• First game vs. Parkville, lost 0-14

  • 2013 6-3

  • 2012 5-5

 This year’s squad: six players of 200# or more per MaxPreps

# Name Position Gr. Ht Wt
anthony wyler RB Sr. 5-7 165
charles stokes WR Sr.
1 desmond banks CB So.
2 Stephon Hill CB, FS, QB Sr. 5-11 180
5 Sam Bowen CB Jr. 5-11 160
6 Gavin Callahan WR Sr. 6-0 170
7 Jerel Archer RB Sr. 5-10 160
9 Logan Wisnauskas QB Jr. 6-4 190
10 Cody Hess RB Jr. 5-10 185
11 preston waters OLB, SS Sr. 6-1 220
13 Dom Maggio K, P Jr. 6-2 135
17 braden atkinson WR So.
18 Myles Cohen WR Sr. 5-10 180
20 Brock Sassler C So. 5-10 188
23 luke brown TE Sr.
24 bo dudley WR Jr.
25 Andrew Murrow OLB Jr. 6-1 190
33 ryan shaw TE Jr.
39 richie wicklund DE Sr.
40 Rocco Bruno MLB Sr. 5-9 185
42 William Wingo OLB, TE, FB Sr. 6-2 192
43 Gavin Howell MLB Sr. 6-1 231
44 Matthew Sacks OLB Sr.
50 Matthew Marshall G Sr.
51 Dimitri Lezcano DE, T, FB Sr. 6-1 240
52 andrew samm OLB Sr.
52 Devin Shewell T, DE Sr.
53 Nick Morton C, DT Sr. 5-11 235
54 jake rubenstein G Sr.
55 Michael Shortt G, NG Sr.
56 marc black G Jr.
58 Tyler Steinberg C Sr.
60 Danny Robinson C Sr.
65 Tyler Jarman T, DT Sr. 6-5 240
66 charlie ikle DT Jr.
70 shamar wilson DE Jr.
71 Max Keefe C Jr.
72 Victor Dimukeje DE So. 6-0 198
73 Alec Blume T So. 4-4 210
80 Dylan Gaines DE Sr.
82 Davy lizana WR Jr. 6-2 182



Some internet research–

LB: #11 Preston Waters, sr., 6-1, 210 2nd team All State Private Schools– includes the Landon game last year.

C #53 Nick Morton, sr , C,DT, 5-11, 235; highlights includes Landon 2013 game

S/CB/QB #2 Stephon Hill, sr, 5-11, 180 has a recruiting page

MLB #43 Gavin Howell, sr, 6-1, 231, highlights includes 2013 2013 Landon game

DE/T/FB #51 Dimitri Lezcano,sr 6-1, 240, highlights


K/P #13 Dom Maggio, jr, 6-2, 135 ranked 3rd in Football Kickers Class of 2016

Landon Opponents Results
team 8/29 9/6 9/12 9/19 9/26 10/2 10/11 10/18 10/24 11/1 11/8
BL 0-14 Parkville x
Palotti dnp x
PVI 14-56 O’Connell x
SPS 7-27 Loyola x
EHS dnp x
SSSA 14-21

Fredricksburg Christian

BS dnp x
GP 27-26


StA dnp   x


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The first Fall Sunday Edition, a weekly feature of BSN where a wide panoply of information is covered, is full of interesting Bear news

  • from the current Varsity Football Senior Profile

  • from professional Bear Athletes (auto racing and basketball)

  • from Bears playing college

    • basketball

    • cross country,

    • fall lacrosse (Canada),

    • football

    • water polo

    • diving

    • soccer and

    • rugby

  • hopefully all of the Bears playing Fall college sports are captured here, IF ANYONE WAS MISSED, please send an email

  • PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES of these Bears from Moms, Dads and friends are most appreciated.

Who knew that Bears are talented at so many sports? These boys are also quite able in other dimensions; we try to track those accomplishments here, too. Again, leads on paintings, plays, poems or all other achievements are welcome.

Senior Profiles

For the sixth football season, there will be profiles posted here on Sundays which will give you insights into the 21 members of the Class of 2015 who are on this team. Here’s our first featured Bear ’15:

Tommy Crittenberger, #6, Safety/Tailback























  1. 1. When did you start playing football?

I started playing full contact football in 4th grade.

  1. What is your time in the 40 yd. dash and what’s your best bench weight?

I haven’t been timed in the 40 yard dash since freshman year, so I’m not sure. My best bench weight is 220 pounds.

  1. What is your favorite college football team and college football player?

My favorite football team is the Missouri Tigers, my favorite play might be Maty Mauk or Marcu Mariota.

  1. What is your favorite moment during any Landon sports event in which you played?

My sophomore year when we beat Bullis under the lights. We were huge under-dogs and the atmosphere was crazy thanks to our fans.

