his almost 40 seasons. No head coach and staff prepare more than the Bear mentors. The Head Coach has a stable(alphabetical order) of seasoned assistants –JR Bordley, Conor Cassidy, Penn Leachman and Paul Padalino plus some new sideline help—Warner Ball, Michael Cooke and Will McGettigan. The group must really like each other because when they are not in the classroom, on the practice field or in the Bordley “office”, they travel to other high school and college games to learn more. Landon lax alums are exceptionally well prepared for further endeavors because these men teach them what is required to attain excellence.

Scheduling: Landon continues to play a top level schedule with games against Baltimore’s MIAA (2-0), Philadelphia’s InterAC , New England’s Founders League (#17), Canada’s the Hill Academy (#10) and DC’s WCAC (4-1). The addition of the McCallie team (18-5) brought one of the emerging South to Bethesda. The middle of the schedule involved WaPo’s #1, #2, #4, #9 teams, an MIAA-A semifinalist and an always tough SSSA team. The IAC, though not getting as much attention in the national rankings, had great depth of talent this year, witness that no one in the league was undefeated. We missed the annual match against California’s Coronado, but Coach Alex Cade is likely to come back to his high school home in 2015.

Attack: this group performed well and the only starter Zac Buller will be lost to graduation. They were particularly proficient moving the ball accurately and quickly; three sharp passes on a competitive level usually results in an open goal. Opposing Ds could not focus on any one of these offensive players; all can carry, pass and shoot the ball. All IAC Colton Rupp and Nate Buller will provide a great base for 2015 with 6 returning lettermen to compete for the 3rd starter.

Midfield: The 1st middies all earned All IAC honors. Jack Falk, who earned the prestigious Khari Baten award, was only able to play limited minutes while he recovers from an injury; if fully recovered, four of the Bears might have received this honor. This group excelled as speed dodgers, able to create separation with alley dodges, draw a slide and then move the ball to an open shooter. Jack Bolen either beat his man and shot or reversed the ball to a line mate. #15 is an exceptional defender, too. Sean O’Brien is as good a shooter as any Bear within recent memory plus his quick feet could beat most slides. On the Bear EMO, the opposing D coach would shout “shut down #1”; in spite of this admonition, Sean K. hit the nets many times. Sam Lynch showed exceptional dodging ability and could pick where the goalie could not get the ball. In transition from O to D and from D to O, #10’s speed was a huge positive factor. Riley McTague would have started at most other IAC schools, but was strong on both ends of the field; he will be a major contributor at Hobart. Leo Falcone, Mike Rallo Luke Kurtz and Kyle Hartman were sources of energy when needed. For example, against SJCHS (a game sandwiched in between the rain interrupted SSSA game), these two brought intensity to the theretofore flat Bear game, scrambling for ground balls, playing tough D and moving the ball on O. Nine middies with significant playing time will return next year and try to equal this year’s M performance.


Three Bears (Jarett Witzal, Sam Offutt and Ryan Pride) spent time battling for possession of the ball after every score and at the start of each period. Jarett had most of these key assignmentsand was successful most of the time. This should be a strength in 2015, particularly under the tutelage of Coach Cassidy.

Long Stick Middies

Since the Bears didn’t use SSDMs this year, the LSM position may be the most demanding one—having to cover the opponents’ best middies in space. Seniors Brandon Johnson and Trey Lundelius took this challenge and did well. Containing a talented middie limits slides and gives the overall D good equanimity. #24 and #30 were beloved by the close defenders and the goalies. Trey will be a most welcome addition to McGill’s lacrosse team (a Canadian perennial strong squad) and it would not be surprising to see Brandon in a UVA lax jersey someday. No underclassman spent a lot of time in this function, but there are some talented long poles with the requisite stickwork, footwork, speed and athleticism to do this work.