  1. What is your favorite course/faculty member at Landon?

My favorite, but hardest course at Landon was humanities with Mr. Botti and Mr. Swinehart.

  1. What is your favorite non-sports related activity–community service, music, painting, sculpture, photography, independent paper, debate, drama, poem, extracurricular activity, etc.?

My favorite non- sports related activity is hanging with my friends.

  1. What is your nickname (if any) and how did you get it?

I have a lot of nicknames. My last name is pretty long so a lot of nicknames come from that. People will call me Critt, TCritt, Critty, Critters, and stuff like that.

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words? How would your parents describe you in 3 words?

I would describe myself as nice, friendly, and respectful. I hope that my parents would say the same.

  1. What’s on your iPod?

A lot of rap, drake probably being the most played artist.

10.Tell us one thing (interesting) that your teammates do not know about you.

I’m the great great great grandson of General Robert E. Lee


It would be great is a faculty member, parent or student would be willing to write about the Bears’ cross country, soccer or water polo teams.


Alumni News

Professional Division


Auto Racing










Lawson Aschenbach ’07 wins at Sonoma ; he’s  on the right holding the Champagne.


Professional Basketball

DR sign














Danny Rubin signing a professional basketball contract with Galil in Israel. CONGRATULATIONS, Danny.  It appears as though this will be where Danny Rubin will be playing next year. It is a tough league. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ new coach, Dave Blatt, was the coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv, the top team in this league. Thanks for the help on this story to Blake Alexander.


College Division


College Basketball

It’s early, but the GWU is on top of their game getting out their team pictures and here is Joe McDonald
















Cross Country

MacHightowerXC@ CMS










Mac Hightower, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Cross Country, preseason jog up Mt. Baldy, California

 Jack Gilbert, cross country/track and field, Gordon College, no information yet.



Lacrosse played in the Fall in Canada











Trey Lundelius at the McGill preseason practice, Mount Royal.


College Football


1 Myles Allen ‘17 32 RB Rochester 9/13 Alfred State A
2 Justin Cort ‘18 41 RB Sewanee 9/6 @ Depauw
3 Jules Desroches ‘18 Kenyon 9/6 Marietta College
4 Hunter Davis ‘17 staff Stetson  Warner W 35-16
5 Anthony Fullum ‘17 34 CB W& M 8/30 @VaTech L 9-34 played
6 Terrence Fullum ‘15 49 DL Richmond 8/30 Morehead State Q31-20 Played 1 ass’t
7 Vincent Kindfuller ‘16 60 DL MIT 9/6 Pomona-Pitzer
8 Obai Kamara ‘17 87 TE Davidson 8/30 College of Faith W 56-0 played
9 Max Lehrman ‘15 90 DE Amherst 9/20 Bates
10 Dillon Rupp ‘15 91 FB Bucknell 8/30 VMI W 42-38 dnp
11 Dominique Seagears ‘18 15 DB/WR Trinity 9/20 Colby
12 Ben Spiritos ‘15 77 OL Dartmouth 9/20 Central Conn.
13 Matt Underhill ‘17 90 PK W&L 9/6 @ Averett
  DNP=did not play *no participation info provided



Bear Water Polo Trax


Rob Spencer and Aidan Kelson  return for the Connecticut College Camels. Their first match is against Harvard 9/14


Carter Lipnick is a goalie for Pomona-Pitzer and they open up with a double-header at UC San Diego against Long Beach State and UC Santa Barbara 9/6.

Luke Kennedy, water polo, George Washington University opens up at the Princeton Invitational against MIT, St. Francis, Iona and Brown on 9/6-7.

Bear Diving SPLASHES

Jordan Gear senior year as a USC Trojan diver when he flies off the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on 10/18



The Gators of Allegheny College with Bears Nick Dias and Scott Powell open against Grove City on 9/4.

Zach Fingerhut, #26, soccer, Wake Forest University, is a member of the No. 9 incoming freshman soccer class as assessed by and as No. 8 by College Soccer News. The Demon Deacons have already played two exhibition matches against Gardiner- Webb (L) and then UNC (W). The opening match of the season was against UCLA (#4) , which the DDs lost 1-3.


Bear Rugby Trax

Jack Sears Colby Mules 9/13 @ University of New England

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Landon Football 43 Annapolis Area Christian School 7

The Eagles of Annapolis Area Christian School, an MIAA division C school, has been on the Bears schedule for the last three seasons. Every year the teams have been about the same size and the score was competitive for much of the game. The 2013 score was 14-3 in favor of the Bears at half. This year the Bears won 43-7 with its second and third teams getting significant playing time.

It is hard to assess how good this Landon team is, except to note that the home team was up 23-0 at the end of the first 12 minutes. While the new exciting Under Armour uniforms may have contributed to the advantage, perhaps it was that the home roster was 20 players deeper in number and had a significant upper hand as to the players’ size.



[for all of the 1st quarter the scoreboard had no power; so there are no time references for that period.]

The Eagles kicked off and three plays later Landon scored on a Colton Rupp run of 25 yards (Cameron Drooz PAT). The Eagles had the ball for three plays and Tommy Crittenberger did a great job of reading the AACS QB’s eyes and intercepted the ball. Josh Hunter barreled over several Eagles defenders and scored a TD with a Drooz PAT. The D dominance asserted itself on the next visitors’ possession. Kolby Williams sacked the opposing QB for a safety. The visitors had to punt the ball and three plays later Johari Johnson flew by the Eagle defenders. The Landon D did not relent and forced a three-and-out. The Eagles punted to end the period.

End of the 1st quarter: BEARS 23 EAGLES 0

To start this next segment, freshman Joey Epstein carried the ball three on successive runs, Josh moved it closer and then Rob Adkins punched it over from the one yard line, plus another successful PAT by Drooz.

After the kick-off, a Jimmy Killen Tackle For a Loss set the visitors back and then after a good AACS gain on a pass play was erased when Paul Padalino forced a fumble with a well-executed tackle. Two runs by Josh resulted in his second TD plus a Cameron PAT.

The Eagles were frustrated by the aggressive Bear D with a Kolby TFL moving them back. Two plays later Brian Menendez cut in front of an AACS receiver and flew 50+ yards for a TD. Jake Howard missed the PAT.

Halftime score BEARS 43 EAGLES 0

 [Under HS rules with a 35+ point advantage, the clock was set to run without stoppages.]

Substitutions were made in the 2nd quarter, but the entire healthy bench (if my notes are right) played during the second half. Playing against the visitors’ first team, the Bears held their own. A long punt return by the Eagles and several successful plays from scrimmage resulted in an AACS score with 8:59 remaining. It was important for Landon to run out the clock and they did with impressive runs by Joey, Julius Kindfuller, Carson Petty and Griffin Brown. A kneel down ended the game.

Early in the season important measures of how well the Bears are playing are seen in the play of

  • the O and D lines (Kolby Williams, Keith Simms, Mark Ebo, John Slowinski, Peter Millsbaugh, Tom Evans, Joey Tabb, Paul Padalino, Steven Gee, Trent Whalen, Jimmy Killen, George Shalloway, Joe Gagnon, Tony Harris, Eric Shalloway, Robel Derje, Grant Hani, Derek Hankim, Zach Zulauf) executed well and played with aggression and

  • the D—LBs and DBs have complex alignments and precise coverages; early in the season there have been moments of confusion, not today (Johari Johnson, Jake Howard, John Hale, Tommy Crittenberger, Conor Price, Brian Menendez, Jake Wright, Ryan Pride, Will Lincoln Andrew Fowler, Koko Avedisian).

All of that went well today. Onto Boys Latin next Saturday; good luck Bears.

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Landon 43 Annapolis Area Christian 7

More to come later, but the Bears totally dominated the visiting. Eagles.

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Walt Whitman High School Scrimmage











The Vikings took their annual walk down Whittier Lane to Landon for the last scrimmage of the pre-season. In fact, two Whitman teams made the journey to the White Rocks on a cloudy and occasionally rainy day.

The two Junior Varsities exhibited good potential in their controlled practice.

The Landon Captains’ Moms arrived to set up coffee and Danish. Actually donut holes and bagels, but one of the Bears’ trainers’ last name is Danish. The hot caffeine helped fight the chilliness of a late August morning.

The Varsity workout was different from the one four days ago against Bishop Ireton. That Catholic school has a deep roster; so that event was more evenly matched 1st string v. 1st string and then 2nd v. 2nd. For Saturday’s work out, Coach Padalino and his staff seemed more interested in testing the metal of some of the Bears new to the varsity. The Landon front line players on O and D played a couple of series and then cheered from the sidelines.

To add to the less than precise results, the rain made the ball a little slippery and the ground less secure; so there were a few fumbles and slips which confused the results.

The real test will be on Friday at 4:30pm (Triplett Field @ Bordley Stadium) against the Annapolis Area Christian School, an MIAA team which has had two preseason scrimmages. Shamir Campbell, a former SSSA player, appears to be one of their studs (6’1”, 252#, MLB, number 55, here is his Hudl highlights including last year’s game against the Bears).


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Bishop Ireton Scrimmage

The Bears traveled to Alexandria not to play SSSA or EHS, but to participate in a controlled scrimmage against the Catholic School. The Cardinals include two college recruits and their roster was not filled with bodies bigger than the Bears.

It is hard to read much from a controlled scrimmage. The purpose is to teach and it is hard to know whether the 1st strings are matched because there were frequent substitutions.

With the exception of one play the Bears controlled the line of scrimmage both when on O and on D. The Landon Defense scored twice on interceptions and the Offense put together two long drives.