Close Defense

Senior Andrew Mitchell (USMA recruit) was expected to be the mainstay of the Bear backline, but a nasty football injury sidelined him. Junior Kolby Williams appeared to be ready to be a contributor here, too, but his football injury delayed those expectations. The mantle of protecting the goal fell to Tom Evans, Paul Padalino, Landon McKenzie and Drew Firstenberg. In Penn Leachman’ s demanding defense requires a high level of communication and coordination; these rising seniors will provide a foundation on which to build the D. A GA average of less than six is an indicator that these Bears did well. Additionally there were five other letter winners who gained valuable varsity experience during the season.


The defensive player award was goalie Hunter Sells, whose best play in the nets was usually against the toughest opponents. Early saves by #7 set the tone of many games and his incredible stick work late in others “saved” the game. Jack Prutting established his bona fides in an early 2011 season game against Malvern Prep ( ); the starting Bear goal was having an off day. Coach Bordley put a young untested Jack in the nets and he made some momentum altering saves which helped contributing to a win. Like that story, Jack contributed to Landon’s success this year by being prepared, stepping in when needed and being the best teammate he could be. The depth at the G position in 2015 is demonstrated by Stephen Bauer who will be on the Beloit College roster next year and who may well start many games there.

Junior Varsity

Members of this IAC championship team are expected to contribute to the 2015 team. The notion, that one has to make the Varsity as a freshman or a sophomore, is disproved by this year’s MVP, who did not join Coach Bordley’ s team until his junior year and who is expected to be a player for Cornell.

I cannot wait until the beginning of the 2015 season and will long remember the Bears of 2014. Best to all of them and their parents.

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blog post

Would it be possible to post this to

John Nichols

Home: 703-437-4926

Cell: 703-220-3222

BLTF 051914.docx

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Landon Lacrosse 7 Georgetown Prep 10

There are seventeen members of the Class of 2014 who worked very hard over their careers on this Varsity Lacrosse team to increase their contributions to their Bear brothers. Ten years from now they will have positive memories of their senior 18-4 season earned through a very demanding schedule. Today, as they left the field, the immediate disappointment is a more controlling sentiment. There is no doubt that anyone felt that their efforts were deficient.



The visiting team scored first with a feed from Zac Buller to Sam Lynch @ 4:02. GP responded with an EMO goal at 0:36.



The home team took a lead at 8:04 and Landon tied on a Colton Rupp pass to Sam Lynch @ 7:43. The last minute was not kind to the Bears; GP scored an even goal at 0:55.5 and then an EMO goal at 0:29.9



In a broken ride, the home team scored a quick goal at 9:09, but Ryan Pride nailed the corner on an alley dodge @ 6:13. The Little Hoyas scored at 5:32 and again the Bears replied with a Sam Lynch turn around bounce shot @ 4:35. The margin grew to three goals with a GP shot at 3:37. Colton got the visitors within a single digit with an unassisted score @ 3:21 and then assisted by Jack Bolen @ 2:53.Unfortunately, the Hoyas too it back to 2 goals with a score at 2:46.



The combination of a pass from Colton to Zac @ 10:25, a beautiful dodge by the junior attackman forced GP slides which left the senior at the edge of the crease where he quick sticked it past the opposing goalie. The home team got two more goals to end the game.




A pass which did not connect, a missed ground ball, a slide that was a half second late, a shot which hit the crossbar or some combinations of these — if these moments were reversed, the six goal differential of the losses might have been overcome.



Colton Rupp           2 goals

Hunter Sells            14 saves

Sam Lynch             2 goals

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Landon Lacrosse 11 Bullis 4

It’s tough beating an opponent more than once; they probably picked up some of your tactics in the 1st game (a 9-4 Bears win). It’s tougher beating a rival twice in the same season; the emotion behind the underdog builds after each match. It’s extremely winning an IAC Semi Final; for so much is on the line. That triple hurdle was cleared today as the Bears beat the Bulldogs 11-4.


The visitors’ initial emotional surge was evident when they scored at 9:16. The response from the home team was thrice the measure with unassisted goals by Rob Adkins @ 8:24, Zac Buller @ 6:05 and Jack Bolen @ 1:03 (two alley dodges sandwich a nice bounce shot).