Notes and observations (in no particular order):

  • In past years, the defense frequently looks confused. Landon plays a complex set of arrays depending on the offensive sets and a variety of calls. Early in the preseason, there has been some confusion. Though a number of new starters populated this 11, they got it right most often.

  • All of last year’s starters on the offensive line at the end of the season (the 2014 linemen had a rash of injuries) return and with the complex, tightly timed blocking patterns, their effectiveness depends on their close coordination. They have it. There is some size among the first seven plus the next players have more height/weight than the Bears have had previously had in reserve. The coaches substituted liberally and the blocking did not suffer. Impressive!

  • The defensive front has bookends on the right and left. Kolby Williams and Keith Simms have athleticism, size and physicality. The interior (line and LBs) are aggressive, large and tough. They fill the gaps, tackle with vigor, rush the opposing QB and drop into coverage when called on to do so. The next generation at these positions has several promising youngsters getting ready to follow these two.

  • The offensive back field has a returning QB and wing back who know the offense, handle the ball well, hit the holes (interior and wide) with power and speed and hit the opponents with pop. The returning tailback was out for the scrimmage (to return Saturday?) but Josh Hunter stepped in to rush through the middle. He’s got size and speed; so he effectively ate up yards in holes. There are five or six RBs (including a member of the Class of 2018) who add depth and have equal or greater speed.

  • The CBs both played the position last year and should handle their assignments with speed, hands and toughness. The two deep backs have been waiting for their chances to step up and against the BI receivers covered well.

  • The PK and P, a single senior, returns. He has added height and length to both kicks.

  • The special teams really did not “scrimmage”. Nothing to add here.

The enthusiasm of this squad is encouraging. There are leaders in the 2015 group, but there are strong voices within the other classes.

It was a good first scrimmage which raised expectations. The Bears have a tough schedule to test that potential.


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2014 Bear Football Tracks {DRAFT LIST}

Keeping contact with Bears, who have decided and qualified to contribute to Football at the next level, provides some continuity to the program. The readers appear to enjoy hearing about the alumni progress.

Not all college sports websites are created equally; so this is a solicitation of parents, siblings, grandparents and classmates NOT for $$ but for information.

Please add, subtract or modify the below information by sending an email to

Another plea: game photographs are greatly prized from parents, schoolmates and friends.

 Included below the chart are the biographies of Bears who were located. There are some highlighted notes; they all involve HONORS!!!!

1 Myles Allen ‘17 32 RB Rochester
3 Anthony Fullum ‘17 34 CB W& M
  Hunter Davis ‘17 staff Stetson
4 Terrence Fullum ‘15 49 DL Richmond
5 Taylor Greene ‘16 78 DL Stetson
6 Antoine Hudson ‘15 1 DB Bryant
7 Vincent Kindfuller ‘16 60 DL MIT
8 Obai Kamara ‘17 87 TE Davidson
9 Max Lehrman ‘15 90 DE Amherst
10 Dillon Rupp ‘15 91 FB Bucknell
  Dominique Seagears ‘18 Trinity
11 Johnny Sharp R‘17 On roster no number UNLV
12 Ben Spiritos ‘15 77 OL Dartmouth
13 Matt Underhill ‘17 90 PK W&L
  DNP=did not play *no participation info provided



#32  Myles Allen









At UR 2013: Appeared in all nine games as a freshman and was team’s top running backHonorable Mention All-Liberty League selection following a season which saw him rush 106 times for 444 yards and team high 7 TDs…Also, had five receptions for 54 yards…Scored game-winning 2-point conversion with no time on the clock in 36-35 win over Springfield on Sep. 28…Season high 135 yards rushing on 29 carries at Rensselaer while adding two TDs…Was named Liberty League Rookie of the Week on Oct. 21.

HS: Attended The Landon School where he lettered in track, basketball and football for the Bears…Named football team captain as a senior when he also was the team’s offensive MVP…Earned All-League honors and compiled 1080 rushing yards during his career.


Hunter Rauh Davis Stetson Football staff







front row, far left


#34 Anthony Fullum Bio


Redshirted …

Three-year letterwinner as a cornerback and wide receiver for head coach Paul Padalino at Landon School … Earned All-IAC honors in 2012 … Also selected as the team’s defensive MVP after totaling 41 tackles, two interceptions and 15 pass breakups … Lettered as a member of the track team … Served as president of the Multicultural Student Alliance … Member of the honor roll every semester …

Son of Terrence Fullum and Lisa Thompson … Brother, Terrence, plays football at the University of Richmond … Enjoys lifting weights and playing video games.


#49 Terrence Fullum

















• CAA All-Academic Team

• Played in eight games, making three tackles and one for a loss
• Made a tackle in the win over William & Mary
• Had a tackle for a loss at Rhode Island
• Picked up a tackle against Maine

• 2012 CAA Football All-Academic Team

• Appeared in all 11 games
• Totaled eight tackles on the season
• Five tackles in shutout win over Rhode Island
• Had one tackle each at Virginia and in win over Gardner-Webb
• Also had a tackle in Capital Cup win at William & Mary

• Played in all 11 games, earning one start and recording 11 tackles, including 1.0 for loss
• Totaled four tackles against Massachusetts
High School
• Racked up 110 tackles, 10.5 sacks and 32 tackles for loss over his final two seasons at the Landon School
• Played in the conference championship game in 2008, 2009 and 2010 — helping Landon win the title in 2008
• Landon was 23-7 in that three-year span
• Was a First Team All-Conference pick and Second Team All-Sentinel selection as a senior

• Son of Terrence and Lisa Fullum

MIT has not issued its 2014 roster

#87 Obai Kamara DE

Kamara, Obai








013: Saw action at Jacksonville (10/26) and in the season finale against Campbell (11/23).

Prep Years: Two-year letter winner for coach Paul Padalino at Landon High School • Voted all-conference as a senior • Honorable Mention All-Gazette • Honorable mention small school all-state • Lettered in rugby three times, and in wrestling once • Earned all-conference and all-region honors in rugby • Also played lacrosse • Achieved honor roll all four years • Named to National Society of High School Scholars • Volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.

Personal: Born September 12, 1995 • Son of Mohamed and Fatmata Kamara • Has two brothers, Mohamed (14) and Malik (10).

Amherst has not issued a 2014 roster yet

#91 Dillon Rupp, Fullback








2013 (Junior): Saw first career game action late in season finale at VMI … named Special Teams Scout Team Player of the Year at team’s postseason awards banquet … member of Patriot League Academic Honor Roll.
2012 (Sophomore): Did not appear in a game behind All-Patriot League fullback Travis Friend.
2011 (Freshman): Joined team late in preseason practice … did not appear in a game.

The Landon School: Member of football, lacrosse and wrestling teams all four years … helped football team to 2009 I.A.C. title … helped lacrosse squad to 2010 I.A.C. title … lacrosse team was ranked 13th nationally as a senior … second-team all-league wrestler in 189-pound weight class … all-league guard in football as a senior … helped football team to Davis-Fagan Cup as a senior … earned The Landon School’s Three-Sport Athlete Award.

Personal: Dillon Rivers Rupp … born July 31, 1992 in Washington, D.C. … son of Steven and Lindsey Rupp … has one brother, Colton … majoring economics.

Trinity has not yet published is 2014 Roster


#77 Ben Spiritos OL









JUNIOR (2013)
Played in every game on the offensive line, cracking the starting lineup for four of the final six games at left guard … helped the Big Green record their most total yards for a season in 21 years … opened holes for the sixth 1,000-yard rushing performance by a Dartmouth player in the program’s history … protected quarterback Dalyn Williams who threw for the most yards by a Big Green QB in seven years.

Once again worked up front on the offensive line with the junior varsity … also made his first varsity appearance in the season-opening, 35-7 victory over Butler.

Contributed to the junior varsity efforts on the offensive line.

First-team all-state for small schools as a senior at Landon … selected to the Interstate Athletic Conference All-Star team and All-Sentinel second team … committed during the summer … could end up at center … in addition to football, wrestled, threw the shot and discus, and played rugby at Landon … captained the wrestling team, going 19-8 with 10 pins in the 285 class.

Economics major … son of Sam and Celia … full name is Benjamin Adam Spiritos … born on April 6, 1993 … has two brothers … father played soccer at Penn in the early ’80s … uncle Mike played soccer at Harvard and uncle Jeff was a soccer player at Duke … aunt Sarah Stahmer was Dartmouth ’79 … talented musician who plays piano, trumpet, guitar and percussion instruments.

W&L has not yet published its 2014 roster


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Bears Preseason Football thoughts

This edition includes the following:

  • A few initial impressions from first day of practice;
  • early recruiting news for two Bears;
  • quick review of the 2014 opponents;
  • a republication of what loosely is called BSN’s editorial policy



First day observations

Monday’s practice was forecast to have heavy showers, but 20 minutes before the boys ran onto the field, the clouds rolled back and sunshine prevailed. Then as the kids and parents headed to the gym, a rainbow appeared. I’m not superstitious, but those are two good omen. The boy’s practice UA gear looked great.


On a more substantive basis, the field looked crowded with ~80 players and an unusual number of larger athletic players. The line prospects are very promising, especially since the entire offensive line returns. Several key backfield players are back, but both starting WRs graduated; so there are some opportunities for swift guys to step up. The size depth should help on the DL and several LBs are back. The perimeter players have some candidates who were key back-ups last year.


Most importantly, the Class of 2015 is strong in character with several impressive athletes and the depth in the Junior and Sophomore ranks appears to be exceptional.