The Bullis offense was frustrated by an aggressive Landon D with lots of doubling, jumps from the blind sides and good Caused Turnovers by LSMs Brandon Johnson and Tray Lundelius and the Long Poles—Paul Padalino, Drew Firstenberg, Landon McKenzie and Tom Evans. The Bulldogs sharpshooters could not beat Bear Goalie Hunter Sells, who had 9 saves, many of them early on.


The boys from Potomac narrowed the margin to +1 with an EMO goal scored on a broken clear at 9:35. The home boys found a scoring machine with two consecutive Sean O’Brien to Colton Rupp plays @ 7:47 and @ 6:05.


Maybe it was the stirring Coach Bordley speech, maybe it was adjustments to the O and/or D or maybe it is the deeper Bear roster, but whatever it was the 3rd Quarter was all Landon. Zac Buller fed Sean O’Brien for a sizzling low-to-high shot which hit the goal corner @ 10:59. Jack Bolen initiated a midfield play with a passto Sam Lynch for goal @ 4:02. Nate Buller added a lacrosse verb to the writer’s vocabulary when he “buller dodged” hi Bulldog opponent @ 2:40. A minute later, there was a Bear shot which the Bullis goalie could not control. The ball ended up on the ground feet from the crease, where a battle for the ball ensued. True to his hockey training, Colton controlled the ball/puck and shot a classic hockey garbage goal @1:48


Landon extended its lead with an EMO goal @ 10:58 a Nate beautiful pass to Colton @10:58.

In a typical Bordley tactic, he unleashed a bunch of Bears with Max Menkes, Koko Avedisian, Mike Rallo, Leo Falcone, Justin Conner, Kennedy Dunn, Andrew Fowler and Will Amoroso , among others unleashed on the visitors. The Bulldogs scored on a scrum after a face-off at 10:44 and an EMO (2 man advantage goal) at 3:47.

Zac finished the Bears’ scoring @3:38 to stem any momentum from the penalty.




(in numerical order)

Colton Rupp               4 goals

Hunter Sells      9 saves

Riley Mc Tague          4 GBs

Jarrett Witzel               9/15 at the X

Landon McKenzie               3CTs, 1 GB






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Landon lacrosse 11 Bullis 4

IAC semifinal.

Saturday’s IAC Championship will be at GP, time?

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Bear Lax Trax Fax by John Nichols for 05.12.14

MAY MADNESS akin to May Madness by John Nichols

The NCAA men’s lacrosse tournament got off to a wild start this weekend. Half of the seeded teams were eliminated in the first round (including the #2, 3 and 4 seeds!) and one of the play-in teams made it into the upcoming quarter finals. With these upsets, no seeded team will be playing another seeded team in the quarterfinals this coming weekend. Wins by Maryland, Drexel and Denver coupled with losses by Cornell, Penn and UVA halved the number of teams with Landon alums left in the field. We are guaranteed at least one ursine team in the final four as Drexel and Denver will play for one of the semi-final slots. If Maryland can beat Bryant, that will make two Landon teams in the final four and set up a potential Bears vs. Bears national championship game on Memorial Day.



Here is what happened (by seeding)

#1 Duke easily dispatched Air Force 20-6. Air Force had earned the game based on their play-in win over Richmond.

#2 Syracuse lost to Bryant 10-9 in a game that went down to the very last play. Bryant rode a strong face-off game and great goal tending. Syracuse’s last second shot caught a pipe and skipped out of bounds, ending the season for the Orange and propelling Bryant into the quarter finals. Bryant earned the game against Syracuse by beating Siena 9-8 in a play-in game.

#3 Loyola, a team that was a mere 0.1 seconds short of a perfect season coming into the game, had no answer for the all-Thompson attack of Albany.  The Thompson attack trio scored 11 goals and dished out 7 assists in the Great Dane’s 13-6 win. Brothers Lyle and Miles Thompson are #1 and #2 in the NCAA record books for total points for a season-both achieving that mark this year!