Good prospects all around.

There will be two scrimmages—Bishop Ireton and Walt Whitman. They should provide some insights into this team.



Bear FB Recruits

Good news about both Kolby Williams ’15 and Keith Simms ’16. According to recruiting sites, the senior TE/DE/LB has interest from about 18 colleges and the junior has an offer from Illinois and Charlotte as well as interest from a number of others.


2014 Schedule review

Woodberry Forest is off the 2013 schedule;so no more previews of Notre Dame and other big time recruits. Instead, AD Holm has added some WCAC foes—Palotti and Paul VI. AACS, BL and St. Paul’s from the MIAA return. Bullis claims the IAC favorite role and its list of big time recruits is impressive. EHS and SSSA had promising rosters last year; it will be interesting to see how they develop. GP returns to full IAC status although the Bears continued to play them. Saint Albans’ Satterlee-Henderson is being renovated so they will have to play most of their games away.



Annapolis Area Christian School

  • MIAA division C team
  • ’11 10-2; ’12 0-10;’13 3-7, lost to Landon 11-49
  • 2014 seniors graduated to colleges;
  • recruit search: Dion Golatt 2017 Pro style QB 6’0”, 190#; being recruited per 24/7- comment ” young prospect with outstanding upside who stood out during 1 vs 1 and 7 vs 7 drills.”; nothing WaPo


Boys Latin

  • MIAA Division B team
  • ’11 5-7;’12 5-5 ;’13 6-3- beat Landon 10 2013 JV team 5-0
  • No information though research


  1. Vincent Palotti
  • WCAC
  • ’11 2-8; ’12 3-7; ’13 6-6
  • Jeffrey Butler ’15 6’3”, 270# OG/DT;
  • Jordan Wyatt ’16, 6’1”, 140# CB/WR 4.74 in 40
  • Justin Mulbah ’16, 6’0, 185#, S/OLB


Paul VI

  • WCAC
  • ‘113-6; ’12 6-4; ’13 3-7
  • 21 returning players/10 players graduated; 2013 roster had 6 players of 200#+


Saint Paul’s

  • MIAA B
  • ‘115-4; ’12 11-0; ’12 9-1 league champions; beat Landon 28-14
  • Garrett Mullin ’15, 6’2”, 270# , Ivy League/Georgetown/Navy interest
  • Anthony Pino ’15, 5’11” 180# QB



  • IAC
  • ‘113-6; ’12 3-7;’13 5-4 beat Landon 30-21
  • 2013 roster returns 30 players; 11 listed as 200#+; 3 at 250#+



  • IAC
  • ‘111-8;’12 6-4, ’12 0-9 lost to Landon 21-41
  • 2013 roster 26 returning; 8 @ 200#+
  • Isaiah Davis ’15, 6’1”, 215# LB, commits to V; offers BC, , NC State, Tennessee, VaTech



  • IAC returning champions
  • ‘119-1; ’12 8-3; ’13 9-1 beat Landon 24-0
  • Jonathan Holland ’15  DE commit to PSU
Haskins Jr., Dwayne Bullis 2016 QB offers Arizona State, Boston College, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Rutgers, SMU, Temple, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia Tech
Holland, Jonathan Bullis 2015 DE HM, 2013 offers Pitt, Illinois, West Virginia, Charlotte, Boston College, Penn State, Wake Forest, Temple, Indiana, ODU
Johnson, Patrick Bullis 2016 WR offer Illinois
Williams, Devonte Bullis 2015 HM, 2013 offers Western Michigan, Temple, Indiana, Buffalo, Charlotte, Syracuse, Toledo




  • Returns to IAC
  • ‘114-6; ’12 5-5; ’13 4-6; lost to Landon7-14
Forney, David Georgetown Prep 2015 OL HM, 2013 offers Navy, Wofford



  • IAC
  • ’11 7-3; ’12 4-6;’12 2-8 lost to Landon 13-19 OT







It’s a little presumptuous to even pretend that this silly little “blog” merits anything called an editorial policy, but I cannot think of a more apt phrase to introduce an explanation of why BSN covers Bear Sports News in a peculiar style. Hopefully, the below paragraph will explain to new readers what’s going on in this space; further, the “policy” makes some important admissions (maybe even a priori apologies) and makes clear how welcome your comments, criticisms, corrections and the occasional compliment(s) are welcome!!!!

(a) the content is mine, does not reflect the opinion of Landon, Coach Padalino or anyone directly related to Landon,

(b) that any errors that may exist are mine, inadvertent and correctable (please let me know and I will make ALL corrections);

(c) that the author (me) is a huge disciple of the Landon team concept and that I will do everything that I can do to mention all the players; however, universal coverage is not really possible through this medium. If someone believes that a player or group should receive greater attention, I am open to such suggestions. I will TRY not to mention referees at any time and will limit references to the opposition.

(d) that BSN is a volunteer publication and that as the editor, publisher, statistician and writer [me], I am all too fallible and I apologize in advance for any error.

(e) TO REPEAT– BSN  gladly welcomes all comments, criticisms and corrections; usually the right version is incorporated in the text. SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME ALL FORMS OF FEEDBACK (GOOD AND BAD).






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Yes, it’s summer and there are technically no Bear teams, but

Coach Duquette proudly reports that Bears dominate the Maryland Junior Amateur with

  • #1Mike Blasey                         141

  • T#3 Walter Egloff                  145

  • T #9 Evan Katz                        148


 Those are Bears!



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Commencement Edition of BearSportsNews

As noted by Messrs. Armstrong and Joyce, while a Commencement comes at the end of an academic year, it actually means a beginning. This edition will sum up some of the end of year Bear news, but also point to the future.

All IAC, All Met and All American


Alex Norwinski ’15

Brent Bubes ’14
Morgan Egloff ’15
Evan Katz ’17
Jeff Samit ’17

Sam Lynch ’14
Jack Bolen ’14
Sean K. O’Brien ’14
Colton Rupp ’15

Gabriel Goldberg ’15
Alexander Reinke ’14

Track & Field
Oliver Hightower ’14
Romare Marshall ’14
Tumi Onaghise ’14

All Met and All American lacrosse

Sean K. O’Brien ’14

All American – Academic lacrosse

Jack Bolen ’14

Bear Sailing


bear sail



The Landon sailing team earned four honors at this year’s DC Sail High School Sailing Team Awards. Max Beyer ’17 won the Most Valuable Sailor Award for the Green Fleet division, which is comprised of first-year racers. Also in the Green Fleet class, Jack Pingle ’16 received the Most Improved Award and Andrew Javens ’17 scored the Coaches Award. Team Captain Aaron Beguelin ’14 rounded out the honors with a junior varsity Coaches Award.

These accolades capped off a season that saw Bear JV sailors (who compete two men to a boat) beat out 13 other teams (28 boats total) to win the first regatta of the season and place second out of 37 boats in the next regatta. Meanwhile, the boat skippered by Pingle in the final Green Fleet regatta of the season took top prize.

That is an impressive showing for a team that didn’t exist until two years ago, when then-sophomore Beguelin — who grew up sailing the waters off Connecticut and Rhode Island — decided he wanted to bring sailing to Landon. So Beguelin approached DC Sail, an umbrella program that provides coaching and regatta competitions for high-school sailing teams made up of 75 kids from school across the metro area, about starting a Landon team. While the DC Sail coaches were enthusiastically on board with the idea, the one thing Beguelin lacked was teammates — so that first year he sailed alone.

“The next year I wanted to make sure I had a team that was ready to go, but I didn’t want to get up at school and make an announcement,” Beguelin said. “So I did it grass-roots, and just approached people I thought would be a good fit.”

By the time the following season rolled around, Luke Glen ’16 and Beguelin’s hockey teammate Ben Gilbert ’16 had joined the team. Glen sailed junior varsity, while Gilbert, a newbie to the sport, caught on quickly and sailed varsity with Beguelin. This past season, five more Landon students signed up: Walker Hague ’15, Jack Pingle and his younger brother Hayden Pingle ’17, Andrew Javens and Max Beyer. Hague and Gilbert will captain the team next year.

Despite the growing numbers, Beguelin was the only Landon sailor to qualify for the DC Sail varsity squad this season (tryouts are held each year). So, rather than go it alone, the senior decided to stick with his teammates and sail JV instead.

“This is my last year at Landon, so I’m focused on legacy and what I want to leave behind, and my top priority was to make sure this team will be able to continue for years to come,” Beguelin explained. “I figured the best way to do that was to be a hands-on leader and to sail JV so I could be with my other Landon guys and show them what they needed to do if the coaches were busy with other teams. I felt that was important as far as showing the leadership that should be there in the type of program I wanted to create and hope continues at the school.”

Beguelin’s selflessness did not go unnoticed. The soon-to-be-graduate, who will attend Hamilton University in the fall, made a lasting impression on the DC Sail coaches.

“The coaches felt strongly that [Aaron’s] dedication to his team even at the expense of his own personal ambitions warranted the highest esteem,” DC Sail Assistant Coach Prag Katta said of the decision to honor Beguelin with the Coaches Award. “This selflessness, this subsuming of his own ego led directly to the quick development of the Landon team. … He aided the coaches in understanding quickly the developmental status of each member of his team and he laid the groundwork for the future development of his team.”




Varsity Athletes who excelled in other school endeavors

This involved multiple cross-referencing award lists and Landon’s 19 sports; so it is VERY likely that I missed one or more Bears who should be on this list. Search of the Landon website did not result in finding the names of boys who were involved in class and upper school leadership.