Bears vs. Bears:#4 Penn (Will Laco ’11, Garrett Fellows ’13, Peter Laco ’13), the Ivy League tournament champ, fell to neighbor Drexel (Hank Brown ’12) 16-11. Hank scored the Dragon’s first goal on a nice hard shot from 12 yards out. It came at the 8 minute mark in the first quarter and you can check it out on Watch ESPN replays. The game turned hard in the closing minutes of the first half when Drexel scored 3 goals in 11 seconds (not a typo, 3 goals in 11 seconds), to turn a 6-4 deficit into a 7-6 half time lead. Drexel’s four goal run at the start of the third period and three goal run at the start of the fourth period put the game away.

#5 Denver (Harrison Archer ’10) hosted the North Carolina Tar Heels in what some considered a final four quality match up.   Denver was up 5-1 at the half and traded goals with UNC to coast to a 9-5 win. Harrison had 2 shots for the Pioneers.

#6 Notre Dame hosted Harvard and the Irish had little trouble with the Crimson as Harvard’s offense, which went missing sometime late in the first quarter of the Ivy League championship game, remained largely off the radar in the NCAA tournament. Notre Dame coasted to a comfortable 13-5 win.

BEARS vs BEARS:#7 Maryland (Kellen Miller ’11) faced Cornell (Joe Paoletta ’10, Will Joyce ’10, Marshall Peters ’13) in a rematch of a first round game from last year. In last year’s contest, Cornell blitzed Maryland 16-8. Early on, it looked like the 2014 game would be a reprise of the 2013 match. Cornell led 5-1 at the half, but in the second half the Terrapin defense stiffened, allowing only 2 goals on just 8 shots while the Maryland offense started to click. Maryland recorded 24 shots in the second half. The game winner came with a mere 2 seconds left on the clock, giving Maryland their first lead of the game and the only lead they needed. Joe had 4 shots and 2 ground balls for the Big Red. If you go back and check out the replay on Watch ESPN, you will hear the announcer give props to Joe and Coach Bordley at the 1:50 remaining mark of the second quarter. Marshall’s primary assignment for most of the game was covering the Terps star middie, Mike Chanenchuk, who was held in check. On the last play, Marshall was in a zone and was not directly involved in the gut wrenching final goal by the Terp #1.

#8 UVA (Michael Rhoads ’13) fell to Johns Hopkins 14-8 in a game that your author suffered through in person.

Next Up:

The quarterfinals:

#7 Maryland (Kellen Miller ’11) faces Bryant in the first quarter final game on Saturday at noon.

#5 Denver (Harrison Archer ’10) plays Drexel (Hank Brown ’12) in a Bears vs. Bears match up on Sunday at 2:30, the last of the four quarterfinals games

Here’s a late picture which features the 7 Landon Bears that played in the regular season game between Princeton and Cornell.




(l to r) Brian Reilly ’09, Joe Paoletta ’10, Will Joyce ’10, Justin Murphy ’11, Marshall Peters ’13, Mark Strabo ’12 and Jack Strabo ‘10

More to come on Seniors and their careers.

Thanks, John for your comprehensive report.


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IAC lacrosse tournament bracket


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Bears hanging more banners!

More Great News from Spring Bear Sports

Bear tennis captures its 47th IAC title

Bear tennis







The Bears showed great tenacity this season. To start the season off strong they set high expectations by winning the Woodberry Forest invitational. After that, they had a crushing 4-3 defeat vs rival Georgetown Prep. Luckily for the Bears, Prep lost to St. Albans and to Episcopal, and since Landon beat St. Albans yesterday, they now have the same record and are co-champions with St. Albans.

To grab their share of the IAC title, Landon beat StA 4-3. Jr Gabe Goldberg won 6-0 6-0 vs Jack Lindsay at 2 singles. Captain Nicky Talway won a solid match at # 4 singles early and helped cheer the team to victory. The other two wins came from #3 doubles (Culver VanVleck and Josh Granader) and #2 doubles (Deacon Brew and Sam Boley).

Those are Bears!

Golf team wins 18th I.A.C. title

Freshman sinks hole in one, team sets record

Click on this for full story






Those are Bears!


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