The point of this lengthy table is to celebrate the degree to which all Bears explore academic excellence, community service, performing arts, studio arts, ethics and other areas BEFORE they walk on fields, courts, rinks, pools, tracks, bodies of water. Twenty boys received some recognition for the work in endeavors other than sports. Given the time commitment of all of these spheres, these are remarkable performances. This table is not intended to diminish the hard work of the Bears who are not on this list; just to show in one place the unusual breadth of accomplishment of these multiple pursuit boys.

student   Teams Awards
Ozair Ahmad   golf Baccalaureate speaker, Cum Laude
Raman Ananthanpillai   Winter track, tennis National School Orchestra Award for Strings, Cum Laude
Steve Bauer   Lacrosse Mary Lou Ourisman Award for Drama,

Chamber Singers Award,

Jack Bolen   Cross country, lacrosse Cum Laude
Ryan Curto   Swim and Dive,

Trampoline, Spring Track

Fathers Club Citizenship Award, Cum Laude, Bearitones Award for A Capella Music, Booth Tech Award
Jules Desroches   Football, wrestling, rugby The Carroll Mercer Marbury Award
Thomas Dunnigan   Basketball Cum laude
Ethan Fieger   lacrosse Valedictorian, The Cary Maguire ’46 Ethics Scholar
Leo Falcone   Cross country, lacrosse Advanced Handbell Ringer Award
Jack Gilbert   Cross country, swim & dive, Spring Track Robert Long Award for Perseverance:
Robbie Hefferon   Water polo, swim & dive The Upper School Headmaster’s Award, Mary Lou Ourisman Award for Drama, Cum Laude
Garland Kennedy   Water polo, swim & dive David Foster Award for Excellence in Writing, History Award for Outstanding Achievement, Excellence in Latin Award, Cum Laude
Brandon Johnson   Football, lacrosse John Edward Marshall Prize for Improvement in Writing
Marcus Kindfuller   Water polo, swim & dive John Edward Marshall Prize for Improvement in Writing
Harry Laird   Soccer, basketball The Malcolm Coates Student Activities Award, The Patrick Tanner ’96 Community Service Award, Cum Laude
Kevin Soraci   Cross Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, The Eleanor Ann Johnson Award, Overall Excellence in Science Award, Cum Laude
Walter Spak   Soccer golf Landon Mothers Association Studio Arts Award


Culver VanVleck   Hockey, tennis Louis Armstrong Award for Jazz Band
Aaron Zaimi   soccer Excellence in French Award:


NCAA Baseball

Max Kra’12 pitched two scoreless innings in relief for Bucknell against the #1 seed UVa; the Cavaliers prevailed, however.

Also a great picture of Ian Kelso ‘11playing baseball for the Bears of Washington University


Aidan Kelso



Princeton Lacrosse

Jack Strabo’10 received the Scott P. Klurfeld ’74 award, chosen by his teammates as one who embodies the qualities of perseverance, hard work, team spirit and dedication to Lacrosse and to Princeton. Brian Reilly’09 was awarded the John T. Schroeder Class of 1992 Men’s Lacrosse Award for his embodiment of character and selfless devotion to the team and having had the greatest impact on the success of Princeton Men’s Lacrosse. Brian received a very high honor from his classmates by being elected as a Member of the Princeton University Board.



These are a few, quick personal observations about the 2014 and 2015 Bear team. Unfortunately, my knowledge of some sports is so minimal that to share my thoughts would be at best supercilious; here are a couple of thoughts about the future:

  • Football—all of the Bear offensive linemen return and the starting running backs are back; the defense should be anchored by an impressive pair of DE’s; losses in the perimeter speed means Coach Padalino will have to find replacements. Bullis has already received a LOT of press about college scouts drooling over several of their studs. Prep will be Prep; EHS and SSSA had rosters with much potential.

  • Basketball—if one is to believe DCSportsFan (a BIG supposition, but hopefully true), “2017 combo guard Chyree Walker” is leaving PVI to go back to Landon. New Coach Coates is attracting some familiar talent.

  • Hockey—New (sort of) Coach Farnstrom lost the team’s top player. Its starting goalie and a set of contributing seniors, but last year’s club won on teamwork. The ’14-’15 squad will be bolstered by the Middle School and some returning talent. The MAPHL league play is changing in its format and what that limits/allows in terms of scheduling will be news. The most intriguing part of every IAC hockey season is reading the other school rosters.

  • Golf – Four seniors are no longer available for Coach Duquette, but he has a LOT of young talent returning witness the above-mentioned All IAC junior and two freshman.

  • Lacrosse—nine 2014 members are off to play college lacrosse, but Coach Bordley has lots of talent coming back. Rumors abound about multiple coaching changes in the DMV, including (true) former Bear Coach Horsey will take over at St. John’s College HS.

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